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The palm of her hand was no more than an inch away from it.

Chu Qianxun squeezed her wrist like lightning.

The small and slender palm, but with a random twist, snapped Shen Jiaoyan’s elbow, and twisted it behind her mercilessly.

Shen Jiaoyan’s dislocated joint gave her great pain, and she couldn’t help crying out in pain.

“As long as my blades get out of their sheath, blood will be seen.

Do you really want to play with them” Chu Qianxun coldly loosened her grip and threw her to the ground.

“D*mn! You dare to fight my woman You’re looking for death!” Cai Dehai was furious, and the ability holders following him pulled out their weapons.

“Cai Dehai, I don’t care about you.

Don’t think I’m afraid of you.

Do you dare to fight my friend” Fu Guoxu brought the people behind him, and rolled up their sleeves.

“Try, surnamed Fu, do you think you really are the prince”

The management personnel at the upper level of the base could still maintain the surface peace, but these fierce princes had already fought openly and secretly for an unknown number of times, and the rest of the ability holders on the scene, not surprisingly, all avoided them.

“Stop!” A deterrent shout sounded.

A majestic, forty-old man walked over in strides.

“What’s going on!” The visitor was the team leader, named Zuo Liangcai.

He was a strong man in the base, with deep qualifications and a serious personality.

People like Fu Guoxu and Cai Dehai were troublesome baby soldiers in his eyes.

He frowned and glared at Fu Guoxu and Cai Dehai.

“Uncle Zuo.”

“Uncle Zuo.”

The two arrogant teams instantly subdued, and the two “princes” consciously stood up straight and bowed their heads.

“This time, I’m leading the team.

No matter what your status is, you are not allowed to make trouble.

Whoever dares to make trouble, I will tear them into pieces.”

“Uncle Zuo,” Cai Dehai raised his head, “I’m not making trouble.

I already said in this mission I want masters, and only ability holders can join.

Look at Xiao Fu, you don’t know much about it.

He brought a few charming girls into the team who we had never cooperated with before.

I am not at ease.

I asked, but he still lost his temper.”

Zuo Liangcai glanced at him, then at Fu Guoxu, and finally fell on Chu Qianxun and others.

The team led by Zuo Liangcai had always been composed of high-level people.

These three girls and a boy were very young, and indeed they might have never seen such a demon hunt before.

“Which corps do you belong to What are your abilities and level This time, we don’t need many auxiliary ability holders except for the healing ability.”

Yan Xue wiped the gun and did not speak.

Gao Yan smiled and said, “Sir, I am a healer, and I am in the middle of the second-order.

She is from the Firearms department, and her level is slightly higher than mine.”

The onlookers took a deep breath.

There were many healing ability holders in the base, but as they all knew, these auxiliary ability holders were slow to upgrade because they never participated in actual combat.

And because they were often afraid of demonization, they basically didn’t take the initiative to take crystal cores.

Anyway, with the first-order ability, one could guarantee that they could get food to eat in the base.

Suddenly a high-level healing ability holder appeared in the team, and everyone felt that there was more protection in their hearts.

“Second-order” Zuo Liangcai frowned.

Except for the organization, there were very few second-order ability holders in the private team in the base.

Most of them still stayed in the first-order.

There were suddenly two second-order mid-to-late stages ability holders in one go, so he couldn’t believe it, “Are you really both second-order”

“Of course, can this be a lie We will fight, and it will be all exposed,” Gao Yan said with a smile.

Zuo Liangcai nodded.

The two second-order ability holders seemed not to be locals, but he didn’t want to offend them for no reason.

“What about these two” Zuo Liangcai’s speech became much milder.

“I am an earth element ability holder, my specialty is sand control,” Ye Peitian spoke briefly.

“Sand control”

“Sand control The one in the Wuyuan villas area the day before yesterday”

“D*mn, that’s the one who built the walls out of thin air I saw the scene with my own eyes that day and my jaw almost dropped.

I heard that he is a new ability holder who arrived at the base.”

“What level is he Third-order, right Is he as good as Boss Meng The main thing is that he looks so handsome, he will definitely be more popular.”

Cai Dehai’s face was unsightly.

A new high-ranking earth-type ability holder had arrived in the base, and he had also received news of him.

It was said that this person’s strength may compete with the base’s number one master Meng Rongxuan.

His father told him to investigate the situation, and be sure to make friends with that person.

Because of this demon hunt, he didn’t have time to visit him for a while, and he didn’t expect to offend the person first.

“Well, I’m about the same as him.

It’s slightly more,” Chu Qianxun added casually at this moment.


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