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On the roof of a tall building, Chu Qianxun and others stood firmly on the red tiles, looking down at the high and low roofs under their feet.

Occasionally, one could see the demon’s weird body walking among the green and red tiles.

“Turn right at three intersections ahead, and there is a third-order Rogue about 200 meters away.

In the auditorium further ahead, there is Fischer,” Tu Yibai opened his eyes without focus, looked into the distance, and kept saying the location of the demons.

“Is there any higher level” Chu Qianxun marked the location of the demons on a map.

“Let me look for it.”

At that moment, in Tu Yibai’s mind, the world was composed of black and white.

On the boundless black earth, the dead objects such as buildings had only faint shadows.

Countless light clusters of different sizes outlined the shape of creatures.

Some light was dazzling, and some light clusters were still thin and dim even though they were huge.

The strength of these rays basically meant the size of the strength.

Tu Yibai tried to expand the scope of his ability, and suddenly a pair of huge eyes appeared in his mind.

Those eyes stared at him in the air, and the spiral black and white markings in its pupils began to rotate.

When he felt dizzy, he knew that he had been attacked by a demon’s mental ability.

Tu Yibai felt a panic.

His mental ability belonged to the ability to explore, and he rarely participated in battle directly.

He hurriedly used his ability to build an invisible mental barrier in front of everyone.

This defensive skill was developed urgently when he confronted Feng Ziming outside Qilin Base.

But in the later journeys, he basically didn’t use it, and it was very strange.

A mocking laughter sounded directly in his mind, and the black and white pupils rotated faster.

In Tu Yibai’s sight, the white barrier he had just made began to shatter.

The cold sweat on Tu Yibai’s forehead rolled down.

“What’s wrong with Xiaobai” Gao Yan hurriedly supported him.

Granny Feng didn’t follow her this time.

Before leaving, she told Gao Yan countless times to take care of Xiaobai who couldn’t see.

“It’s a mental attack of a second-order demon,” Chu Qianxun looked into the distance.

She suddenly realized that she had made a mistake.

When Tu Yibai was about to be unable to support it, a thin layer of golden radiance covered the white mental barrier, and the shaky barrier slowly stabilized.

A thin circle of gold glowed in Zhong Hongfei’s pupils, and his eyes were in the same direction as Tu Yibai.

Fighting at this level was too stressful for him who had just awakened his ability.

His face was instantly pale, but he gritted his teeth and didn’t mean to shrink.

Looking across the transparent pale golden “wall”, the huge pupils in the sky were not as relaxed as before, and the lines of black and white intersecting began to spin at extreme speed.

“Xiaobai, its level is the same as yours, you can do it,” Chu Qianxun stood behind Tu Yibai, holding on to Tu Yibai’s shoulders.

She couldn’t see the battle, but her firm tone stabilized his panic.

The demon in the distance retreated.

Tu Yibai’s legs softened and he sat down, but he was very excited, and his face was blushing slightly.

Because of his young age and blindness, everyone in the team subconsciously protected him from participating in a dangerous situation.

This could be regarded as his first real battle.

“Xiaobai, you are great!” Gao Yan helped him up and checked his body up and down for any discomfort.

Zhong Hongfei’s body shook for a while, almost standing unsteadily.

He realized his fragility.

The battle was too intense for him.

“Doctor Zhong” Yan Xue, standing near him, gave him a hand to prevent him from falling from the roof.

Zhong Hongfei bent over to support his knees, gasped for a moment, stabilized his body, and smiled at Yan Xue, “Thank you.

I’m so useless.”

Yan Xue released him, pushed her sunglasses, turned her face indifferently, and said nothing.

Chu Qianxun pulled out the dagger tied to her leg.

This dagger was polished with the hard body of the fourth-order demon from Qilin Town.

It was her best weapon besides the double blades.

She handed the dagger to Tu Yibai, pointed to the first-order demon wandering under the building and said, “Xiaobai, go down by yourself and kill this demon.”

“Qianxun, what are you saying” Gao Yan stopped Chu Qianxun, “Xiaobai can’t see with his eyes, and he is so young.”

Chu Qianxun looked at Gao Yan and said after a moment, “Sister Yan, the same is true for you.

I’ll go hunt the third-order demons nearby.

I’ll give the remaining first-order and second-order demons to you.”

“But I’m not a combat ability holder, I’m just an auxiliary ability…” 

Halfway through Gao Yan’s words, thinking of Chu Qianxun’s ability, the latter half could not be said.

Qianxun was only an auxiliary ability holder as well.

Gao Yan’s lips trembled a little.

She was able to deal with ordinary demons, but she really felt that she could not handle these first and second-order demons with powerful abilities.

“Sister Yan, do you know why most of the auxiliary ability holders can’t reach a high level”

“Why, why”

“That’s because they never participate in battles.

They don’t have the willpower that could be improved in near death situations, and they only rely on the crystal core to forcibly upgrade their ranks, but they can only stop at the fourth rank at most.”

“But Qianxun…”

“If you don’t want to raise your level anymore, stay in the base.” Chu Qianxun’s eyes were serious, without a hint of joking, “We are going to face a fourth-order demon, and soon it will be fifth-order, sixth-order…The enemy is getting stronger, and the battlefield is getting more dangerous.

Even I can’t guarantee that I will survive on such a battlefield, let alone keep you safe.”

Gao Yan bit her lip, and she realized that Qianxun wanted her to make a decision immediately.

If she wanted to keep up with Qianxun, she had to do her best on the battlefield.

Ludao Island was a safe base, which made her feel that she could live a stable life.

If she chose to stay on the island, she may be able to live a comfortable life without having to worry about death every day.

“Qianxun, you are already very strong.

There are few masters on the island that are better than you.

Why do you push yourself so much”

“Ease often makes people forget the danger around.

Only the threat of death can force us to continue to grow stronger in the end.

My battles will not stop, but you can make your own choices.”


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