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Chu Qianxun smiled and glanced at him, “I know my brother is the smartest.

You don’t have to save it in the future, you can eat all these things.”

Xu Xiangyang was so happy as if wagging his tail from behind.

“Xiao Fu is a good boy.

We heard that he has a good background, so we wanted to try to ask him about your news.

I didn’t expect him to be your acquaintance.” Shan Lingxiang brought out a tray of water glasses from the kitchen.

She distributed it to everyone, and said, “These days, thanks to Xiao Fu coming to patrol around, people around don’t dare to have any ideas about our home anymore.”

“Come on, everyone drink water first, there is nothing good at home to entertain you.

I will cook for you, I will make something to eat in a while.”

Ye Peitian stood up from the sofa, “Auntie, shall I help you”

Shan Lingxiang held him down and said with a smile, “You are a guest, why bother you Sit down.”

Ye Peitian had to sit back.

Chu Qianxun stood up, officially reached out to Fu Guoxu, and sincerely thanked him, “Thank you, Senior.”

Fu Guoxu’s face flushed, and he caught her hand somewhat awkwardly, “Don’t be like this.

You have saved me so many times, and I haven’t thanked you well yet.”

The palm he held was slender and soft, and there seemed to be a powerful force hidden in the softness.

The fingers had hard calluses unlike a woman’s hand which made the skin of his palm prickly and itchy.

Fu Guoxu still remembered that he met Chu Qianxun in a western restaurant before the apocalypse.

She used that white and tender finger to tick the hair behind her ear and touched his heart, making him give her 100,000 yuan without even thinking about it.

How many hardships that hand went through on the road before it became what it was now

Fu Guoxu felt uncomfortable.

In fact, he didn’t have much contact with Chu Qianxun.

When he was in the most panic and fear in his life, this girl helped him, and he was grateful for Chu Qianxun.

Young and passionate, it was the easiest to turn the hot emotions into love.

He waited for a long time in Ludao, feeling guilty for leaving the girl, worried about whether his classmate could return home safely.

After repeated torment, he finally saw the person he missed, and his mood was agitated for a while.

He almost didn’t want to let go of Chu Qianxun’s hand, his eyes turned brighter, and his dark face turned red slightly.

However, in the hearts of people like Chu Qianxun, the collapse of the apocalyptic order, the embarrassment of living conditions, and the possible separation of life and death at any time made humans accustomed to face their physical needs more directly, rather than this kind of winding emotions. 

But because of Ye Peitian, she somewhat understood the thoughts of the man in front of her eyes.

She smiled and retracted her hand and glanced at Ye Peitian.

He sat upright, looking at the ground motionlessly with his eyelashes down slightly, without showing any abnormal appearance.

However, if one observed carefully, they would find that his slender and white fingers were on his knees, curled back and forth and loosened imperceptibly.

Obviously, his heart was not as calm as he appeared on the surface.

“Xiao Ye,” Chu Qianxun called him.

Ye Peitian was taken aback for a moment and raised his head in a daze.

“With so many people, my aunt must be too busy.

Can you help her”

Ye Peitian nodded.

Qianxun liked to eat the food he cooked.

He also liked to cook all kinds of delicacies and watch Qianxun eating with big mouthfuls.

He had never refused her occasional request to him.

But that time, for some reason, he felt a little bit sour and uncomfortable.

Did Qianxun want to chat with the senior who she had been reunited with after a long time, so that was why she was deliberately trying to distract him

But he stood up and walked toward the kitchen.

Chu Qianxun caught Ye Peitian walking by her side and looked at the depressed man amused.

“Uncle, Aunt, Senior, Cousin, let me introduce him to you,” she grabbed Ye Peitian’s hand and saw the man turning his head in surprise, instantly revealing a cramped expression.

“This is my boyfriend, Ye Peitian.”

Ye Peitian’s face flushed all at once.

The aunt and uncle opened their mouths in surprise and looked at each other.

“Ah, Xiao Ye, right Then I’ll trouble you,” Shan Yingxiang couldn’t react at all, but it didn’t prevent her from wanting to get in touch with Qianxun’s boyfriend.

Looking at Ye Peitian’s back, Fu Guoxu’s face turned white.

He opened his mouth and then bit his lip.

After a moment of silence, he took his companion and got up to say goodbye.

Chu Qianxun personally sent him outside the gate.

“Senior,” Chu Qianxun called to Fu Guoxu, who had an ugly expression, “I’m very happy to meet you again.”

She said earnestly and sincerely, “In this era, it is the greatest blessing to be able to meet an old friend alive.”

Fu Guoxu’s face turned red and white, and it took a long time to relax.

Finally, he smiled helplessly, “That’s right, it’s good to see each other alive.”

After he was sent away, Xu Xiangyang greeted her.

He lowered his voice and motioned toward the kitchen, “Xunxun, is he really your boyfriend”

Chu Qianxun nodded and replied affirmatively, “Do you like him”

“He looks good, but he is too thin and weak, and doesn’t look strong enough,” Xu Xiangyang touched his chin.

“What rank is the strongest ability holder in Ludao right now” Chu Qianxun asked as she walked.

“What rank Most people here have only evolved once.

I am a forging ability holder now.

I am already in the middle stage of the first level, am I not amazing” Xu Xiangyang was a little proud, “The strongest ability holder on the island is a guy named Meng Rongxuan.

I heard that he had just broken through the third-order, with a lightning-type ability, he is so strong.”

“Peitian is also third-order,” Chu Qianxun said.

“Third… third-order Da*n, you aren’t lying to me, right Where did you find such a boyfriend” Xu Xiangyang was startled, “Xiao Fu said you were also an ability holder before.

What rank are you”

Chu Qianxun laughed.


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