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Chu Qianxun also applauded lightly.

A genius was a genius no matter what life he was in.

Even if Zhong Hongfei was no longer a healer, he could still master the essence of his ability soon after he had just evolved, showing a talent that was different from ordinary people.

“Thank you.

I’m not very proficient,” Zhong Hongfei narrowed the strange light in his eyes and breathed slightly.

He seemed relaxed on the surface, but he had actually exhausted all his strength, but fortunately no mistakes occurred.

Zhong Hongfei hesitated for a while, and finally said, “I saw that you often act together.

Are you a mercenary group”

“Yes, yes, we are Heart of Winter Mercenary Corps.” Xu Xiangyang, as if boasting, reported the name of the mercenary group he had just heard from his cousin, and said, “My old sister is the group head.”

“I…I just wanted to ask.

Is a low-level ability holder like me eligible to join” Zhong Hongfei felt a little nervous, and hurriedly added, “I can do any kind of work.”

Chu Qianxun’s eyes lit up.

She stood up and held Zhong Hongfei’s hand, “Yes, of course.

You are welcome to join.

You can join in.

Our team is very good in respect of welfare benefits, isn’t that right, Brother Xiangyang”

Chu Qianxun glanced at Xu Xiangyang and motioned for him to speak.

“Yes, you’re welcome to join.”

Xu Xiangyang looked back at her as if asking her about the benefits she mentioned.

Chu Qianxun sat down on the sofa again, “As long as you are a member of the Corps, you will get three meals during the hunt, and all team members’ contributions points will be recorded according to their output.

The contribution points could be exchanged for materials, food and crystal cores in the Corps warehouse.

Later, according to the task rewards received by our team, a fixed amount of commissions will be distributed to the team members every month.”

Xu Xiangyang couldn’t help being speechless.

People who didn’t know would really think the group was formed a long time ago.

Who would have known that even the name of the team was made temporarily after they went out and had to register

Zhong Hongfei was very satisfied with the team’s complete and generous treatment.

He looked at his sister who was sitting next to him.

Holding back his shame, he planned to borrow a little commission from Chu Qianxun in advance.

Otherwise, no matter how generous the commission was in the future, he and his sister didn’t even have things to eat now.

He hadn’t spoken yet, but Chu Qianxun had already smiled and said to the brother and sister, “Dr.

Zhong, you came for the first time today.

We will have a potluck at my home in the evening.

I will call all the members of the team and introduce you to them.”

The thin girl next to Zhong Hongfei’s eyes lit up, quietly licked her lips and took a peek at her.

It turned out that Dr.

Zhong still had a younger sister, but she didn’t hear about it in the previous life.

Maybe this child had an accident in the previous life.

Chu Qianxun reached out and touched the girl’s hair, and said to Xu Xiangyang, “Cousin, it hasn’t been very convenient for Dr.

Zhong recently.

You can help prepare some food for them to take back later.”

The sky gradually darkened.

Ye Peitian was lying alone on the bed in the bedroom.

At dinner, Qi Yongchun took food upstairs and took care of him, but Qianxun never appeared again.

The voices of Gao Yan and Yan Xue downstairs were heard from time to time.

Through those intermittent conversations, Ye Peitian knew that a new member had been added to the team.

It was the doctor they met on the road the day they set off.

Qianxun was very happy when he joined, and had dinner together in the villa next door, which was regarded as a welcome ceremony for that person.

The voices downstairs gradually stopped, and the whole villa plunged into silent darkness.

Ye Peitian laid quietly on the bed.

Qianxun’s window was facing his room, and he knew that she hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

A warm yellow light was projected from the opposite side.

Through the window, a rectangular light spot was left at the end of his bed.

He looked at the light with attachment.

Soon, the little light obtained through solar power was also extinguished.

Ye Peitian fell into complete darkness.

It was too dark.

He wanted to reach out and take a glow stick, fold it out even a little glimmer to accompany him.

But he couldn’t move, he couldn’t even move a finger.

Couldn’t move in the boundless darkness.

It was like returning to that dark warehouse, that cold operating table.

He knew that there was no need to be afraid, but he couldn’t restrain that fear.

‘It’s okay, Qianxun is on the opposite side, very close, really close, don’t be afraid,’ Ye Peitian said to himself repeatedly in the dark.

The glass of the window was knocked lightly, and Chu Qianxun’s head poked.

She stood on the window sill, like a clever cat, leaping into the house silently.

“I waited for everyone to sleep before sneaking over to accompany you, so that they don’t overthink.” She clapped her hands and smiled to herself, “Haha, how come it’s like an affair”

She drew a light stick from the tin can beside Ye Peitian’s bed, folded it, and lightly lit his nose with it.

She joked, “I am a good girl tonight, right”

Ye Peitian blushed and turned away.

“Hey, are you alright Can you move” Chu Qianxun said in surprise.

“No, it’s… not good yet,” Ye Peitian stammered.


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