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In this operation, more than forty ability holders were dispatched, and a group of eight people crossed the strait to the destination and searched along the mountain forest where the accident occurred.

Basically, each team was composed of official personnel and ability holders from the civilian mercenary group.

They relied on radio communication.

Chu Qianxun and others were assigned to Fu Guoxu’s team.

In the team, besides Chu Qianxun, Ye Peitian, Gao Yan and Yan Xue, there were also a pair of brothers.

Among them, the elder brother Yu Junan, born in Xingwu, was tall and well-mannered.

Every time he walked, he stopped, searched and looked carefully, shook his head before moving on.

The younger brother Yu Junyi was relatively thin and pale.

There were several hideous scars crisscrossed around his eyes, making the handsome face look hideous and terrifying.

He silently followed his brother on the mountain road.

“Brother Junan, haven’t you noticed anything” It was a young girl who was slender, with beautiful features, with long straight black hair tied in the back of her head that asked the question, she was a real beauty.

It was just that the pair of beautiful eyebrows were tightly frowned, the look on her face was anxious, and she walked hurriedly in the queue, as if trying to suppress herself.

So she didn’t take the lead in rushing into the deep forest alone.

“Jingrou, don’t be so anxious.

Tongguang is not only your brother, but also ours.

We will try our best to find him, I believe that he will be fine,” Yu Junan comforted the young girl named Yang Jingrou.

Her elder brother, Yang Tongguang, was a fighter with outstanding combat ability.

He had cooperated with Fu Guoxu, Yu Junan and others for many times, and their relationship was very deep.

Recently, they lost track of several demon hunting teams in this forest.

Ludao Base specially sent an elite team that included Yang Tongguang to investigate the situation.

Although the squad had only five people, the team members were not only experienced, but all of them were ability holders above the second-order.

Seven or eight days had passed since such a team entered this small mountain forest.

Two days ago, a signal flare was shot into the air from the depths of the jungle, sending out a signal for help, but no movement was seen again.

After high-level research at the base, it was finally decided to organize this large-scale search operation.

By noon, the search force had entered the depths of the forest.

In the forest, towering trees sheltered the scorching sun, birds called, and the spring water was streaming.

There was no trace of fierce fighting along the way, and it was in a harmonious and peaceful state.

The team stopped to rest, and everyone took out the food they brought with them to settle their lunch.

Yang Jingrou almost didn’t eat anything, just drank a few sips of water, looking toward the dark depths of the forest.

She looked calm, but the fingers hanging on the side of her leg rubbing back and forth revealed the extreme anxiety in her heart.

She and her elder brother depended on each other in troubled times.

Although her ability had also advanced, her elder brother protected her very well, allowing her to live in the base carefree and basically never let her participate in dangerous hunting operations. 

She couldn’t imagine how she would live alone in such a world where demons were rampant if she lost her brother.

“Qianxun, let me introduce to you, Junan’s ability is corrosion.

Junyi’s ability is strengthening.

Jingrou’s ability is cutting.” In order to ease Yang Jingrou’s emotions, Fu Guoxu began to introduce each other’s abilities, “My ability is transformation.”

Fu Guoxu took off his shoes, and the legs outside the shorts began to grow thick hair, gradually turning into a curved beast’s hoof.

The powerful pair of hooves kicked hard on the ground, sending out a powerful explosive force, jumping far away 20 meters in an instant.

“This is just one form.

I can change several more.” Fu Guoxu changed back to his original state, walked back, and touched his head embarrassedly, “But only one part can be changed at a time.”

“I heard that you girls are masters.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to show us, so that we can worship” Yu Junan said in a defiant tone.

He himself was a powerful ability holder, and felt that such hearsay rumors were somewhat unreliable, especially when most of the opponents were pretty girls.

Yan Xue raised her gun, and fired a shot forward without a word.

A bullet shot out of the dark barrel, and rushed toward Junan.

“Oh It’s interesting,” Yu Junan reacted extremely quickly, avoiding the bullet and stepping back.


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