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Even the ability holders only used ordinary weapons.

Many of them may not have ever fought against an advanced demon once on the island, and would only use their own abilities in the island to rely on .

A girl crying sharply came from a small alley.

Chu Qianxun and others looked over and saw a dirty little girl standing alone at the entrance of the alley crying loudly for her brother.

In the depths of the alley, a few men pressed a man to the dirty ground, punching and kicking, the man on the ground curled up without saying a word, firmly guarding the things in his arms.

“Let go of him!” Yan Xue stepped forward, pulling the bolt of the gun.

The men in the alley turned their heads viciously and saw a tall woman wearing sunglasses standing coldly at the entrance of the alley with a gun, pointing at them with the black muzzle.

The momentum of a few people was gone.

Seeing the people armed with armor behind Yan Xue, these people showed a timid expression, raised their hands in a retreat, and slowly backed away.

The man in the mud struggled to get up.

He reluctantly pulled the torn clothes to cover his wounded body.

Staggering to the entrance of the alley, the little girl flew in front of him, hugged his legs, and buried her face in his arms, but she didn’t cry and was as quiet as before.

The man stretched out his hand and touched his sister’s hair, then stuffed the piece of food in his arms that was covered with mud and water, into his sister’s hand.

He raised his blue and swollen face and reluctantly bowed to Yan Xue.

Yan Xue pushed the sunglasses, nodded to him, put away the gun and returned to the companions waiting for her.

Passing through two blocks, many soldiers in uniforms and armed with guns appeared to patrol back and forth.

The law and order in the area was obviously much better.

Few people made trouble there.

People walking hurriedly on the road were relatively decent and calm.

The area around was full of large villas and high-end residences before the apocalypse.

After it, the population on the island dropped sharply.

There were a large number of empty houses with no owners.

Many base officials and ability holders moved into that area to live.

Chu Qianxun came to the entrance of a luxurious community.

The atrium there was elegantly decorated, the lawn was exquisite, and the scenery was beautiful.

The security guard at the door stood politely in the guard box and saluted her.

So when she walked again, the magnificent parasol of the sentry box broke to the ground.

The road was stained with disgusting black liquid, and the atrium was overgrown with weeds and garbage everywhere.

The doors of some of the villas were broken and the glasses were shattered.

There were also a variety of clothes and sheets hanging outside the windows of some villas, and various scaffolds had been built on the roofs of the courtyards, which were covered with gratifying fruit and vegetable vines.

There were human voices in the windows, and there were even guards armed with guns outside the gate of the yard.

Chu Qianxun walked step by step to the villa she rented before the apocalypse.

The windows and door of this European-style architectural villa were now abruptly reinforced with various steel bars, and the top of the courtyard wall was equipped with sharp barbs.

Many protective measures had been added as Chu Qianxun instructed in advance.

The gate outside the courtyard had obviously encountered violent impact, and several ugly iron patches hit the deformed and sunken area of ​​the gate.

There was a large area of ​​jet black outside the door wall, which was the trace left by the smoke and fire.

“Cousin! Auntie! Auntie!” Chu Qianxun stood at the door, calling out into the house.

The whole villa was quiet, without any response.

Chu Qianxun’s heart tightened, “I’m Qianxun, I’m back.”

“Brother Xiangyang! Xu Xiangyang! Come out!”

The blackened door creaked slightly, cracking a small crack, and Xu Xiangyang’s small eyes quietly surveyed behind the crack.

“Oh, Qianxun, it’s really you, I almost didn’t recognize you,” he opened the door and stood inside the door, and said with a dull face.

Then his little face showed an expression of ecstasy in hindsight, and he yelled into the room, “Dad, mom, it’s Qianxun! Our girl is back!”

There was a sound of ping-pong in the villa.

The door opened and Chu Qianxun’s uncle Xu Mao ran out in a panic.

She didn’t know what happened to him that made him, who was slightly fat before the apocalypse, so thin.

Behind him stretched out a female hand and pushed him away.

The haggard aunt didn’t wear any shoes.

She rushed over with her bare feet and hugged Chu Qianxun.

“Xunxun, my Xunxun.

Why did you come so late! I was worried about you,” she said, wiping tears with her hands.

A family of three surrounded Chu Qianxun and hugged each other tightly.

She was squeezed into a circle of fiery embrace.

Such emotions made her feel helpless and unfamiliar, and she was extremely unaccustomed.

The heart seemed to be cracked, and the thick and hard shell that was wrapped around poured out the magma deep in her heart, making her heart sore and painful.

It was hard to describe this strange and familiar emotion.

“Look, I’m so excited, I forgot to see the guests.” The aunt recovered, wiped her tears, and smiled embarrassedly, “Xunxun, are these your friends”

“Well, auntie, they are all the comrades who accompanied me all the way,” Chu Qianxun turned to introduce his teammates to her family one by one.

When she was about to introduce Ye Peitian, she saw that he was obviously nervous and avoided her sight.

“Qianxun! It’s really you, you really came back!” At this moment, a man’s excited voice came from outside the courtyard.


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