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In the apocalypse, such tragedies had been around more often, and people had become numb.

The crowd of onlookers dissipated after only a few sighs.

Some people even picked up the hard limb fragments of the demon in the chaos.

The man who had lost his wife knelt on the ground alone, and his unhappy cry echoed in the atrium of the community.

Gao Yan and Yan Xue talked to Chu Qianxun in the car.

Yan Xue turned her head and said nothing, her nose turned red from crying.

“Qianxun,” Gao Yan looked up at Chu Qianxun who was sitting in the car, “If I took her crystal core last night, would she not become a demon”

“Sister Yan, don’t think too much about it.

This was her own choice.

Everyone has the right to choose the path they want to take, and they also need to bear the consequences of their own choice.”

Chu Qianxun stretched out her hand and patted her shoulder, “Take care of Xiaojie and Granny Feng, and wait for me to come back.”

Jiang Xiaojie was seriously injured and could not go out, lying in the house sulking.

Gao Yan restrained her emotions and nodded, “Okay, don’t worry, you and Xiao Ye pay attention to safety.”

The convoy left the base.

Feng Chengyu drove the car himself.

His face was not very good, “Recently, there have been more and more emergencies like this.

The base should really be organized and managed.

Every time someone is demonized, it will inevitably cause panic and even cause widespread casualties.”

“This is difficult to control.

After all, it’s getting harder for the weak to survive.

In order to survive, many people choose to take risks and take the crystal core.” Sitting in the vice seat, Xin Ziming pushed his glasses and turned his head to look at Chu Qianxun, “Qianxun, what do you think”

Since Chu Qianxun got in the car, Xin Ziming naturally changed her name.

When talking, he would not forget to bring her and Ye Peitian into the conversation, which made the atmosphere in the car become more familiar.

“When this kind of incident happens more, slowly everyone will know that they will have to find someone to guard themselves before entering the higher stage, at least so that they could maintain the human consciousness and die.”

Chu Qianxun looked at her hands, she no longer remembered how many times they had chopped off the heads of the fallen ones, and there were also her friends and comrades in arms.

According to statistics from later generations, the probability of an ordinary person taking the crystal core to evolve successfully would not exceed 30%.

If the frequency of taking crystal cores at the same level was too high and too fast, there was a certain probability that they would be demonized.

Every time an ability holder critically upgraded, there was still a certain probability of getting demonized, and this rate would continue to increase as the level increased.

In other words, if one hundred ordinary humans took the crystal core, only thirty people would be able to live with the awakening ability, and probably less than ten lucky people among these people would have the opportunity to smoothly upgrade to the sixth-order, not counting the number of people who died in the fighting.

Therefore, the global population of 6 billion people would drop sharply later, and there would be very few who could eventually become high-level ability holders.

Most people found themselves very lucky when they reached fifth or sixth-order and no longer dared to try to upgrade.

Those supporting ability holders who had never participated in battles and relied solely on the use of crystal cores to increase their level could only reach fourth-order only.

Chu Qianxun raised her head to look at Ye Peitian who was sitting next to her, who was also staring at her.

His eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

His beautiful eyelids were filled with autumn water, and his dark pupils dangled slightly in them, as if they were full of a thousand words.

Only then did Chu Qianxun realize that Ye Peitian’s mood was a bit wrong.

He didn’t even say a word to her all morning.

“What happened” Chu Qianxun asked these words by only moving her lips.

Ye Peitian looked out of the window without saying a word.

The convoy stopped at the foot of a mountain.

The road ahead was blocked, and they had to abandon the car and walk.

A total of more than ten people came, and they were fully prepared, carrying various weapons and ammunition, wild survival supplies, and even specially equipped with strength ability holders to carry heavy objects.

The team walked about 30 kilometers, chose a hidden location in the forest, and settled down.

The sky was getting dark, so everyone gathered around the bonfire.

At this moment, they were eating dinner while listening to Xin Ziming’s deployment of the battle plan.

“The location of the demon is probably in this range.” Xin Ziming was holding a branch and drawing a map on the ground, “If it goes well, we will face him at about noon tomorrow.”

“There is a canyon near here.

We’ll lie in ambush there.

Lao Feng will lead it out.

It has a pair of wings and flies very fast.

It may escape if it feels the danger.” Xin Ziming looked at the metal ability holder in the team and Ye Peitian, “My pupil power may not be able to control him.

At that time, Aqiang, you and Xiao Ye will be responsible for interfering.

You must not let it fly high in the sky.”

Aqiang and Ye Peitian nodded.

“What is the attacking ability of the demon The enhanced skills after injury Did you determine its level” Chu Qianxun asked the key questions.

Xin Ziming and Feng Chengyu glanced at each other.

Feng Chengyu began to talk about the past, “This fallen man was the strongest ability holder in our base.

That day, he was suddenly demonized in the base, and the whole base was caught off guard and countless humans died.

He was only second-order at that time, and was trying to upgrade to the third-level.

So I guess he might be fourth-level now.”


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