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The man in front of her was wearing shabby clothes, his hair and face were not very clean, but his legs were slender and his body was well-proportioned.

He couldn’t hide his beautiful eyebrows and the bookish air from his bones.

Sister Cai’s eyes lit up, raised her eyebrows, and stared at the man’s body a few times before stopping on his slender legs.

“You don’t need to move bricks.

Come and do something for me later,” she twisted a red card, tapped on the table with a smile, and pointed her chin to a metal house on the construction site behind her.

That was her usual place to rest.

The people behind the man all showed envious eyes, and someone pushed him, “Good luck, little white face, you pleased Sister Cai.

You could get an extra piece of bread without going to work today.”

Zhong Hongfei looked at the bright red card in front of him, his face was pale, the red card was twisted by two bloated fingers, and shook in front of him, the dazzling color seemed to laugh at himself, and he touched it humiliatingly.

The reward was only three pieces of bread.

The previous day, when he was at another construction site, the foreman deducted a piece of bread from him.

He left the only bread at home for his younger sister.

He was hungry for a day and didn’t eat anything.

If he couldn’t get any food, then he might even have no energy to go to the construction site the next day.

To keep his sister and himself alive, he might have to succumb.

Zhong Hongfei graduated from a well-known domestic institution of higher education and worked in a well-known tertiary hospital in Ludao.

He was the youngest attending doctor in the hospital.

Before the end, he also had a youthful and vigorous spirit.

Unexpectedly, the world changed color and his parents died tragically in the catastrophe.

He only discovered that he had no power to even capture a chicken.

In such a world, he couldn’t even support his only sister.

Sister Cai’s face sank, and she tapped the red card on the table, “Don’t you know what is good or bad for you”

Zhong Hongfei’s hand was clenched into a fist on his side, and his knuckles were pinched white.

He barely raised his hand by himself, almost touching the card.

“Sorry, I don’t want this job anymore,” he finally retracted his hand and turned to leave in the sight of countless people looking at the fool.


Chu Qianxun, Ye Peitian, Gao Yan, Yan Xue and others were walking on the empty road.

They and Fu Guoxu agreed to meet at the pier to participate in a search and rescue activity organized by the organization.

On one hand, she intended to get familiar with the situation around Ludao, and on the other hand, as an ability holder who was going to live in the base for a long time, she was obliged to participate in a demon hunt by the organization every month.

“Qianxun, I’ve inquired about it.

Don’t think the people on Ludao are not very strong, but because of the large number of people, the factional struggle is very big.” Gao Yan said as she walked, “The most powerful person in the base is you.

The senior’s uncle, Fu Jianjun, is the number one person here.

He wants to build a base.

But I heard that the second-in-command Cai Jiaquan doesn’t like him very much, and neither of them accepts each other.

Now they are in factions.

In addition, there are many other large and small forces in the base.”

“No matter who it is, don’t bother, we just have to live our own life.” Chu Qianxun said lightly, “Today we don’t have to deliberately be in the limelight, but we don’t have to hide ourselves.

We want to settle here.

Only by showing truly powerful strength, no one will provoke us casually.”

Destroyed roads and expensive gasoline made cars no longer an ideal travel tool.

Instead, cows, horses, and mules slowly became the means of transport again.

Occasionally, one could see someone driving an ox cart passing by the asphalt road.

Under a special arcade building on Ludao Island on the side of the road was a thin-faced man, his face was pale and his eyes were distracted. 

There were too many such scenes, and they were too common.

When they passed by, Chu Qianxun’s mind suddenly flashed a memory fragment that seemed to be familiar.

Once, also on Ludao Island, but also under such an arcade, she collapsed from hunger in the mud.

At that time, a passing doctor squatted down and put a piece of bread in his pocket in her hand.

It took a long time for Chu Qianxun to learn that the doctor at that time was Zhong Hongfei, a famous high-level healing ability holder on Ludao Island.

He was a high-ranking famous person, a rare person who had risen to a high level with his auxiliary ability.

But it was when Chu Qianxun needed it most, he squatted down in the mud and extended a helping hand.

She didn’t have a chance to pay him back, but the gentle smile that the doctor in a white coat showed at that time had been buried deep in her heart, so many years later, she still did not forget it.

Chu Qianxun turned around and stared at the man’s face for a long while, before squatting down in front of him, “You, are you Doctor Zhong”

“Do you know this man” Gao Yan said to Yan Xue, “I saw him in the alley the day we arrived.”

Yan Xue thought for a while, “Yes, it’s that person.”


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