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Ye Peitian controlled the yellow sand and tightly restrained the clone of another demon.

The demon’s eyeballs protruded, and six white, fat arms were scratching in the air, wailing, but it was still inevitably buried by the cracks dragged into the ground.

In the middle of the forest, the avatars of four or five demons were gathered together, vying to eat the human corpse on the ground.

Without saying a word, Chu Qianxun went there.

“Sister Qianxun, let us help you.”

As a clear female voice sounded, criss-crossing golden lines lit up on the ground where a demon was, and the lines intersected and climbed up to the demon’s body, restraining the demon’s movement.

A ring of flames ignited on the ground, surrounding the demons who wanted to escape.

Several iron spears stabbed from the air and pierced the demon’s body.

Chu Qianxun’s blade was like a crescent moon.

The blade was shining, and instantly wiped out all the demons.

With a move of her blade, she picked out a green and shiny third-order crystal core from the merged demon.

She happily clasped her fists toward the four people who helped her, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help.”

On the trip, in addition to the weapons and materials, she also accidentally got two third-order crystal cores.

Chu Qianxun was satisfied and returned to the base beamingly.

Before arriving at the residence, one must pass through the trading market of the base.

It was getting late.

It was when most of the staff in the base finished their work and returned home, and it was also the time for the team that went out to hunt demons to return to the base.

The market was full of hustle and bustle, showing a little breath of life in a gathering place for humans.

Walking in front of Chu Qianxun was a young couple.

Although they were dressed in simple clothes, they still held hands and walked close together, talking and laughing.

Ye Peitian stared at the hooked fingers for a long time, and her eyes quietly fell on the hand beside her.

Chu Qianxun’s hand dropped to her side, and white bandages were wrapped from her palm to her wrist.

There were various wounds on her fingers.

It could be said that there was no feminine beauty, but Ye Peitian couldn’t help his eyes sticking to those fingers, and the fingers covered with wounds swayed slightly, as if swaying in his heart, making it strange.

“Shall we buy some vegetables and go back Can we cook hot pot at night” Chu Qianxun was a little greedy when she saw the fresh vegetables.

She stretched out her hand to pick some, but was grasped by a big hand.

She raised her head somewhat in surprise, but Ye Peitian did not look at her.

He held her palm but increased his strength.

The palm of his hand was hot and sweating slightly.

“Aren’t these Xiao Ye and Qianxun” A voice called.

Ye Peitian was startled, and subconsciously let go of her hand, and then took her hand back, but his palm was sweaty and wetter.

“It’s you, auntie,” Chu Qianxun greeted the person with a smile.

It was the female of the old couple they met at the door when they entered the base.

The old woman set up a stall on the ground, neatly stacking small bunches of convolvulus together.

She was short in stature, with white hair and worn out clothes, but smiled and greeted people in the market.

She could hardly see the sorrow of the apocalypse on her face.

“Hey, I haven’t seen the two of you for many days.

When I first came in, I was thankful to Xiao Ye and Xiaoyue for helping me.

I always wanted to say thank you,” the old woman said with a smile, and handed a little bundle of water spinach, “Because my old man had farmed before, the base had allocated a piece of planting land for rent for us.

This was just harvested, you two take these back with you to eat.”

As for the kindness of others was a rare thing, Chu Qianxun rarely refused.

She put the two tomatoes she had just bought on the stall, smiled and took over the vegetables from the old woman.

“At such a time, you can live such an optimistic life.

I admire you.

Seeing an elder like you who smiles all the time, I feel that life is not that difficult.”

“When there is sun, there will be a rainy day.

Isn’t life like that You can live it all, so it is better to make yourself happy.”

“Speaking of which, it hasn’t been a few days since you entered the base, so how did you harvest it so soon” Chu Qianxun said, puzzled.

“Ah, don’t you know Even the fast-growing water spinach won’t make sense to harvest in such a short time.” The old woman said, “It was thanks to Sister Feng and Brother Qi’s help.

When I met Sister Feng, she helped us adjust the dew, and Brother Qi used his ability to help speed up the maturity.

Otherwise, we would have still been hungry.”

Chu Qianxun was surprised that her world only had battles, enhancements and demons.

Old Feng and Qi Yongchun had no offensive ability in the team, so she had never paid special attention to their abilities.

Unconsciously, these two people continued to grow and had reached such a practical level.

When she returned to her residence, Gao Yan was treating a patient in the living room of the duplex building.

“Are you back” Yan Xue, who was sitting on the stairs on the second floor wiping a gun, stood up when she saw them.

Her gaze stayed on Ye Peitian and Chu Qianxun’s hands.

After a while, she suddenly covered her mouth, gave a short shout, turned her head and ran into the house.

“Sister Qianxun! You are back!” Jiang Xiaojie turned over from the stairs on the second floor and fell to the ground.

He was about to pounce forward but suddenly pointed at the hands of the two of them, “Ahhhhh! Brother Peitian, you are too cunning!”

So the companions upstairs and downstairs all made a fuss and ran out to watch.

“What are you doing What’s all this fuss about” Gao Yan charged the treatment fee and escorted away the guest, “You don’t know that they got together two day ago”

She smirked at Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian pretentiously.

She showed an expression of knowing everything: I saw you squeeze a room long ago, and I didn’t say anything.

How about it

Ye Peitian was thin-skinned and couldn’t bear the teasing, so he buried himself in the kitchen with vegetables.

When Chu Qianxun returned to the bedroom and slumped to rest on the bed, Gao Yan entered the room to treat her injuries.

“How is it Finally opened up Xiao Ye is not bad, right” Gao Yan winked at her, and Yan Xue, who was not wearing sunglasses, followed along to join in the fun.

Chu Qianxun licked her lips, “Not bad.”

“Ahhhhh! Aren’t you moving so fast How did it taste” Yan Xue covered her face, “How far did you two go”

Chu Qianxun said to her amusedly, “Don’t talk nonsense, you can see that he is so shy, how far can our relationship go”

Yan Xue saw that there was no gossip to hear, and her face collapsed, “Xiao Ye is good, but he has a soft temper.

I still like mature men.”

“Qianxun, don’t listen to her, it’s better for Xiao Ye to be as simple as that.” Gao Yan’s hand was glowing white, shining on Chu Qianxun’s wound, “Xiao Ye is shy but it’s better than those dirty men who have been used by other women eight hundreds times.”

Yan Xue touched her chin, “Speaking of which, it’s true.

If you molest him, he will be shy.

If it is the first time, he will give you anything.

Think about how rare it is!”


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