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Yu Junan ran very fast.

He ran all the way through the forest to the best of his own speed.

Even so, the figure of the woman in front of him was getting smaller, and she quickly disappeared from his sight.

“Fatty, what kind of ability does your friend have She is running too fast.”

Although Fu Guoxu was not fat now, Yu Junan had known him for a long time and was still used to calling him by that name.

Fu Guoxu threw the walkie-talkie to Yu Junan, “You contact Uncle Zuo for reinforcements.”

The eagle wings on his back spread out and he flew into the sky, chasing after Chu Qianxun.

“D*mn, both of these cheat!” Yu Junan scolded, but he dared not stop and dashed forward.


Chu Qianxun crawled in the dense thatch, and slowly stretched out her two fingers, carefully pulling away the grass in front of her.

This was a hidden mountain col in the deep forest.

She followed Ye Peitian’s fine sand on the ground and traced the demon’s nest smoothly.

The body of the demon called the “Executioner” should be hidden in it.

Several mummy corpses that had been drained of flesh and blood fell scattered in the grass.

On the surrounding tree trunks, there were more than ten people hanging.

These people were obviously still alive.

But their eyes were sealed by the tentacles sticking out from the tree trunk, their mouths were blocked, their hands and feet were tied up, and they were quietly hanging on the tree.

There was no sign of struggle.

They were the “food” raised by this Executioner.

The executioner was a solitary, very timid demon.

It usually had a fixed nest and wandered around among the trees in the forest.

As long as there was a plant, its tentacles could extend far away to attack and kill humans, or capture living humans back to their nests, raise them in captivity, and eat them slowly.

In order to prevent the captured prey from resisting, it would release toxins or drugs in the process of imprisoning humans, making them unable to resist.

It was precisely because of its cruel characteristics that it would be named the executioner in the future.

Chu Qianxun was familiar with its characteristics.

The most difficult thing about this demon was not its attacks, but its extremely cautious characteristics.

Most of the time, its body was hidden deep in plants.

As long as it was attacked and felt danger, it would quickly hide in the crisscrossing plant network in the forest.

As long as it was in the forest, it was a demon that was difficult to catch.

Ye Peitian was wrapped around his body by those wet tentacles and hung in the air, struggling.

“Strange, your smell seems to be particularly attractive, are you particularly delicious” From the tree trunk, a demon’s head appeared, it looked at the captured Ye Peitian for a moment.

A small half of its body protruded from the trunk closer to Ye Peitian, “Let me have a taste.”

The yellow sand in the air solidified, grabbing the demon’s body severely, and dragging it out of the tree trunk.

The demon screamed harshly.

Its body broke apart from below its chest, and the lower half quickly slipped into the tree trunk and disappeared.

The small half of the body held in the sand slowly ossified and stood still, turning into a lifeless wooden stake.

“You dirty, smelly human, why can you still use your ability!” The demon’s horrified and sharp voice sounded from nowhere, “You are of a lower level than me, and you should have lost your ability to move long ago!”

A special form of tentacles wriggled around Ye Peitian’s body, covering his nose and mouth, releasing a unique fragrance.

Ye Peitian opened his eyes wide and began to struggle violently, but soon a look of horror appeared in his eyes, and his body softened and stopped moving.

The liquid secreted by the demon’s tentacles could make the captured humans fall into a state of immobility.

The greater the level difference, the more people were unable to resist.

In the squad, only Chu Qianxun had the ability to resist the paralyzing effect of the liquid in a short time.

Chu Qianxun hid in the dark, looking at Ye Peitian who was hung in the air.

Gritting her teeth and holding her temper, she waited for the demon to reappear.

‘Are you scared now Acting all strong,’ she thought bitterly in her heart.

To deal with the executioner, if one missed the right moment, it would greatly increase the difficulty of killing.

She had to wait for the most appropriate time to take action.

After a while, the demon’s head cautiously appeared again in the distance.

It looked at Ye Peitian who was hung in the air and was tightly bound, with a hesitant expression, manipulated a tentacle, and pierced his body.

Even after the red blood dripped on the grass, Ye Peitian was still motionless, with no resistance.

“It’s so fragrant, what kind of smell is this” The demon appeared beside Ye Peitian instantly, licking the blood drops on the grass, and its eyes lit up.

It finally eagerly drilled its entire body from the trunk.

Onez could see the humanoid upper body of this demon, with countless peristaltic tentacles connected below the waist.

Its mouth had changed into a long tube, stretching out toward Ye Peitian, “You are really special! Don’t worry, I will take care of you and not let you die.”

At that moment, there was a faint sound in the air, dozens of black and red intertwined blades flashed across the demon.

The demon’s face showed an expression of disbelief and broke into several pieces in the air.

Countless tentacles fell to the ground.

Among them, there was still a piece of meat that began to squirm quickly, trying to move to a nearby tree.

A sharp red blade nailed it, and the movement of the blade removed the crystal core in it.

Chu Qianxun took the crystal core and took a breath.

Sitting next to Ye Peitian, she drew out her dagger, removed the fetters on his body little by little, and lifted the tentacles covering his face.

“How are you, are you okay”

“It… I don’t know what I ate.

I don’t have any strength.

I can’t move at all…” Ye Peitian was lying on the grass and found that he had lost control of his body, and couldn’t even move a finger.

No, he could only move his eyes and look at Chu Qianxun who was sitting next to him.

At that moment, he was a little flustered, knowing that Qianxun was not too happy.

“The demon could numb the limbs as long as one comes in contact with the skin.” Chu Qianxun said, “If you take it directly like you, ordinary people will be paralyzed for a week and can’t get out of bed.

But it’s you, so I guess it’ll take half a day.”


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