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“You want me to cooperate with that woman No,” Feng Chengyu rejected Xin Ziming’s proposal.

“Why not” Xin Ziming asked with a smile.

He had just washed his hair, his forehead drooped down to cover his eyebrows, and his eyes were squinted, somewhat like a simple and harmless sunshine boy.

But Feng Chengyu knew he certainly couldn’t tell him, “Anyone could do, but not her.”

“Then tell me, who do you want to invite You find someone better than that woman from the base.”

Feng Chengyu’s Adam’s apple moved silently.

He could still feel the cold touch on the side of his neck, as the amber long blade had been placed on his neck twice.

During the first time, the blade moved slightly on his neck several times, and he really felt that the woman meant to cut off his head.

He never thought that he would be defeated by a woman in front of all his brothers.

Feng Chengyu had anguish in his heart and clenched his fists bitterly.

But he had to admit that Xin Ziming was right.

To deal with that powerful and terrifying fourth-level fallen person, there was no more suitable person in the entire base than Chu Qianxun.

“Lao Feng, I’m a little surprised, what kind of power do you think Chu Qianxun has She registered herself as a speed ability holder, right” Xin Ziming asked.

“Impossible, she is definitely not just a speed ability holder, at least her strength is also very great.

She is not below me at all.

If you put aside the ability, she is almost higher than me in all aspects of physical fitness.”

Xin Ziming pushed his glasses, “I have a general feeling, do you think she had a mental ability”

“It’s impossible.” Feng Chengyu waved his hand, “How could it be possible for a mental ability holder to be able to fight like that Xin Ziming, you are a mental ability holder, how can you still not know that”

Xin Ziming was powerful, clear-headed, and Feng Chengyu’s most valued partner.

But compared to other combat team members, his body was weak, and he was the person that needed to be carefully protected during the battle.

Feng Chengyu never thought of letting Xin Ziming carry his sword into battle.

Chu Qianxun awoke from a chaotic world.

She stood up and found herself sitting on a strange bed, her blood was surging all over her body, and her sweat was dripping from her head on the sheets in front of her eyes.

But her face couldn’t restrain a smile of joy.

She made it! She once again passed the edge of death and successfully advanced to fourth-order.

In her most painful and difficult stage, there was always a warm yellow light surrounding her.

Although it was very weak, it calmed her a little bit, helping her to slowly recover her sanity and return to herself.

Chu Qianxun raised her arm and tugged her finger, silver moonlight streamed in through the large window, shining on her pure white wrist.

She had a surging power in this plain wrist.

“I succeeded, I’m now fourth-order!” Chu Qianxun raised her head and looked at Ye Peitian who was sitting not far away.

Ye Peitian sat silently in the moonlight.

He repeatedly played with a long knife in his hand with unclear expression.

Chu Qianxun was immersed in the excitement of her level promotion, and did not notice his strange emotions.

In her heart, compared to a child like Jiang Xiaojie and a woman like Gao Yan who had never used a sword, Ye Peitian was the most suitable guardian.

Only he had the ability to cut off her head if she failed.

She stood up, walked out and patted Ye Peitian on the shoulder, “Thank you, I’m going back.”

Her hand was caught by the person behind her, and Chu Qianxun turned around in surprise.

Ye Peitian’s face turned against the light, and only those clear eyes trembled slightly, filled with an inexplicable emotion.

“Qianxun.” He said, “Qianxun…”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door outside the door, and the two in the bedroom recovered.

Chu Qianxun released Ye Peitian’s hand and opened the door to go out.

They lived in a duplex building and happened to run into Gao Yan who also came out of her room.

When Gao Yan saw her coming out of Ye Peitian’s bedroom, she opened her mouth round, and immediately made an empathetic expression.

The two opened the door to the house, and outside the door was a worried neighbor Chen Tingxiu.

Chen Tingxiu’s fingers were white, and she clutched a small first-order crystal core, and asked anxiously, “Do you have any medicine My husband is very badly injured.

Can I buy some medicine from you”

Gao Yan and Chu Qianxun exchanged glances.

“Don’t worry, let me see him for you.”

The two entered Chen Tingxiu’s residence.

The house was cleaned up and it was full of life.

In the corner were all kinds of handcrafted living utensils, and rows of flower pots hung on the windowsill, which were full of vegetables that were easy to grow.

A tomato vine climbed on the railing, and there were several fruits with pleasing colors.

There were only two half-eaten sweet potatoes on the table in the living room.

Lying on the sofa in the living room was a pale man in a coma.

He was Chen Tingxiu’s husband.

Gao Yan checked his injuries and frowned, “He was scratched by a demon, and he is seriously injured.

How did he deal with the pain until now”


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