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Feng Chengyu’s eyes were red, and his teeth clenched.

The black sword in his hand chopped off the heads of countless fallen people, but at the moment, it was too heavy to lift it up anyway.

Several female ability holders in the team had already covered their mouths and shed tears.

When Ye Peitian took a step forward, Chu Qianxun took his hand and hid him behind her.

“You get out of the way and let me try,” Chu Qianxun separated everyone, squatted down beside Xin Ziming, and stretched out her hands.

Under everyone’s eyes, Chu Qianxun’s white hands glowed with warm yellow light, and the light gradually expanded, covering his whole body.

A struggling look gradually appeared in Xin Ziming’s eyes.

“Come on, you are not completely demonized yet, you can hold on.” Chu Qianxun said to him, “Look at your friends, your team members, they are all waiting for you to come back.”

Although Chu Qianxun was fourth-order, she had rarely used her ability before, so her grasp of this ability was far less skilled than in her previous life.

She could only use her own ability with all her strength, hoping to effectively restrain Xin Ziming’s continued demonization.

In the warm yellow light, he could tell that the hair had begun to partially return to its original color, and the devil’s limbs that kept twisting and growing gradually became still.

He opened his eyes and raised his neck, the green markings on his face rose and faded back and forth.

The sweat on Chu Qianxun’s face dripped down.

“Team Leader Xin, hold on.”

“Deputy Captain, hold on, you must hold on.”

“Brother Ziming, don’t give up.”

The members couldn’t help but cheer for Xin Ziming.

Feng Chengyu said, “Qianxun, as long as you can get Lao Xin back to normal, I will give you whatever you want.”

No one knew how long it took.

The various demonized signs on Xin Ziming’s body gradually faded, his hair returned to black color, and the growing limbs shrunk and disappeared.

He lost consciousness, and passed out in a coma like a human.

Chu Qianxun put away the light, and sat down on the ground.

After the battle, she consumed too much power, which made her feel weak.

“Qianxun, how are you” Ye Peitian helped her in time.

Chu Qianxun shook her head, supported herself, but failed to stand up.

Ye Peitian reached out to fish her up, and hugged her.

Leaning on Ye Peitian’s chest, Chu Qianxun looked at him with a calm expression, and had to grin at him reluctantly.

“I have told you many times.

You must not let outsiders know about your ability.

But it doesn’t matter if mine is revealed.” Chu Qianxun stretched out her hand and touched his face, “What’s more, at this time, even if you treat him, it would be too late…”

She was really tired, she leaned in Ye Peitian’s arms and fell asleep before she finished speaking.

He stayed away from the crowd and carefully put Chu Qianxun into her sleeping bag.

Not far away were people’s joyful and excited conversations, but Ye Peitian couldn’t hear at all.

He was guarding Chu Qianxun’s side, guarding a small world of tranquility that belonged only to him.

The person who had dreams laid quietly beside him, breathing slowly, and fell asleep quietly.

Moonlight stroked her smooth skin, her long eyelashes occasionally trembled, leaving a clear shadow on her cheeks, and her lips under the small bridge of the nose opened slightly.

Ye Peitian’s gaze stayed on the pale pink lips, and he suddenly looked away as he remembered the kiss that made him confused.

‘I am already hers,’ he thought flusteredly, slowly turning his gaze back, and blushing.

He stretched out his hand, and lovingly touched Chu Qianxun’s thick hair lightly.

Why am I so lucky God not only made me meet Qianxun, but also made her connect with me.

Ye Peitian bent down, pondered for a long time, and finally closed his eyes and pressed a kiss on Chu Qianxun’s lips.

After dawn, Xin Ziming woke up.

Although his injuries had not fully recovered, he finally got rid of the possibility of demonization and became a third-order ability holder.

The camp swept away from the previous night’s decay, happily packed up and prepared to return to the base.

Before leaving, Feng Chengyu found Chu Qianxun.

He unfolded his palm, holding the fourth-order crystal core that the team members had worked so hard to get and had just obtained from the fallen one.

“I said if you save the deputy captain, you can get whatever you want.”

Chu Qianxun was very excited, the fourth-level crystal core was exactly what she needed, and she had even thought of using extraordinary means to snatch it many times before.

But when Feng Chengyu kept the crystal core in front of her in this way, she finally did not take it.

“I am a prayer ability holder, and my ability is to guard the ability holders when they advance.

According to the usual practice, to protect him from the second rank to the third rank, it is enough for you to give a third-order crystal core,” Chu Qianxun said dryly.

Feng Chengyu laughed.

He patted her on the shoulder and said, “I looked down on you, Qianxun.

Although you are a woman, you will be my brother from now on.

I’ll remember this favor in my heart.

Whenever you face difficulty in the future, just say it, and I will help.”

After Feng Chengyu left, Chu Qianxun squatted on the ground holding her head in annoyance.

“What’s wrong, Qianxun” Ye Peitian asked, bending over.

“Tell me, did I became stupid, Peitian” Chu Qianxun looked up at him, “I was not like this before.”

“That’s because you want to treat them as friends.” Ye Peitian smiled and pulled her up, “Although you don’t say anything, you always treat your friends like this.”


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