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A pale palm stretched out from the burning iron net and grabbed Chu Qianxun’s wrist.

The demon barked its mouth, showing its sharp teeth, and roared at her.

Chu Qianxun felt a shattering pain from her hand bones.

She reluctantly swung the blade and cut off the demon’s left arm.

The arm fell on the ground and turned into a sharp red bone spur.

The demon in the fire roared, tore open the iron net, broke away from the yellow sand, spread out the wings that were incompletely burned by the flame and flew toward the forest.

When Chu Qianxun ran wildly, Ye Peitian and Feng Chengyu followed closely.

“It could only replicate abilities that are two or more tiers lower than it.

It can’t replicate neither your armor nor Peitian’s yellow sand.

And obviously, its combat experience is not that rich.”  Chu Qianxun ran into the jungle and said, “This time we caught it by surprise, but if we don’t kill it and give it a chance to grow, there will be endless troubles.”

Feng Chengyu didn’t say a word, but he followed the figure flying in the sky with his sword.

The three were extremely fast, and they were soon separated from the ability holders behind them.

Turning around the mountain wall, the scenery in front of them changed.

Spring water flowed down the mountain wall and gathered into a pond.

A towering tree stood beside the pond.

There was a wooden house on the tree, under the tree was a swing made by two iron ropes.

There was a set of rough wooden chairs and tables on the lawn before the lake.

The demon was standing on the rock by the spring, covered with scorched marks, and the broken left arm was slowly spreading out.

Its ability to recover was obviously not as fast as it started.

“Humans are really cruel, why don’t you let us go” Its voice came from its long mouth with a deep echo.

“Joke! Obviously you demons feed on us! In your hands, many of our compatriots have died.

You actually said that we are not letting you go” Feng Chengyu sneered angrily.

“We are a race without the ability to reproduce.” The fallen man’s white head was tilted, that his amber translucent eyes rolled in the narrow eye sockets, as if he was thinking about this issue seriously, “After I woke up, I always thought, we were dropped from the parent star to the earth, on such a large planet with many living things.

We are scarce in number and unable to reproduce, we are destined to be a species that is about to die.

Then why did we come to earth”

Chu Qianxun was stunned.

She was struggling on the edge of the survival line before and had never had any communication with high-level demons.

In her consciousness, she had never thought of a cruel demon as a creature with its own thoughts.

“Originally, as long as you humans no longer take crystal cores, our extinction is only in sight.

But you have also sent us a steady stream of companions.

Speaking of which, are you humans really choosing the continuation of our race” The demon seemed to be happy because it figured out something.

Chu Qianxun faintly felt that he was right.

Humans’ desire for power was far greater than their hatred of demons.

As long as there were demons, hunting demons and taking them one after another would never stop.

But at this moment, she had no time to think, “We can’t give him time to recover, let’s attack!”

Even though the demon was seriously injured, this fallen one could still resist the attack of Chu Qianxun, Feng Chengyu, and Ye Peitian at the same time.

In its eyes, the human woman who looked the weakest among the three was the one with the strongest attack power.

The other man who made a weapon with his broken arm had a particularly strong defense ability and was not easy to break through.

But the most troublesome one was the man who stood not far away and used the yellow sand.

That man always used his ability to interfere with his actions at the most critical moments, and almost helped the woman with double-edged blades to seize the crystal core several times.

The fallen aside Chu Qianxun and Feng Chengyu, regardless of their attacks, attacked Ye Peitian with long-range ability.

Ye Peitian, who was very rusty in fighting skills, was immediately injured.

“Peitian, go back first,” Chu Qianxun forced the demon back with both blades.

But Ye Peitian didn’t move.

He focused on controlling the yellow sand.

The yellow sand condensed in the air from time to time, almost blocking every attack against Chu Qianxun.

“I won’t retreat,” he said.

“Xiao Ye” Chu Qianxun glanced back.

“I will not leave, as long as you are still on the battlefield, I will never leave.”

Seeing Ye Peitian’s stubborn face with his lips pressed tightly, Chu Qianxun suddenly realized that her heart had missed two beats.

Through the huge and hideous shadow of the demon, she instantly grasped a little bit of Ye Peitian’s different feelings for her.

The iron rope on the swing slipped down at some point, and hovered quietly in the air, strangling Ye Peitian’s neck and hanging him in the air.

Ye Peitian’s face burst out with blue veins, one hand grabbed the iron chain around his neck, and stretched out his other hand.

Yellow sand gathered in the air, tightly grasping the demon that was trying to escape again with wings spread, and prevented it from flying to the sky.

“Looking for death! Do you dare to treat him like this!” Chu Qianxun turned into a torrential rain with both blades, ignoring the demon’s temporary frantic resistance, and rushed to the demon.

Until the green crystal core rolled out, the black spikes on the demon’s body were scattered all over.

Only then did Chu Qianxun hold the scarred remnant blade, and stopped moving.

Feng Chengyu was not hurt less than her, and the black scales on his face were almost completely peeled off.

He supported his broad black sword, half-kneeled on the ground, and stretched out his thumb at Chu Qianxun.

The white head of the demon was floating in the stream.

It opened its eyes and looked at the wooden hut on the big tree, “If we resist eating humans, can you let us go”

Obviously it was a head in the form of a white dog, a completely different race from humans, but Chu Qianxun’s heart was full of mixed feelings.

“No, maybe our two clans are destined to be enemies forever,” Chu Qianxun said the cruel truth.

“That’s right,” the fallen man’s eyes closed.

The breeze blew across the forest, making a rustle.

The big branches and leaves by the pond swayed gently, the hut on the tree and the table and chair under the tree still stood quietly, as if the creature living there still existed.


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