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The oily meat sauce, the chewy noodles, and the refreshing cucumber shreds were appetizing.

Everyone sat around the dining table, feasting, enjoying the rare food after the end.

Such an ordinary miso noodle was nothing before the apocalypse, but at that moment, it was really not a food that ordinary people could enjoy.

In a dim and cluttered room in a sewage-flowing block in the distance, a little girl under ten soaked the only remaining biscuit in the cold water and carefully brought them to the bed.

“Brother, brother, eat,” she reached out and pushed the unconscious man lying on the ground.

The man’s body was experiencing astonishingly high heat, and the steaming heat even formed white smoke visible to the naked eye, and strands of smoke radiated from his body.

The girl scooped up a spoonful of biscuit paste soaked in water, and wanted to feed it into her brother’s mouth.

But her elder brother didn’t respond.

The precious food came out of the corner of his mouth, and he didn’t swallow it at all.

What should she do

The young girl was helpless, this was the only food left at home.

A day before, when she was lying on the bed at home and was about to faint from hunger, her brother got such fragrant biscuits, soaked them in water and poured it into her mouth, making her feel alive again.

Zhong Youyun felt regretful.

If she knew that her brother would become ill, she shouldn’t have eaten so many biscuits.

She should have left more for her brother.

She gritted her teeth, desperately dragged her brother’s body onto the bed, and drenched a handkerchief with the only little water left in the house, and covered her brother’s hot forehead.

So far after the arrival of the demons, Zhong Youyun had not eaten a full meal in the past few months.

Long-term malnutrition and hunger had made her body very weak.

The weight of an adult man was too heavy for her, and Zhong Youyun, who had done these things, got even more hungry so that her chest was pressed against her back.

But she never touched the half bowl of biscuit on the table.

Her elder brother would be fine, these things would be kept for him to eat when he wakes up.

She laid beside her elder brother, curled up her small body, hunger and exhaustion covered her senses, making her fall into a deep sleep without knowing it.

In her sleep, Zhong Youyun had a dream.

In the dream, she was sitting in a neat and exquisite dining room.

There were countless mouth-watering delicacies on the pink tablecloth.

She cheered, and quickly stuffed the sweet in her mouth.

The cream cake, the deliciousness that melted between her lips and teeth, made her almost cry happily.

Sitting across from the dining table, her elder brother and her parents smiled and said to her, “Eat, Youyun, eat more.

From today on, you don’t need to be hungry anymore.”

Zhong Youyun opened her eyes at once.

There was still a dilapidated and dim room in front of her.

Her brother Zhong Hongfei was awake and was sitting in front of the bed with the bowl in his hand, feeding her the soaked biscuit little by little.

“I’m not hungry.

Brother, you eat yourself,” Zhong Youyun stretched out her small arms like a firewood stick to block the bowl.

Zhong Hongfei’s eyes were red.

Suddenly, he felt extremely grateful to the girl who gave this packet of biscuits to him.

When he barely walked home, his sister was already hungry.

Without this bag of food, during the two days when he had a fever, his sister might not be able to survive, so she would have starved to death by his side.

His body was hot and he was unable to move, but his mind was extremely clear, and everything happening around him was in his perception.

If while he was evolving, he watched her die by his side, what use would he evolve even if he had a powerful ability

Zhong Hongfei stretched out his hand and touched his sister’s messy hair, “Eat, Youyun.

I have become an ability holder.

I won’t leave you hungry anymore.”

He fed all the food into his sister’s mouth with a spoonful, “When you are finished, I will take you to see some sisters.

We will thank them together.

Thank them for giving us food.”


Chu Qianxun saw Zhong Hongfei who had come to thank her in her villa.

“What kind of ability do you have” Chu Qianxun asked.

“Although I have just awakened, I am pretty sure that it should be a mental ability,” Zhong Hongfei, who was sitting on the opposite sofa, answered seriously.

Chu Qianxun was speechless for a while, then she asked, “Why are you a mental ability holder, aren’t you a healing ability holder”

Zhong Hongfei was an extremely rare high-level healing ability holder in her previous life.

He was highly capable and famous, which impressed Chu Qianxun extremely.

Why did such a healer suddenly become a mental ability holder

Chu Qianxun really couldn’t think of any special things she had done that caused such a deviation in the trajectory of fate.

“Although my profession is a doctor, I won’t necessarily become a healing ability holder.

According to my observation, the formation of ability holders is not related to the profession before the apocalypse.” Zhong Hongfei explained with a smile, “If I’m not wrong, I should be biased toward the mental ability of the control type.”

“Really Is it convenient for you to demonstrate” Chu Qianxun was interested, “It may not be useful against me.

Cousin, try with him.”

She pushed her cousin Xu Xiangyang.

“You have just evolved, and I’m in the middle stage of the first order.

You are useless against me,” Xu Xiangyang waved his hand dismissively, but he was secretly guarded.

“Then I’m sorry if I offend you,” Zhong Hongfei still had a smile on his face, a faint golden color appeared in his eyes.

Although Xu Xiangyang was on guard, it didn’t take long for his facial expression to change unknowingly.

The corners of his mouth opened and almost leaked water.

Chu Qianxun stretched out her hand and pinched him hard on the arm.

Xu Xiangyang seemed to wake up suddenly from a dream, looked around blankly, blinked, and finally recovered.

“Great, great!” He gave a thumbs up.


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