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For Chu Qianxun, who had low ability and could only struggle to make ends meet, the situation of those high-level ability holders had nothing to do with her.

On the northeast side of the base, fires, thunder and yellow sands filled the sky.

The light of various abilities was faintly visible in the base ten kilometers away.

Chu Qianxun stayed away from that reverse direction, and only moved south of the base for several days.

On that day, the sky was still clear in the morning, and there was a sudden heavy rain.

Chu Qianxun, who had been searching outdoors for a day, was unguarded, and was soothed by the heavy rain.

She hurriedly found a collapsed house and hid under the eaves to avoid the rain.

Because of the Yellow Sand Emperor’s infestation, the entire base area was covered by a thin layer of yellow sand.

The pouring rain poured down, and sand ditches rushed out on the ground.

A sand dune not far away was washed by the rain, and the yellow sand on the surface began to flow slowly, revealing half of a human body.

“A corpse” Chu Qianxun observed from a distance for a long time before walking forward.

It was the body of a young male with broken limbs, his whole body covered with blood and sand, his messy half-length hair covering his face, and his appearance was not clear.

Chu Qianxun skillfully reached out and fumbled the whole body, but did not find anything useful.

Poor ghost, really bad luck.

Chu Qianxun stood up and prepared to leave.

When the”corpse” on the ground seemed to move slightly, Chu Qianxun blinked.

The icy heavy rain was falling, and the corpse did breathe slightly.

He turned out to be alive, but he was not far from death.

With such a severe injury, there was no way to hire a high-level healing ability holder.

Chu Qianxun hesitated to leave.

The man opened his eyes slightly and looked at Chu Qianxun calmly through the rain curtain.

Still alive, at least she would move him away from the rain before he died.

She picked up the badly injured man and reluctantly found a dry place in the abandoned house.

The contents of the house had long been cleaned up by waves of search personnel.

Chu Qianxun disassembled some of the wood on the wall and lit a bonfire on the ground.

She took off her drenched coat and sat by the fire.

It was pouring rain outside.

In front of me was a bonfire with sparks occasionally, there was a stranger who was about to die.

Chu Qianxun looked at the man lying beside her.

The man opened his eyes slightly and stared at the bonfire silently.

His dark eyes were dim, and even the fire could not reflect the light in it.

This was a person with a dead heart.

Death may be his real relief.

Maybe something tragic happened to him, but Chu Qianxun was not interested in knowing it.

Living in such an age and seeing countless sorrows in the world, her heart had long been numb.

The rain gradually stopped.

Chu Qianxun added some firewood to the fire, shook the dried coat, and stood up.

She bought this coat from the market.

The style was very common.

It had a plush.

The velvet large fur collar had good insulation performance.

The sky outside the house was dark, Chu Qianxun put on her coat and walked to the door.

But before leaving, she looked back at the man lying on the ground.

The man was still alive stubbornly, his clothes torn, and he was lying there with mud all over, did not react at all to her departure, still staring at the flame in front of him motionless.

Chu Qianxun finally developed a hint of compassion, turned back, took off her warm coat, and put it on the naked body.

After searching in the wild for two days, without harvesting a crystal core, only looking for little food, Chu Qianxun returned to the base dejectedly.

The people in the base were huddled with their luggage in a panic.

“What’s the matter” Chu Qianxun grabbed Gao Yan who was running out.

“Those people provoked Ye Peitian.

He was dragged half to death in the past.

But even so many people together are not Ye Peitian’s opponents.

Many people died, and the rest ran away.

This is a waste.

When Ye Peitian gets angry, he will slaughter the city! Run! Run!” Gao Yan stamped her foot, grabbed Chu Qianxun’s hand, and ran out desperately.

The sky darkened, and it was full of dust.

There was rolling yellow sand underneath.

Chu Qianxun and Gao Yan couldn’t distinguish the direction, and they ran wildly.

The yellow sand under their feet was getting thicker, which meant they may have gone in the wrong direction and were getting closer to the Yellow Sand Emperor.

They randomly found a ruined wall and hid themselves in it.

Not far away came heart-piercing screams and voices begging for mercy.

Chu Qianxun and Gao Yan, who were hiding behind the broken soil wall, tightly covered their mouths, wishing to bury their bodies in the sand.

The surroundings gradually calmed down, and there were rustling footsteps from far to near, slowly passing behind them, without stopping, and slowly moving away.

Holding their breath, Chu Qianxun and Gao Yan exchanged glances silently, and just breathed a sigh of relief.

The earth wall behind her suddenly collapsed, and Chu Qianxun rolled out all the way to the man’s feet.

Gao Yan bit her lip and squirmed carefully, hiding herself in the shadows.

The man was wearing a coat stained with blood, and the corners of his clothes were dripping with other people’s blood.

His face was pale, the corners of his eyes drooped and his slightly curled half-length hair caught behind his head.

He bent down to look at Chu Qianxun with a dull look for a long while.

Suddenly, the corners of his mouth suddenly raised a strange smile.

The yellow sand in the sky gradually stopped.

Chu Qianxun sat on the sand dune and shivered.

Gao Yan reached out from the corner and pushed her, “Hey, he’s gone already.”

“That’s Ye Peitian, I was so scared that I almost peed.”

“That’s it He didn’t actually slaughter the city this time, so he let go of our base”

Chu Qianxun recovered from Gao Yan’s words.

Looking at the back that was covered with yellow sand that had reached the horizon.

The coat on the man seemed familiar.


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