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The group returned to the base.

In this battle, everyone was exhausted, and several people were injured more or less.

In contrast, the more relaxed Gao Yan and Yan Xue assumed the responsibility of cooking dinner.

The Qilin Base had delineated a luxury residential area before the apocalypse arrived, and arranged most of the ability holders to live in it, as far as possible to equip the community with relatively sufficient water sources, and also dispatched a separate patrol team to maintain law and order.

In the current environment, it could be regarded as a very excellent place to live in.

Of course, it was still impossible to provide every household with water and electricity as before the apocalypse.

Only a large shed could be built in the atrium with dozens of earthen stoves built up as a communal kitchen.

Residents in the community who wanted to cook, brought their own food and dry wood, and could use the stove in turn.

Gao Yan and Yan Xue stood in front of a platform, staring at the pile of food in their hands.

“I can look after the fire.”

“I… I can only look after the fire.”

Eating Ye Peitian’s various delicacies every day, the two of them felt that their craftsmanship really couldn’t be eaten.

They brought down a bag of flour, a few watery tomatoes, some green cabbage leaves and a few eggs.

Qilin Base occupied a large area, had a large population and a stable environment.

The base had organized planting and animal husbandry on a large scale.

As long as people were willing to spend crystal cores, they could already buy a small amount of fresh vegetables and food in the market.

Of course, these very common things before the apocalypse were now expensive.

Gao Yan and Yan Xue were really reluctant to mess with them.

“Let’s make the gnocchi that Xiao Ye made before, okay”

“Yes, yes, that seems to be easier, just chop things together and throw them in the pot.”

The two women glanced at each other, feeling a little confused.

“Should the water used to boil be used or thrown away”

“It would be great if I can use my phone to Baidu the recipe now.”

Yan Xue was an athlete before the apocalypse.

She was busy training since she was a child and had all three meals in the cafeteria.

Gao Yan was a woman who lived on takeaway.

She could boil noodles but had never touched the flour.

“Ah Yan, do you need help” A woman of their age near their stove asked with a smile.

Gao Yan turned her head and saw that the girl she knew, who lived on the same floor as them, was the family member of an ability holder.

“Yes, Xiuting, give me some guidance as much as possible,” Gao Yan was overjoyed.

Lin Xiuting covered the food she had just made, rolled up her sleeves and came over, “So many good things, do you want to make noodles”

Lin Xiuting cleaned her hands and kneaded the flour, and the white flour quickly turned into a plump dough.

She put the dough aside and cut up the side dishes with her hands.

“Wow, you are really amazing,” Yan Xue praised.

“What’s amazing about this” Lin Xiuting had a gentle temperament, with long fluffy hair, braided in twists and hanging in front of her.

She glanced at Yan Xue, who was tall, cold and cruel, wearing glasses,

“You are also an ability holder.

You look very powerful, unlike me, who can only do such small things.”

“Xiu Ting, let me introduce you.

This is Yan Xue, my sister who lives with me.” Gao Yan introduced both parties, raising her hand and taking off Yan Xue’s glasses, “Don’t watch her wear glasses every day.

It seems cool, but she is actually very easy to get along with.”

Yan Xue took off her glasses, revealing a pair of charming eyes.

She couldn’t maintain her glacial beauty image, and rushed to grab the glasses from Gao Yan.

“Return it to me quickly.”

“No, what kind of sunglasses do you wear in the kitchen at night”

Lin Xiuting placed the cut noodles out of the pot and watched the two women fight.

There were not many women who could live as easily as the two.

“I really envy you.” Her expression was a little low, “You can walk out of the base to hunt demons.

Unlike me, who can’t do anything.”

“We envy you! Your cooking is so good, and you got a husband who loves you so much.

Compared with you, neither of us looks like a woman.”

Gao Yan was a very considerate woman, always able to say what others wanted to hear.

“I didn’t know anything before, and after the apocalypse, I was forced to know everything.” Lin Xiuting stroked the hair behind her ear, lowered her head and smiled, “You can’t let a man work hard outside, and once back he can’t even get to eat hot rice.”

She took the noodles out of the pot, topped them with stewed tomatoes, eggs and hot boiled vegetables.

Yan Xue and Gao Yan thanked her and walked back with a big pot of hot noodles.

“Every time Xiao Ye finishes killing demons, he will be busy cooking for everyone when he comes back.

It seems to be very hard,” Yan Xue said to Gao Yan on the road.

“So what Who told him to be so capable Can you cook for him”

Yan Xue shook her head.

Gao Yan looked around, and whispered close to Yan Xue, “Don’t worry about anything for a while and just let him take care of Qianxun.

That way,  Xiao Ye won’t feel that way at all.”

The fragrant noodles came into the house.

Ye Peitian, who looked badly injured before, stood up first.

He first handed out a bowl of noodles to Jiang Chengzhu, who was seriously injured, and another bowl to Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun was holding her bowl and looking at it, she couldn’t see any clues, but she knew in her heart that Ye Peitian must have secretly added something inside.

Although the members of the team were all her own, Chu Qianxun kept the secret of Ye Peitian’s blood and never deliberately mentioned it.

Except for Qi Yongchun and Gao Yan who might have guessed a little, no one knew about it.

Chu Qianxun originally refused to use Ye Peitian’s blood to restore her injury, but when the situation was critical, she ended up “using” him many times.

So it was difficult to continue to be hypocritical.

She transferred the egg and vegetables from her bowl to Ye Peitian’s bowl, and ate the noodles.

Sure enough, not long after eating, the pain on her skin corroded by acid was greatly relieved.

The injury on her face was relatively minor, and it had even begun to scab.

Without weapons, she was very uneasy, so she immediately pulled Gao Yan and Yan Xue to go out to the market.


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