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Since leaving the construction site a day before, Zhong Hongfei had not found a job.

He had not eaten anything for three days.

To make matters worse, he was dizzy and flustered at the moment, and had a severe hypoglycemia reaction.

The weather in June was very hot, but he felt chills all over his body, which was a sign of fever.

He was not qualified to be sick.

If he fell ill, the skinny younger sister who was originally hungry at home may starve to death at home.

“Doctor Zhong”

When Zhong Hongfei heard a woman’s voice calling him, he reluctantly raised his head.

The woman in front of him looked unfamiliar.

She called his name, so she might be his former patient.

However, Zhong Hongfei remembered that the woman with a grim face carrying a gun behind her had rescued him not long ago.

Zhong Hongfei supported the column of the arcade and wanted to stand up to thank her.

But his head was dizzy, his eyes turned black and he was completely speechless.

A few candies and a bag of biscuits were stuffed into his hands.


Zhong, what’s wrong with you Do you have low blood sugar” The girl said with concern, even helping him to peel a candy wrapper and put it in his palm.

Zhong Hongfei ate the candy which relieved the symptoms slightly.

He settled down and looked at the packaged food in his hands.

The kind of food was expensive and was not something he could afford.

He didn’t want to accept it for no reason, but he couldn’t refuse it, so he lowered his head and said, “This is too expensive.”

“You are welcome, Doctor Zhong.

I have also received your help before.”

“Sorry, I don’t remember you.

Are you my patient I am a doctor.

It is my duty to treat patients.

But you…” Zhong Hongfei was silent for a moment, and finally took the candies and biscuits carefully.

He hid them and bowed deeply, “Thank you, I may not be able to pay it back, but I really appreciate it.”

Chu Qianxun felt a little ashamed.

Zhong Hongfei helped her out of pure kindness.

And if she didn’t happen to recognize him, she would almost step past him.

“I live in the villas area.


Zhong, come to me if you face any difficulties in the future.”

Zhong Hongfei bowed repeatedly and thanked her, before turning around and hurried upstairs along the stairwell behind him.

Seeing Zhong Hongfei’s back, Chu Qianxun had mixed feelings.

It turned out that the brilliant Doctor Zhong had also experienced such a difficult period.

After such suffering years, this man could still maintain that pure heart, which was really admirable.

She was not a person with a flood of kindness, but it did not prevent her from admiring those who could still maintain inner kindness in such an era.


I was wrong.” Gao Yan suddenly hugged her and rubbed the hair back and forth twice, “You are so kind.

I was wrong to think that you were cold.

You must forgive me.”

Chu Qianxun broke free with a blushing face, “What nonsense are you saying This doctor once helped me, I just repaid him back.”

“You just have a tough exterior.” Gao Yan groaned, “Why did you take me into the car Did I help you too”

Chu Qianxun remembered those difficult years and smiled.

She had indeed helped her.

They had supported each other and had helped each other countless times.

At that time, their hearts were too cold to admit it.

“Then what about me” Ye Peitian stopped suddenly and turned to look at her talking.

Chu Qianxun looked at his smiling face, and was a little stunned for a while.

She could no longer remember the appearance of Ye Peitan when he was a demon.

She remembered when she changed her mind about this man who made everyone fearful.

Ye Peitian stretched out his hand backward, grabbed Chu Qianxun’s hand, turned around, blushed and led her forward.

“That man looks handsome,” Yan Xue, who was walking behind, said to Gao Yan.

“Which one” Gao Yan glanced back at the corridor where Zhong Hongfei had disappeared.

“How is he handsome I can see his dirty face.”

Yan Xue approached her ear with a reddish face, “His legs are beautiful, they were long.”

Gao Yan bit her lip and pinched her nose, “You like people’s faces for a while and then legs.

Sooner or later, you will get trapped in a man’s hand.”

Ludao Base had two docks, one for residents on the island and the other for the management of the base.

When Chu Qianxun and the others arrived, there were already many people on the dock.

Fu Guoxu greeted her quickly, “Schoolmate, you are here.

Come and register first.”

“The destination of this mission is about 20 kilometers away from Ludao Island, on a mountain.

The previous teams went in and got stuck there.

No one returned.

The elite team sent to rescue afterward was like a stone sinking into the sea, and there was no news.” Fu Guoxu led Chu Qianxun while introducing the situation, “So this time, a large number of masters have been organized in the base to find out what’s going on inside.

This is the first time for you to participate in the demon hunting operation at the base, and you are not very familiar with the situation.

At that time, try not to go deep, just stay outside and pay attention to safety.”


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