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“Speed ​​type ability, first-order, mid to late stage,” Chu Qianxun said to the clerk.

They just wanted to stay there for a short time.

They didn’t want to expose their true strength and be overly eye-catching.

After completing the identity registration, they moved into the base.

Everyone first went to the trading market of the base.

The trading market in Qilin Base was large and complex, and everything was sold at various stalls.

There were basically no restrictions on transactions in the market, and they were sold on demand.

As long as one paid a certain booth fee, they could sell the goods they wanted.

The only thing that could be used as currency in circulation there was crystal cores and food.

The living conditions of the base had begun to show a clear two-level differentiation.

The high-level combat ability holders were equipped with hard armor, cool weapons, and all of them had a strong aura.

Most practical auxiliary ability holders were dressed in bright clothes and had neat images.

They walked around in the market and chose some daily necessities that ordinary people couldn’t afford.

But most ordinary people, or ability holders with low power and impracticalities, seemed to be living a very difficult life.

They were unclothed, and sluggishly displaying all the furnishings that could be sold, in order to be able to exchange for even a little bit of food.

Chu Qianxun and others came along and killed countless huge and small demons.

Everyone had more or less improved their abilities, and they had also been assigned some crystal cores.

It was rare to enter a base where such a crowd gathered, and it was inevitable to pick up the weapons and equipment or living materials they wanted at the market.

Jiang Chengzhu bought a long black knife covered with markings.

Tu Yibai bought a cane with a sharp front end that could be used as a weapon.

Gao Yan and Yan Xue held hands and ran to choose clothes, shoes and glasses.

Granny Feng wanted to get some daily necessities.

Qi Yongchun bought a lot of plant crystals.

Chu Qianxun took a fancy to an armor made of a set of second-order demons, took it up and looked at Ye Peitian.

“It’s very strong, would you like it” She asked.

“No, I don’t need it, it’s okay if I am injured…” Ye Peitian saw Chu Qianxun give him a blank look, and swallowed the second half of the sentence back, “I mean, you need this more than I do, you always rush ahead and it’s easier to get hurt.”

Chu Qianxun put the armor back, “Forget it, this one is too heavy and it will affect my speed.”

The main purpose of her entering the base was to exchange crystal cores for more advanced weapons.

On the way, she took the third-order crystal core obtained from the “Ghost Head” in Gourd Town, feeling that she was approaching the critical stage of third-order.

In her previous life, it took her three full years from the descent of demons to become a fourth-order ability holder.

After rebirth, she seized every opportunity, not afraid of difficulties and dangers, worked hard, and the rewards she received were indeed exciting.

She intended to go fight battles to raise her ability, and then rely on the fourth-order crystal core to rise to the fourth-order.

To fight the demons of third-order or fourth-order, the double blades in her hand were not enough.

In order to prepare for the next battle, she entered the large base, hoping to get more suitable weapons.

In that market, there was a place where not everyone was allowed, the ability holders guild.

This was a site remodeled from a hotel lobby before the end.

From the muddy market  they entered the guild gate.

The luxurious and clean hotel-style decoration made people feel that they had strayed into another world.

In that place, which was only open to the ability holders, various notices, large and small, were posted, recruiting team members, publishing tasks, and publicizing various news notices in the base.

On one side of the spacious hall, there were neatly arranged booths.

Many powerful organizations or mercenary teams in the base had sent dedicated personnel to stations there to recruit new members for their organizations.

There were also officially organized high-level sales points that collected and sold high-level demons’ bodies obtained by the ability holders.

There, one could even spend crystal cores to buy information about demons.

“Is there any news about a third-order demon” Chu Qianxun put two first-order crystal cores on the counter.


In a room on the upper floors of that place, a gentle-looking young man turned around, “What did you say They have already come”

Opposite him stood the little man who had just led Chu Qianxun, “Yes, Team Xin, these two people, one is Chu Qianxun and the other is Ye Peitian.

Their appearance and weapon characteristics are the same as you told me.”

Xin Ziming took several documents handed over by Xiao Wang, turned over, and handed them to Feng Chengyu, who was covered in bandages behind him.

“It’s ridiculous, the speed ability is the first order This woman is too capable of pretending.

With her skills and speed, she can totally compete with me.” Feng Chengyu stood up from the sofa, “I have to get the fourth-order crystal core back.”

“Lao Feng, don’t be impulsive.

There are eight of them.

It’s unclear how strong they are.

Now that your injury has not healed, let’s figure out their details before talking,” Xin Ziming said calmly.

A few days ago, they were hunting demons in Gourd Town, and they accidentally encountered a powerful demon.

This was their first encounter with a fourth-order demon.

This team of five people could be regarded as the strongest combat team in the base.

They still fought for a whole day and night, and even lost a brother, but didn’t get the crystal core.

On the contrary, it was a man and a woman who got it.

The two obviously learned the news that they were hunting demons in Gourd Town, and they had been lurking nearby for a long time.

They didn’t show up until the last moment.

Although it was considered that their own skills were not as good as the demon, in any case, they were bound to regain the fourth-order crystal core.

Feng Chengyu was the highest level ability holder in the base that was at the beginning of the third stage.

If they get the fourth-order crystal core, their team would become the strongest mercenary group in the base.

These few people happened to come to Qilin Base, and it was God’s help.

Xin Ziming was secretly happy in his heart.


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