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The hearts of everyone present were tight.

The fourth-order demon was already a terrifying existence, and a fourth-order fallen person would be more difficult to deal with because of human wisdom and memory.

“His ability is to learn,” Feng Chengyu said.

“Learn” Everyone didn’t quite understand.

“Yes, it seems to be a very useless ability, but it is very powerful to use.

As long as a move hurts him once, it basically no longer works on him, and it could be quickly imitated by him.

So this time we have gathered so many people.

If we can’t kill him this time, he will be more difficult to deal with next time.”

“Then we must get the crystal core in the shortest time.

Otherwise, the more we fight, the harder it will be,” Chu Qianxun quickly pointed out the key points.

“Qianxun, I specially invite you to cooperate with Lao Feng, hoping to rely on your two strong combat abilities to end the battle as soon as possible,” Xin Ziming raised his head and looked at her seriously. 

Xin Ziming had always been a little conceited.

He invited Chu Qianxun to join the team as he valued her combat ability.

But at this moment, he realized that this woman had a sharp thinking ability that rivaled his.

After the discussion, Xin Ziming personally distributed sleeping bags to Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian.

“We have a special night watchman, so you young couple just rest assured,” he said with a smile.

When Ye Peitian heard the words, he was a little embarrassed and wanted to explain, but in his heart he seemed to vaguely hope that others would continue to misunderstand like that.

He quietly glanced at Chu Qianxun with a little nervousness, and saw her taking the sleeping bag with a smile.

She didn’t deny it, so he was a little bit happy.

With this little joy, Ye Peitian laid down in his sleeping bag.

When the surroundings gradually calmed down and only the chirping of insects in the quiet night of the wilderness could be heard, he opened his eyes quietly and looked at the person sleeping next to him.

The person’s skin was smooth and tender, she fell asleep quietly, and the light from the swaying campfire cast different shades of light on her face.

Just the previous night, Ye Peitian stood by the bed, watching her curl up in pain.

Those terrifying green lines repeatedly climbed up and down on her pale face.

She didn’t know how he struggled from that terrible night.

Chu Qianxun opened her eyes half asleep and half awake,

“What’s the matter Haven’t slept yet” She murmured in a daze, and put her shimmering palm into Ye Peitian’s sleeping bag.

At noon, the blazing sun rose high into the sky.

Even in the depths of the mountains and forests, the ability holders in ambush on the slopes still sweated profusely.

Sweat ran down their cheeks, dripping on the grass blades under them, but no one dared to reach out and wipe it.

They held their breath and watched motionlessly in the valley below the mountain.

A black figure went all the way very quickly and rushed toward their place.

They stared at the intersection of the canyon with wide eyes.

They saw Feng Chengyu rushing in extremely fast, almost leaving a black afterimage in people’s sight.

But no one was behind him.

Feng Chengyu stopped and turned around abruptly, spitting out a mouthful of blood in front of his horizontal sword, and half of his black scales had peeled off.

The intersection of the gorge was empty, and a slight breeze rolled over a dead leaf, spinning around in the air.

“I didn’t go looking for you, but you came to the door.

It seems that my former reputation has not been forgotten.”

When these words rang in the air, a “person” appeared at the intersection of the canyon.

The person looked like a human adult man.

“He” even wore a linen coat and a pair of black trousers neatly.

The white-skinned arms interlaced across the chest, revealing smooth muscle lines.

But on the human neck, there was a white head protruding forward, resembling a dog.

The mouth on the head opened, and the bright red tongue licked a circle on the sharp teeth, “Alright, I’m hungry too.

I’ll just eat your flesh, let me enjoy it.”

The demon removed its hands on the chest, its figure swayed in the air, and disappeared out of thin air.

The next moment, it appeared in the air in front of Feng Chengyu, turned its fingers into claws, and tried to strike Feng Chengyu.

Feng Chengyu raised the black sword and held the demon’s palm.

Those white fingers, which looked like humans, intersected with Feng Chengyu’s blade, and made a harsh metal collision.

“Oh Isn’t this sword my broken arm” The demon’s eyes narrowed, and the sharp claws were sealed together, “So it’s you, I’m so happy to see an old acquaintance.

I’ll catch you soon and definitely taste you without wasting anything at all.”

Suddenly, where they stood, several interlaced golden lines appeared.

Those golden lines shrank rapidly, intertwining the demon’s body.

A female ability holder, standing on the side peak of the canyon, closed her eyes while sweating.

The golden light was her ability, which could restrain any enemy’s actions.

“I…I can’t hold it, it’s too strong,” she said nervously.

Xin Ziming stood on the other side of the canyon.

His eyes emitted white light, staring at the demon closely, and at the same time using his different pupil to control the demon’s movement.

“Lao Feng! Quickly! We can’t hold it!”

Feng Chengyu’s black blade exploded and turned into a huge black light, smashing down the fallen man’s face.

The demon was split in half from head to chest.

Before everyone could feel happy, they only saw the demon with its split upper body stretch out its pale hand and firmly grasp the black blade.

The black blade was pulled out of the body little by little, and the split body gave birth to countless thin hooked threads in front of everyone, quickly closed, and returned to a complete appearance. 


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