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Chen Tingxiu’s eyes were red, and tears flowed down her face, “He was afraid that I would get worried, so he kept holding back and said nothing, until we had eaten halfway, he suddenly passed out, that I realized that something was wrong.”

“It’s okay, it’s not too serious.

He wouldn’t die.

This is an internal injury from the impact.

It may have been a battle with Dull Walker.” Chu Qianxun stood behind Gao Yan and stretched her head to see Gao Yan’s ability, “What is your husband’s ability”

“He’s a strength ability holder, and he is only in the early stage of the first order.” Chen Tingxiu said in a low voice, “But in order to get enough food for the two of us, he always did some dangerous work.”

Chu Qianxun let out a hum, indicating her understanding of their situation.

At this time, it was really not easy for an ability holder of the early stage to support two adults.

After Gao Yan’s treatment, Chen Tingxiu’s husband’s expression eased visibly.

She wiped away her tears and took Gao Yan’s hand to thank her, “It turns out that you are a healing ability holder, thank you so much.”

She was a little embarrassed to hand over the first-order crystal core in her hand, “I heard that there are very few healing ability holders, so I don’t know how many crystal cores are needed.”

“Okay.” Gao Yan pushed her crystal core back and picked two red tomatoes from the windowsill of their house, “Just use this to pay for the treatment.”

She handed Chu Qianxun a tomato, and the two of them walked home while eating.

The next morning, several modified off-road vehicles drove into the community.

The car honked its horn in the atrium,

Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian came downstairs.

Many residents in the community stuck their heads out of the windows to watch.

“The boss’s team.”

“They are going out to hunt demons again.”

“Who are those two people They seem to have a pretty face.

You can let Boss Feng pick them up in person.”

Chen Tingxiu’s husband was sitting on the bed by the window, watching the scene downstairs.

“Tingxiu, are these the new neighbors you were talking about They’re not simple if they can go out hunting with Captain Feng.” His tone was envious, “Ordinary people won’t be able to join their team.”

His always gentle wife turned her back to him, sitting on a chair in the living room without saying a word.

“What’s wrong, Tingxiu”

“If I become an ability holder like them, then you won’t have to work hard every day, right” Chen Tingxiu’s voice was abnormally low.

“What are you thinking about, Tingxiu, come to my side,” the man smiled gently and reached out his hand to his wife.

The wife’s long hair was braided and hung over her chest, revealing a soft-lined back neck.

The smooth neck suddenly twisted strangely and stretched out in an incredible form.


Chu Qianxun had just gotten into Feng Chengyu’s car and bid farewell to Yan Xue, Gao Yan and the others when a window above their heads burst open.

A demon in the form of a colorful spider crawled out of the window and quickly moved along the outside of the building.

“Demon, there is a demon!”

“It’s a fallen person, someone who has failed!”

Various shouts sounded in the district.

“No, she’s not a demon, she’s not a demon,” a man with a bandage on his body ran out of the corridor in a panic.

He stood downstairs with trembling lips, and reached out to the demon lying on the high wall, “Wife, wife, come down.”

The demon twisted its long neck, revealing a female face with a long braid.

That face was beautiful and gentle.

It was Chen Tingxiu, the neighbor Chu Qianxun had seen the previous night.

Chu Qianxun jumped out of the car, and looked at Gao Yan and Yan Xue.

Yan Xue took off her glasses, her eyes were red, and tears flowed out.

Gao Yan looked at Chu Qianxun with a pleading expression, but she shook her head.

Chen Tingxiu was completely demonized.

It was beyond her ability.

Feng Chengyu jumped out of the car, lifted the sword and walked toward the demon.

His team members could sit or stand in their spare time and watch with their arms folded.

At most, this kind of fallen person was just to warm up their captain.

“No, no, no, Captain Feng, Boss Feng, she is not a demon.

She is my wife,” Chen Tingxiu’s man nervously stopped Feng Chengyu.

“She will be fine, she will definitely recover,” he stammered, tears were all over his face.

“You leave, she is no longer human,” Feng Chengyu pushed him away.

“No!” Chen Tingxiu’s husband got up, slammed Feng Chengyu from behind, and crawled to the demon with colorful stripes.

“You are Tingxiu, you are my Tingxiu.

You will recover, right” He stretched out his hand, crying, trying to reach his wife’s face.

“Change back, please.”

The soft neck of the demon was crooked, a curious expression appeared on its beautiful face, and it looked at the person in front of it with a slight smile.

“Dear…love…” The demon opened its mouth and let out a pleasant sound.

“Tingxiu!” The man showed a look of overjoy.

When the slender and sharp forelegs of the demon pierced his shoulder, a black blade flashed back and forth through the air, and in an instant, the demon’s body broke into several pieces in the air.

The head with a long braid rolled around on the ground to the feet of “her” husband.

The head even blinked and said, “I remember you… You are in all her memories.”

The man knelt on the ground, picked up his wife’s head, and let out a heartbreaking cry.


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