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Silver-red lines spread across her face, and a few crumpled films stretched out from her back.

Those sticky films spread out in the air and turned into huge petals.

“I don’t want to become a demon, cut off my head, Qianxun,” Qiuyue smiled helplessly, with tears on her face.

Her face suddenly changed to Jiang Xiaojie’s face, and the frost-cast face cracked in the darkness and broke apart.

“Sister Qianxun, Sister Qianxun…”

Chu Qianxun woke up from the dream and suddenly sat up.

The night was dark and the wilderness was silent, only the heartbeat in her chest rang violently.

A strong palm stretched out and took her hand.

There was a person squatting beside her.

Light was reflected in the clear eyes of the man, staring back and forth at her lightly.

“Did you have a nightmare, Qianxun” Ye Peitian asked in a low voice.

Chu Qianxun calmed her pounding heart, calmed her emotions, shook her head, and wanted to withdraw her hand, “It’s okay.”

Ye Peitian clenched her hand and wrapped it in his palm, “Gao Yan and Yan Xue are crying, if you feel uncomfortable, you can cry.”

He stretched out his hand and pondered for a moment, and then gently put it behind Chu Qianxun’s head, pressing her head on his shoulder, “You can cry here.”

Chu Qianxun was silent for a moment, “Did I do something wrong, Peitian”

“How can this be your fault” The gentle voice of the man came.

If it hadn’t been for her, Jiang Xiaojie would have been able to live a long time, he could live freely, and shine in the end.

But because of her appearance, his life ended abruptly at the beginning of the apocalypse.

At this moment in her previous life, Ye Peitian had become a half demon, Gao Yan had become a woman of unscrupulous means, the Shennai Group was rising, Tang Juan had been dead for a long time, and Yan Xue was a cruel woman.

Feng Chengyu may have been killed in the battle in Gourd Town.

Many people survived the battle relying on the treatment of Holy Blood.

Because of her rebirth, she unknowingly changed the destiny of countless people.

Some of these people had become better and some had become worse, and it was not her own will that could influence them.

“Everything is different, I don’t even know what kind of path I will take,” Chu Qianxun leaned against Ye Peitian’s shoulder and muttered to herself.

“No matter what kind of road we take, we will walk together.

Didn’t you say that we are going to go down this road together” Ye Peitian’s voice sounded in her ears.

Chu Qianxun closed her eyes, a teardrop flashed in the night, and slid across her cheek.


Ludo Island was a lonely island hanging on the sea.

Before the apocalypse, it was sparsely populated and had a pleasant climate.

After the apocalypse, large armed forces in its vicinity soon settled on the island, cut off the bridge and tunnel connecting the island and the land, and eliminated the demons on the island.

It provided a relatively comfortable living environment for the residents of the whole island.

Of course, that so-called ease was only when compared with those defenseless cities in the interior.

In that small island, lack of information, food shortages and inadequate materials made people’s lives very difficult.

Every day, many people ventured to sail across the sea, board the mainland adjacent to the island, and search for all kinds of living supplies.

At this moment, on the edge of the city, a five-person search team was carefully digging through the ruins.

“People have rummaged around here, and couldn’t find anything.

Should we go a little deeper” Asked a man with two fingers missing from his left hand.

“It’s not easy, Ah Rong.

What will we do if we encounter a demon There are many dead people in the city, and there must be many demons wandering,” another man who was slightly fatter said.

“Fatty, we can’t find anything outside here.

Sooner or later we have to go to the inner depths.

If we are scared, it is better to go back and wait for death.”

“Yes, there is no more food on the island now.

We have to go inside after all.”

“Demons shouldn’t be so difficult to deal with.

After all, we are all ability holders.

I heard that Boss Meng’s team has got many crystal cores one after another, and even killed third-order demons.”

After discussing for a long time, several people decided to tentatively explore the situation in the town.

A group of people walked cautiously on the empty streets of the city.

Occasionally the wind blew through the damaged car doors on the side of the road.

The doors opened and closed, making a sound.

The once prosperous metropolis was deadly silent.

“Look, what is this” A man excitedly picked up a package of instant noodles from the middle of the road.

“How can this be in the middle of the road” Ah Rong, who had broken two fingers, frowned.

“Who knows Maybe it fell off some people when they fled,” the fat man was so happy that he crushed the pack of instant noodles.

Several men grabbed a handful and ate them dry.

“Mother, this is delicious.

I didn’t know that instant noodles were so delicious before.”

The men grabbed a few bites and ate the instant noodles.

“There, there are still some.”

“Here, here all the way.”

Surprised voices said constantly.

A bag of food was scattered on the ground at a distance, extending all the way into a building on the side of the road.

The door of that building was open, like a black hole.

Several men walked into the building.

“Don’t rush in, take a look first,” Ah Rong frowned and shouted.

“Come on, there’s a lot inside.

It must have been a warehouse.

Someone escaped and scattered so many things,” the fat man who had run to the door waved and shouted.


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