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In front of Chu Qianxun was a third-order Wanderer.

It had no hair all over, and its slippery skin showed a disgusting scarlet red.

Compared with the appearance of the first and second-order ones, the Wanderer of the third-order was much smaller, only the size of an adult wolfhound, but its speed was extremely fast.

What was more troublesome was that in addition to attacking with its strong tongue, it could also spray a highly corrosive acidic liquid from its mouth.

Chu Qianxun was holding a pair of blades and staring at the demon in its eyes.

She stretched out her hand to remove the armor she was wearing on her shoulder and chest, and threw it to the ground.

The thin and hard nails were smoked with blue smoke, and they were quickly corroded by acid.

Her arm was also stained with corrosive liquid, and she waved the blade without hesitation, cutting off that piece of skin and the flesh.

“Qianxun!” Ye Peitian frowned, “Go back and let me fight.”

Chu Qianxun wiped her nose, and the two blades rushed up to meet the demon with a flash.

That injury was far from the point where she could “retreat”.

Ye Peitian in the early stage of third-order was not only inferior to her in speed and strength.

More importantly, his actual combat experience was far less abundant than hers.

Chu Qianxun’s physical skills and resilience were honed in ten years of life-and-death struggle.

At that time, she was the only one in the entire team that could barely keep up with the attacks of a third-order known for its speed.

The blood-red demon appeared and disappeared strangely in the jungle, and the afterimages of it flashed everywhere.

“It’s too fast, my bullet can’t catch up with it,” Yan Xue chased the demon back and forth, but finally lost track of it.

She had to put down the gun, and took a breath for a while.

From the beginning of the battle, she kept using bullets to interfere with the Wanderer’s actions, and her power was consumed very seriously.

“D*mn! How come it slipped so fast” Jiang Chengzhu gritted his teeth and suddenly enlarged the coverage of the snow storm.

The dense ice ridges smashed down a large area, but finally knocked the Wanderer who slipped on the ground. 

When Jiang Chengzhu just showed a smile, the scarlet demon in the ice suddenly disappeared.

“Behind you!” Chu Qianxun’s voice reminded him.

At the top of the big tree behind Jiang Chengzhu, a bloody body crawled out, and the demon’s long tongue shot out.

Before the tongue could be retracted, a light flashed by, cutting it off.

The Wanderer screamed harshly, retracted its half tongue, and spewed acid from its mouth.

Chu Qianxun grabbed Jiang Chengzhu and retreated among the bushes behind her.

The leaves of huge broad-leaved plants were folded in front of them like a fan, and the layers of green leaves blocked the acid rain.

Those leaves were corroded and withered in an instant, but countless huge leaves were quickly regrown.

The interweaving concealed Chu Qianxun’s figure.

Qi Yongchun had evolved into the second-order.

He still couldn’t attack, and could only give rise to some soft vine leaves and flowers.

This time the battle took place in the forest.

On the contrary, his ability helped a lot.

He cooperated with Chu Qianxun to grow a large number of vines and vine leaves, which effectively slowed the speed of the Wanderer and defended them from the acid sprayed by the demon.

It let Chu Qianxun, who was good at fighting in the jungle, have more room to move.

Gao Yan ran over and took the injured Jiang Chengzhu for treatment.

“Qianxun, your face,” Gao Yan looked at Chu Qianxun worriedly.

Although a lot of acid had been avoided, Chu Qianxun’s face and body skin were still inevitably splashed with dots of liquid, and wisps of smoke were emerging all over her body.

Gao Yan felt pain for her.

“It’s okay, the demon is also seriously injured, and it’s almost over.

You go back first, guard the periphery, and don’t let anyone in.”

Chu Qianxun’s movements were not slowed down by the injury.

After she said so, she followed the Wanderer.

“Strange, it seems something is wrong.” Tu Yibai, who was guarding the periphery to monitor the situation, closed his eyes and frowned, “Someone is disturbing me.”

“What’s the matter, Xiaobai” Granny Feng asked.

Tu Yibai stood up at once, “People are coming toward us.

They are very strong, one of them is already third-order, and the other is a mental power ability holder.”

After Tu Yibai’s ability was improved, he could not only observe the surrounding situation in his mind, but also simply distinguish the state of all the “energy bodies” within his “line of sight”.

In other words, he could distinguish the level and attributes of all nearby ability holders and demons.

“What to do Qianxun and the others chased in.” Gao Yan, who had just retreated from the depths of the forest, was a little panicked, “Now is the most dangerous time.

At this time, what should we do”

“You go in first and tell them the situation.

I’ll stand in here for a while,” Granny Feng said calmly.


“Be obedient and go!” Granny Feng pushed Gao Yan.

Thick white fog rose from the edge of the forest.

Tears came out of Gao Yan’s eyes.

She gritted her teeth, held the seriously injured Jiang Chengzhu in one hand, and Tu Yibai with the other hand, and ran into the forest.

“No, Sister Gao Yan, you let me go,” Tu Yibai was anxious, trying hard to get rid of her hand.

Gao Yan’s ability was half higher than his, and she was stronger than him, so she pulled him hard not to let go.

“Yibai, we don’t have the ability to fight, and staying here will only cause chaos to granny.”

“Sister Yan, these people came directly at us.

They have already arrived! Granny, she might die there alone, she will die!”

“Yan…Sister Yan, let me down,” Jiang Chengzhu, who was caught in Gao Yan’s hand, suddenly spoke.


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