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After a long journey, they finally arrived at a destination where they could settle down.

They didn’t need to sleep in the open, they just needed to eat and sleep.

One could live on this island without demons and sit around the dining table to eat safely.

Everyone thought of all the things that happened after the apocalypse, and their hearts were filled with emotion.

Chu Qianxun’s aunt, Shan Lingxiang and Ye Peitian, spent a long time in the kitchen.

She changed her mind about Ye Peitian and praised him at the dining table with a smile, “Xiao Ye is so capable.

I have never seen such a capable boy.

He basically made most of the dishes on the table.”

Xu Xiangyang, who had been hungry for three months, immersed himself in eating, and only extended a thumb to pay his respect to this third-order boss who could cook.

“Auntie, you don’t know, Xiao Ye cooks food for us on the way, and he takes care of others,” Gao Yan helped Ye Peitian in time.

“Xiao Ye is indeed a good person, sensible and caring, and has a good personality,” Granny Feng also helped.

“Ye Ge is very good at fighting demons, and his cooking skills are good.

Old Qi and I are most convinced about him,” Qi Yongchun swept the vegetables fast, but could speak without hindrance.

Only Chu Qianxun’s speed at the entire table could compete with him.

Ye Peitian was a little embarrassed when everyone praised him.

He lowered his head and smiled.

He didn’t eat two bites, but instead put a pile of vegetables in Chu Qianxun’s bowl.

Young people like that, who were fair and handsome, had diligent hands and feet, were polite, and didn’t talk much, were always the easiest to be loved by their elders.

Shan Lingxiang and Xu Maocai exchanged glances and gave this “son-in-law” a high score in their hearts.

Xu Maocai said, “Xunxun told me that you faced difficulties all along the way.

Now that you got home, live here with peace of mind.

Don’t go outside, we will all be one family in the future.”

Everyone expressed their gratitude. 

The place was lively, but suddenly, they heard a woman and a child crying outside the door.

The aunt, uncle and cousin’s expressions suddenly became ugly.

Xu Xiangyang hit the table, stood up and walked out the door, “D*mn, the mother and child dared to come again.

See if I don’t give them a lesson today!”

Shan Lingxiang was not worried, she turned her head to Chu Qianxun and said, “Xunxun, you don’t know, this mother and son are too disgusting.

They dare to come after doing something like that.

They often squat down and cry at the door when we are having a meal.

We can’t drive them away.”

Chu Qianxun put down her chopsticks and said with a smile, “You all eat.

I will also go out and have a look.”

Xu Xiangyang was standing inside the courtyard gate, opened the small window on the door, and cursed in a desperate manner.

A hand stretched out from behind, patted his shoulder, and motioned him to step away.

Outside the door, there was a young woman of more than 30 years.

She was dressed in ragged clothes and cried, “Brother Xu, don’t be so merciless.

Last time, it was unintentional.

I told those stinky men you had food.

I promise that this will never happen again.

We have not eaten for three days.

For the sake of being neighbors, even if you don’t have mercy on me, have mercy on my child, he is so small.”

She stretched out her hand and pushed the five or six-year-old boy next to her.

The boy immediately cooperated with her and let out a loud, dry howl, “I’m so hungry, woooooo, brother, give me something to eat.”

The mother and son were crying vigorously, and the tightly closed iron door opened with a creak.

The woman was overjoyed and raised her head hurriedly.

She knew that the family living next to her were all fools.

Three months ago, she just cried a few times and got precious food.

Later, she instigated a man she hooked up with, led people to smash open the door of that house, rushed in, and ransacked the food in the house.

During that time, she and her son lived a good life for a few days without worrying about food.

It was a pity that the good days were not long.

In the apocalypse, all men were unreliable, and they had become very embarrassed recently.


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