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Ye Peitian woke up in a burst of speech.

His sleep was always accompanied by various nightmares.

For a very long time, he had not experienced this kind of restful sleep.

He sat up, and there was a vast expanse of whiteness in front of him.

He stretched out his hand and touched it, and felt a circle of dry gauze.

Through the gauze, he could feel a white soft light.

His eyes were almost healed.

Granny Feng was cooking everyone’s breakfast, and her voice came with a smile, “I have been making Xiao Ye work hard all the time.

It’s rare, but let this old woman show her skills.”

“Brother Peitian cooks delicious food, and mother must also cook deliciously.”

“Well, it smells so good.”

Tu Yibai and Qi Yongchun surrounded the stove and waited to maintain the fire.

Not far away, there was the sound of blades breaking through the ground.

Ye Peitian listened for a while and knew that Chu Qianxun was practicing.

“Qianxun, I’ve always been a little curious, where did you learn martial arts It’s really amazing.

I have also seen a lot of people with great skills at Nanxi Base.

I really didn’t see a person that can match you,” Yan Xue stood aside and watched.

“Me I’m still a beginner,” Chu Qianxun gasped slightly, without stopping, flying around and spreading her blades.

But he saw a black figure moving up and down on the sand, wandering around.

The double-edged blades followed each other like a shadow, flying around like a butterfly’s wings.

After several months of training and desperate struggles, Chu Qianxun felt that her body had found a sense, and her fighting consciousness and skills had basically recovered.

In the previous life, in order to match her wind power, she worked hard to hone her martial arts and blades skills.

After being reborn, she lost her combat ability, so she reminded herself from time to time that she must work harder in her fighting skills.

She did not want to be a person who hid in the base and lived on others.

In any case, she did not want to lose the qualification to be able to fight on the front line.

“I really don’t know where she learned these things.” Gao Yan, who also stood aside watching, interjected, “I always feel that Qianxun was living in the doomsday for ten years more than us, and knows everything.”

“Sister Qianxun, can you teach me I want to learn too,” Jiang Chengzhu squatted.

“Do you want to learn” Chu Qianxun stopped, “I can only practice from actual combat, I can’t teach you.”

She threw a dagger to Jiang Chengzhu, “Come on, use this, we two will practice.”

“Don’t practice any more now, eat breakfast first,” Granny Feng called them.

Ye Peitian touched the trunk beside him and stood up slowly.

A person walked up to him, held his arm, and helped him sit down.

“Don’t move,” Chu Qianxun said.

She took a soup bowl and spooned the noodles in the bowl, “Come, let me feed you, okay”

Ye Peitian’s eyes were wrapped with white gauze, but the whole face under the gauze instantly turned red.

“Don’t be shy, it is inconvenient for you since you are injured.” Chu Qianxun couldn’t help but laugh, “Whenever you were sick as a child, your family took care of you.”

“I…” Ye Peitian lowered his head, “Whenever I was sick, no one…like this.”

Chu Qianxun spooned a tablespoon of noodles and held it to his lips, “Then I will do so now.”

Ye Peitian’s hand tightened repeatedly on his side, and after a while, he opened his lips slightly.

In the wilderness, under the tree,Chu Qianxun took care of her blind teammate to eat.

The person in front of her was flushed about her taking care of his breakfast.

In the previous life, what kind of hardship did he face that turned such a soft-character man into such a murderous demon

But at the moment, he was her partner, and she would never let him encounter something like that again and become such a terrible and pitiful person.

After breakfast, they packed up, and set off.

Chu Qianxun took Ye Peitian’s hand and walked on the rough road.

“Be careful, there is a pit here,” she reminded him from time to time.

Unlike Tu Yibai, Ye Peitian, who was suddenly blind, must be bad at doing things, and Chu Qianxun looked after him more carefully.

He walked quietly behind her.

Through the gap between the gauze and the bridge of his nose, he could clearly see the small spot in front of him, where a soft palm was firmly holding his hand. 

He opened his mouth but the words were swallowed back by his own selfishness.

He greedily looked at the hands in front of him, greedy for the warmth.

He really hoped that this hand could always hold him so firmly and gently, and walk hand in hand.


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