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Chu Qianxun picked up the sticky meat on his body and threw it away.

Of course, she knew Ye Peitian did it for her, but she was still angry, “So you only have a little bit of your own power.

Are you not afraid Do you dare to fight me on every occasion”

“I’m afraid,” Ye Peitian lowered his eyelashes.

“Especially afraid.” He said, “I’m afraid of being caught by demons, afraid of being eaten by demons.”

Chu Qianxun was stunned, she didn’t expect Ye Peitian to suddenly speak so frankly, “Then you still did this…”

“But I am even more afraid that something might happen to you,” Ye Peitian interrupted her, avoiding her sight.

Chu Qianxun blinked and stared at Ye Peitian lying in the grass.

This man was shy, sometimes a little awkward.

He was lying in front of her eyes, with long legs and narrow waist, and his complexion was reddish.

Both sexy and sultry.

She stretched her hand across his chin, bowed her head and kissed his lips.

Taking advantage of his lack of resistance, she bullied him recklessly.

Yu Junan hurried to the battlefield, only to see the remains of the demon scattered all over the place and the couple in the center of the battlefield kissing deeply.

He hurriedly averted his sight, and smoothly said to Fu Guoxu who had arrived earlier than him, “You’re out of the game, she is someone else’s person.”

Fu Guoxu turned away and smiled self-deprecatingly.

He was not the one who accompanied the girl along the way.

He regretted that he didn’t leave with her.

Since he left halfway, he and Qianxun have no chance of being with each other.

Yu Junan, Fu Guoxu, and Yan Xue who arrived one after another released the humans who were hung by the demons on the tree one by one.

Most of these people were the ones from the squad members.

Many of them were limp on the ground, unable to move, but fortunately their physical condition was fairly good.

Several other people had apparently been imprisoned there for a long time.

Most of them were weak and had fallen into a deep coma.

When everyone was released, Yang Jingrou nervously rushed forward to tear off the restraints from their eyes.

With the disappointment again and again, her hands could not help but shake in fear.

“Jingrou, come here,” Fu Guoxu stood up, revealing a man lying in front of him.

Yang Jingrou turned around, rubbed her eyes, and held the pale familiar face with her eyes closed tightly, and looked again.

She cried out.

She hugged her brother who had escaped from the dead, crying and laughing.

“Brother, great brother.” She buried her head on her brother’s shoulder, her face wet with tears, “From now on, I will go to the battlefield with you.

I will never let you face such a terrifying demon alone.”

The joy from her heart infected all the people present, and everyone’s face showed a gratifying smile.

Chu Qianxun quietly held the fourth-order crystal core hidden in her pocket, licked her lips, and smiled brightest.

When the team went down the mountain, Zuo Liangcai, who arrived later, specially provided Ye Peitian with a stretcher.

“Xiao Chu, it’s all thanks to you and Xiao Ye.

You have worked hard this time.” He took Chu Qianxun’s hand and shook it firmly, “If it weren’t for you to sacrifice, it may have caused huge losses.

When I go back, I will inform the leader of your contribution.

I hope we can cooperate more next time.”

Chu Qianxun smiled and shook hands with him, “It’s not hard.

In the future, we need Uncle Zuo to take care of the business of our mercenary group.”

“The whole team acted together and searched hard for so long.

But she took the crystal core alone.

It’s not fair, right What kind of demon was it I have never heard of it before.

What level was it Show it to everyone,” Shen Jiaoyan next to Cai Dehai said uneasily.

When she was on the dock, Chu Qianxun broke her arm, so she was still holding a grudge.

Seeing that Chu Qianxun had acquired the crystal core alone, she couldn’t help but mention it.

Chu Qianxun didn’t bother to pay attention to her.

As long as she put the crystal core in her pocket, no one could take it out.

Unexpectedly, Cai Dehai slapped Shen Jiaoyan on the face, “Don’t you know how to speak There is no politeness at all.

The crystal core that person took by her own strength, do you have a say in it”

Shen Jiaoyan’s eyes reddened.

She covered her face and lowered her head.

She was angry, but she dared not speak.

Cai Dehai walked toward Chu Qianxun grinning, tilted his head and pointed at Shen Jiaoyan, “She doesn’t understand.

Blame me for not teaching her well.”

“This battle can be regarded as the start of the banner of Winter Heart Mercenary Corps on Ludao Island.

Our Cai family also hopes to cooperate more with Xiao Chu in the future, haha.”

Cai Dehai was a person who didn’t need a lot of face, as long as there was interest, he could change his face.

He knew that a girl like Chu Qianxun might not be able to immediately forget the fight on the dock.

The girl was beautiful and capable, so he thought she must be arrogant.

But he was not worried.

He had a lot of tricks to get a woman.

Who knew that the commercial smile on Chu Qianxun’s face had not changed at all, and she also replied with a smile, “It’s fine.

In the future, if Brother Cai has business, remember to contact us.”

The woman may not be as easy to deal with as imagined.


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