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The sun was up and the sky was bright.

Chu Qianxun drove the car along the boulevard.

Out of the urban area of Huacheng, the roadside gradually no longer has a forest of tall buildings and dense crowds.

From the car windows, the view of tall green trees are rapidly fading, leaving only broad green fields and clear skies.

Chu Qianxun in the driver’s seat was red-eyed.

Pursing her lips as she gripped the steering wheel tightly, she stepped on the gas pedal with one foot.

The car stereo was loudly playing the song “Strength Of A Thousand Men”,which was produced by Two Steps From Hell.

The tragic and magnificent music was broadcast all the way.

The ear-piercing brakes sounded, and the tough-looking SUV came to a stop at the roadside.

Chu Qianxun untied the band holding her hair and then ran her fingers through it.

She fiercely smoothed a handful of hair on her forehead before pressing her head against the steering wheel with closed eyes.

After her rebirth, she had planned all sorts of things and prepared in every way possible, just to make herself stronger.

Hoping that this time, she will not struggle to survive in the mud as she did in her previous life— living humbly and painfully.

But as fate would have it, she was given this “prayer” ability with no attacking power.

Is she going to live a life more humble and undignified, only to hide in the depths of the base, relying on the charity of others to survive

Because of the demon seeds, humans had gained all sorts of strange powers.

In addition, each person’s understanding and application of supernatural abilities is different.

A variety of powerful abilities will shine in that era of iron and blood.

In the early days of the apocalypse, the strongest saint in Lu Island, Meng Rongxuan, relied on his famous technique “Thunder Clouds Cover The Moon”.

With his own strength, he blocked the attack of a large number of demons and saved the lives of everyone in the entire base.

That day, thunder clouds above Lu Island obscured the sky and the moon.

The booming roar of thunder and the flurry of silver, snake-like lightning, even now leaves Chu Qianxun impressed.

Not to mention, the rise of the “Great Demon”, Ye Pei Tian, and his infamous “Yellow Sand Tomb”— a move that is capable of turning a hundred miles of land instantly into a hell on earth, and thousands of living beings will be exterminated overnight.

Ye Peitian is a freak who has both sand control and immortal abilities.

Countless people in the later generations hate him to the bone, and the Shen’ai Group has tried its best to hunt down and suppress him, but he still manages to do his own thing and wreak havoc on the earth.

This is the advantage of the strong in the apocalypse.

As long as they have the strength, they can even save a city or destroy an entire base with their own power.

But there are also many abilities that can only be used as aids.

Saints with such fate can only rely on the care of others to survive.

Most of the saints with healing, control, and life abilities rarely leave the base and basically do not touch the monsters.

It’s not that these saints are useless, just that it will be extremely difficult for them to upgrade.

First of all, they do not have the ability to fight against the demons on the front-line of battle.

Thus, they are destined to miss the scarce demon seeds from the high-level monsters.

Secondly, they can only rely on taking the seeds to upgrade from a low level.

Hence, with the lack of demon seeds, advancing to the higher ranks in the future will be very unstable and difficult.

After many practices, it has indeed been confirmed that the saints who relied on leveling up by taking the demon seeds alone can only reach Tier 4 at most.

Of course, for those with the healing and life abilities, reaching the fourth-order is also enough.

As long as the base is not breached, they can live peacefully in a strong base.

But Chu Qianxun got this “prayer” ability, and it is the most tasteless of all the tasteless abiliies.

The only power of the so-called “prayers” is to emit a weak “holy light” in their hands, which can stabilize the emotional fluctuations of other saints when they break through the levels, making them less likely to be demonized.

It sounds like a very popular ability, but after repeated verification, to ensure that the saints are not demonized when they break through the higher ranks, the level of the prayer ability must be at least two levels higher than the level of the recipient.

In other words, you can’t go to the battlefield, you can only upgrade up to the fourth rank, and at most you can ensure that the two-level saints break through successfully.

In the post-apocalyptic decade, when humans began to give birth to saints in large numbers, prayers were still useful.

And in the early days, it is unlikely for someone or a team to use rare demon seeds to cultivate a prayer ability that is of little use.

This resulted into saints with the prayer ability to have no means of attack power, and basically did not appear in the early days of the apocalypse.

Perhaps not that it has never appeared, but it has appeared and simply did not have the ability to survive.

Chu Qianxun couldn’t wait to die again.

Even if she was had to hold the “Wind Blade” in her hands like in her previous life, it was still much better than this ability.

She tugged on the steering wheel in frustration.

With a click, a small crack appeared on the steering wheel.

Chu Qianxun froze for a moment.

She realized that no matter what, at this moment, she is already a first-order saint, and her arm strength is much greater than that of an ordinary person.

Saints, in addition to having supernatural abilities, will also improve all aspects of the body’s functions as the level increases.

Whether it is strength, speed, audio-visual ability, and recovery ability, even if it is only one rank above, it is still far higher than the lower-ranking saints.

She became a first-rank saint.

She also took a demon seed and participated in two real battles.

In this early stage of the apocalypse, her entire physical quality should have surpassed most people.

Chu Qianxun’s car slowly restarted.

Although when she was angry and said that she wanted to die again, but in fact, she treasured this life beyond measure.

For her, no matter how bad the situation was, it was still better than death.

Chu Qianxun drove with one hand, and gently squeezed the one remaining seed in her pocket with the other.

In her mind, she silently thought: Most of the monsters have not yet advanced to the next level.

Even if there are a few first-order monsters, they are only at the early stage of the first order and are not stronger than her.

Even if she doesn’t have an attacking ability, with her current physical strength and experience skills, as long as she fights a little bit, she can still hunt and kill the current demons.

Now, she wants to survive in the apocalypse.

The only way is to take advantage of their weak level, to hunt down and kill demons as much as possible, enhance her own abilities and obtain demon seeds before the monsters start to evolve.

“Be fast.” Chu Qianxun pulled out the seed from her pocket and swallowed it in one gulp.

“Get ahead of the monsters, get ahead of most of people, and let your level surpass them.

This is the only way for me to survive.”

The car drove for a while, and some civilians sporadically appeared on the side of the road.

After the troops left the city, the speed of travel was greatly accelerated, and people on foot could no longer keep up and were left behind one after another.

A stout man in his thirties, holding a five or six-year-old daughter in his arms, with nothing with him, stood alone on the roadside to stop the car.

At this time, basically no one will easily stop to aid such strangers.

The young girl shrank into her father’s arms, her little face was flushed and obviously sick.

Her father was helpless and had no choice but to stretch out his hand again and again, praying that someone would stop and help him.

Chu Qianxun pulled up in front of them and lowered the window.

“Sister, my daughter is sick.

do you have any water Can you share a little bit with me Just a little bit.” The man spoke with great urgency, knowing that this time was not like the old days, and water has become a very precious resource.

He has been begging and already asked for it countless times with pedestrians without success.

But for the sake of his sick daughter, he had to try again.

Chu Qianxun unlocked the car door and tilted her head: “Come on up.”

The man was surprised.

When he saw that the driver was a young woman, he subconsciously thought that the person would not be willing to risk taking in both father and daughter in any case.

He only hoped that this woman, who still looked like a student, would have a softer heart and share some water or food with his daughter.

He hurriedly opened the backseat door and got in, thanked her, and introduced himself: “My name is Feng Junlei, this is my daughter Feng Qianqian.

She has a fever and I lost our food.

Thank you so much.”

Chu Qianxun nodded, she didn’t expect to meet an “old friend” so soon.

Before she Chu Qianxun was reborn, the same Blunt Walker appeared in the square where the crowd had gathered.

At that time, Chu Qianxun panicked and fled with the crowd to the national highway, stumbling all the way, scared and frightened.

It was getting dark, and the number of men who looked at her with unkind on the road was increasing.

She cried walked on the highway with one foot deep and one foot shallow.

That’s when a man with his daughter stopped the car, gave her a ride, and took her in for a long time.

It was not until she had a low-grade fever in the car, gained supernatural abilities, and survived throuugh the toughest early days of the apocalypse that she said bid farewell to the kind father and daughter.

“It’s okay, it’s on the way anyway.

I’ll give you a ride.” Chu Qianxun handed Feng Junlei a bottle of water and two ant-fever medicine, “My name is Chu Qianxun.

Where is your car How come you didn’t bring anything”

Feng Junlei was stunned for a moment.

How did this girl know that he had a car But he didn’t have much time to think about it.

Surprised and delighted, he took the water and medicine, fed it to his daughter, and carefully held her in his arms, rocking her to sleep.

“I’m sorry to make you laugh,” Feng Junlei replied to Chu Qianxun.

“I was driving a car behind ther military vehicles of the army out of town.

On the way, I met grandfather older than fifty who was cryin on the roadside for help.

I saw that he was so old, his hair were all white, so I couldn’t help but pity him and took him to the car.

He was so grateful to us and was friendly to Qianqian.

I was not wary of him.”

“Who knew that halfway, when I accompanied Qianqian to get off the car to go to the toilet, that grandpa actually drove the car away by himself.

Even the things we put in the car were stolen.” Feng Junlei said while gritting his teeth.

Chu Qianxun smiled a little: “So this time you brought a grandfather.”

Feng Junlei was embarrassed and said: “Thank you sister, thank you so much.

Otherwise, Qianqian is so sick like this, and I still lost our food and water.

I really don’t know what to do.”

He touched his daughter’s hot forehead, still a little worried.

“She’s fine, she’ll be fine soon.”

Chu Qianxun could still vaguely remember that in her previous life, when she was in the car with this father and daughter, she had a low fever in the middle of the night, and after her fever subsided, she awakened her wind powers.

And this Feng Qianqian, she was only six years old.

But on the morning of the second day, she had a high fever and was sick for most of the day.

After recovering, she awakened a metal ability, which is a powerful ability that can control all the metals and even change its form to attack the enemy.

In the post-apocalyptic days, most people with metal abilities have become high-ranking saints.

Unfortunately, Chu Qianxun did not go very far with this pair of father and daughter at that time.

She had never seen the two of them again after parting ways with each other.

She did not expect that even after being reborn, fate will have them meet each other once again.


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