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For fear of being late, the men who had taken less things, ignored Ah Rong’s reminder, and ran into the building quickly.

Ah Rong walked at the end and entered the building, carefully examining the situation inside.

It should be a clothing mart, and the empty shopping mall was silent.

The messy containers on both sides of the first floor were littered with shoes and clothes, and the walls and roofs of the long corridors had solidified black blood.

The strange thing was that all kinds of well-packaged food were scattered all the way on the floor.

His companions were happily packing food into their backpack.

Why was there so much food in the clothing mall Ah Rong wondered.

He raised his head and looked into the depths of the corridor, where there was no light.

It was pitch black, and there was a faint sound of wind passing through the hall.

“Something is wrong.

Take what you have now and leave, don’t stay for too long,” he said.

“What are you afraid of We have been here for a long time, and we didn’t see any demons.

You told us to come to the city, but you are the first to persuade us to go back now”

Before the fat man’s words fell, several flesh-skinned creatures slowly appeared in the depths of the corridor.

Those demons with sharp limbs, no eyes on their faces, only a blood basin and big mouth, showed their bodies from the darkness.


“These are the second-order Desecrators!”

“Run! Run!”

Several people scrambled and turned around to escape.

At some unknown time outside the gate of the mall, three Desecrators hung from the windows on the second floor, with their blood-stained claws out, looking inside.

“Quickly, use your ability,” Ah Rong hurriedly shouted.

Two fireballs ignited in his hand and he threw them to the desecrator at the door.

His companions hurriedly performed various abilities, throwing them at the demon.

A desecrator outside the door was scalded by a fireball, screamed, retracted to the second floor, but stretched its head and screamed at them.

“Useful,” Ah Rong just smiled, and a huge force rushed from his back.

Two Desecrators pressed him to the ground.

The power of the demon was so great that he struggled hard but couldn’t break free.

He looked back in horror, and saw that his comrades had been grabbed by six or seven demons.

The desecrators secreted a white mucus like spider silk, binding the captured humans like a silkworm cocoon.

“Ah Rong, what are they doing Isn’t it… won’t they eat us first” The fat man was tied up all over, unable to move.

He was shivering and crying while asking Ah Rong next to him.

Ah Rong remembered the legend about the desecrators keeping human beings for food, knowing what might happen to him, he closed his eyes in pain.

With a loud bang, a black light flashed into the hall, and the body of a desecrator outside the door broke into several pieces and rolled in.

Its eyeless head rolled and stopped in front of Ah Rong’s eyes.

The big red mouth was still moving.

Along with the yellow sand in the sky, an agile black figure rushed into the mall and jumped into the air, fanning out rows of red blade shadows in front of him.

Ah Rong didn’t even see what happened.

The demons turned into flesh and scattered on the ground or were crushed by yellow sand and became bloody.

A black boot stepped on the head of the demon in front of him, and the sword light flashed, picking out the emerald-colored crystal core inside.

The person bent down against the light, put one hand on her knee, and asked, “You are from Ludao How is the situation in Ludao now”


Author notes:

When Chu Qianxun was about to die, she saw everything that happened in another parallel world.

In that world, the demon Ye Peitian, the person who made the world horrified, did not turn villainous, but was held softly and shyly in her palm.

After waking up, she turned over and got out of bed and found Ye Peitian directly.

Ye Peitian: If you take a step closer to me, I will make you die unsightly.

Chu Qianxun took two steps forward: Let me try how unsightly it looks.

Ye Peitian: Go away, I just need to be alone quietly.

Chu Qianxun: Do you really want me to go away

Ye Peitian grabbed the corner of her clothes and his eyes were red: If you take another half step, I will ruin the world.


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