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Ye Peitian sat on the bay window in the bedroom.

There was yellow sand piled on the window sill.

The yellow sand kept changing, condensing into Kremlin, and then transformed into Notre Dame.

These yellow sand condensed models were exquisite and detailed, and the periphery was still gradually extending.

One could see cars appearing on the road and an additional figure on the square.

The light in the window opposite him turned on, and a delicate silhouette appeared on the curtains.

The shadow grabbed the ceiling and was doing pull-ups vigorously.

When Ye Peitian’s eyes lingered on that window, the palace on the window sill was gone, and the church was gone.

He made a figure holding double-edged blades, the figure lowered their eyebrows and smiled down at the tree trunk.

There was another sitting on the roof of a car, holding food halfway out.

All the figures had the same face.

The curtain on the opposite side was pulled open, revealing the same face as the countless sand people on the windowsill.

Ye Peitian panicked and raised his hand.

With a wave, the yellow sand instantly collapsed, spreading all over the window and the floor.

“What’s the matter” Chu Qianxun stood at the window with a puzzled expression.

Ye Peitian hurriedly cleaned up the sand all over the floor.

“I prepared breakfast, come here to eat, okay” Ye Peitian spoke to her.

“Okay, I’ll come right away,” Chu Qianxun answered happily.

She got up very early and didn’t want to wake up her family.

When she led Zhong Hongfei into the house, Ye Peitian had already put two large bowls of steaming beef noodles on the table, and each bowl was covered with a bright yellow poached egg.

“Where are Sister Yan and others” Chu Qianxun asked.

“They have all eaten, and we will leave together when we finish eating.”

“Well, let’s hurry up.”

Chu Qianxun gave her bowl to Zhong Hongfei, “Doctor Zhong, eat this.”

“No, I have already had breakfast at home, thank you,” Zhong Hongfei hurriedly pushed it to her side.

He didn’t want to be a dumb person, but in fact, because he didn’t know if he could return safely, he wanted to leave more food for his sister.

He did not eat breakfast.

Chu Qianxun forced the bowl and chopsticks into Zhong Hongfei’s hands.

“You eat first, I’ll cook another bowl,” Ye Peitian stood up, there was no special expression on his face, but Zhong Hongfei was keenly aware that the teammate was not happy.

“No, it’s too late.” Chu Qianxun took Ye Peitian’s hand and handed him a pair of chopsticks, “We just have to eat together.”

Ye Peitian leaned on her to sit down, head to head with her, sharing the sea bowl of noodles.

When he was happy again, Zhong Hongfei breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally, he could eat that bowl of noodle soup that was so delicious that it made him cry.


Ludao was a small island.

Before the apocalypse, with the expansion of urbanization, the inland areas adjacent to the island were absorbed into the city’s territory and became densely populated living areas.

In this once prosperous piece of land, there was a large area of ​​distinctive buildings, and their modern buildings were topped with ancient style roofs with distinctive local styles.

Looking at it from afar, the white wall and red tiles were scattered and unique.

It was an institution of higher learning, with a large number of teachers and students living in it, and the population density was high.

But this beautiful campus had lost its vigorous vitality in the past, showing a deadly desolation.

Those glazed tiles that were still dazzling fell on the spacious school road, and the messy books were mixed with dried brown blood.

From time to time, one or two huge demons could be seen, wandering far in the green shade of the campus, making a low and dull voice.

Suddenly, a loud noise broke the tranquility of the campus.

The glass of a school building’s window burst, and a young girl jumped out of the window following the force of the explosion.

She rolled around on the lawn, supported the ground with one hand, and a silvery luster spread across her skin.

If one took a closer look, one could find that the skin of her whole body had been metalized, showing a metal-specific texture under the sunlight.

She raised her head and looked nervously at the window she jumped out of.

Several pointed and thin worm feet were pulled out from the window.

The head of a girl with short hair and cut ears, mixed in those messy limbs, came out of the window.

Golden lines staggered to seal the window, and the shining light net restrained the demon’s body that wanted to come out.


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