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The barrel in Yan Xue’s hand was like a strong acid being splashed out of thin air, corroding and dissolving at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Yan Xue was furious, so she shot again–the slender barrel suddenly changed into a dozen barrels of different thicknesses and sizes.

Large and small bullets all flew out of the barrel, chasing Yu Junan who was running from different angles from all directions,

Yu Junyi, who had been sitting alone with his eyes closed, stood up, his scarred eyes opened, revealing a pair of red eyes.

Those red eyes looked at his stretched brother as he was running.

Yu Junan was covered with a layer of silver-white streamer, as if covered with a layer of silver armor protecting him.

Then the red pupils turned toward Yan Xue, and she immediately felt that her arms were soft, and her strength began to lose quickly.

She could hardly hold the exaggerated firearm in her hand.

Yu Junyi, who was exerting his ability to suppress Yan Xue, suddenly felt numbness on his neck, and the hair on his back stood.

A long, thin red blade rested silently on his neck.

“Can’t afford to lose Want to go two-on-one” The girl’s soft voice sounded in his ear.

But what came from that sharp blade was murderous aura.

“I admit defeat, I’m sorry,” Yu Junan stopped and raised his hand.

He saw that Yan Xue’s bullet was just running after him, leaving room after all.

But Chu Qianxun, who placed the blade on his brother’s neck, made him feel a little scared.

Yan Xue retracted the gun and turned the gun back to its original state.

Chu Qianxun also slowly retracted the long blade, returning it to its sheath.

“Okay, let’s get acquainted with each other, so we could cooperate with each other in the future.

” Fu Guoxu made peace and still couldn’t help but give Chu Qianxun a thumbs up, “Sister, you are still so awesome.

No, no, no, you are a hundred times better than then.”

“I’m convinced.” Yu Junan reached out to Chu Qianxun and Yan Xue, “When the fatty first came, he kept talking about his beautiful and powerful schoolmate, most of us thought he was bragging.

But I was slapped on the face today.”

Chu Qianxun patted his hand to indicate that the matter had passed.

Yan Xue turned her eyes away and ignored the man.

Although the gun and bullets had been integrated with her will and could change with her will.

But she still hated anyone who tried to destroy her love of guns.

There was a lively fight there, and Yang Jingrou, who was sitting on the side, seemed unmoved.

She slowly stood up and walked toward the forest, reaching out and plucking a small piece of blue cotton from a branch.

She held the little blue cotton cloth in front of her eyes, looked back and forth, her fingers trembling, “This is my brother’s.

My brother left it.”

The crowd gathered quickly-

“Really Are you sure it is Tongguang’s cloth”

“I’m sure, I can’t be wrong.

When my brother went out, he was wearing it.”

Deep in the forest, the dense forest was still quiet, except for the trees moving with the wind, nothing unusual could be seen.

“Let’s go in and take a look,” Yu Junan took the lead and walked in.

After walking along the dense forest with almost no roads, Yu Junan stopped.

Under a thick tree trunk, sat a human corpse.

This person had his head down, his body was entangled by dense vines, and one arm was stiffly stretched out, maintaining the posture of asking for help before dying.

On the ground in front of him, a used flare firing gun rolled down.

Yang Jingrou rushed forward and gingerly held the dry hand.

The body seemed to have been weathered there for years.

When Yang Jingrou gently touched the hand, the corpse suddenly fell into the gap between the trees and vines.

“This person is my brother’s teammate.” Yang Jingrou stood trembling and took a step back, “Why did he become like this”

The corpse that fell on the ground completely lost its flesh, leaving only a mummy with skin and bones.

And this person just launched a distress signal toward the sky two days ago.

Fu Guoxu took out the radio walkie-talkie and reported the situation to the other teams searching in the forest.

While he was speaking, in the dense forest not far in front of them, the voice of Fu Guoxu’s announcement came.

There was no sound except the rustle of the intercom.

Fu Guoxu exchanged glances with Yu Junan.

There was a team of people, but they may all be dead.

Yang Jingrou’s eyes were red.

In the space in front of her, a faint black line appeared.

The black line seemed to tear the space and expanded slightly.

The black line pushed forward, and wherever it passed, all the trees were silently cut away.

After a while, the dense trees in front of them rumbled down, exposing an open area not far away.

A group of people rushed forward.

On that open ground in the forest, various weapons, backpacks, and even clothing and shoes were scattered.

An intercom was lying in the middle of the grass, making a rustling sound.

“Dong Er, Dong Er, what happened Please answer when you receive this, answer when you receive this,” Zuo Liangcai’s anxious voice came from the intercom.

Fu Guoxu picked up the walkie-talkie and said, “Brother Zuo, I’m Fu Guoxu.

I don’t know what happened to the Dongsan team.

All of them are gone, leaving only some equipment.”

“Fu Guoxu, report your position.

Wait for support and pay attention to safety.”

Fu Guoxu put away the walkie-talkie,

The strange situation increased the anxiety in his heart.

They weren’t far from this spot before.

What was it that made an entire eight-person squad disappear before calling for help and without violent fighting

The next moment, a few sticky tentacles stretched out from the big tree behind him, covering his mouth and nose, and instantly tied him all over, dragging him into the depth of the forest.


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