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That was the entrance and exit of Huacheng Border National Highway.

Not long after the army left with a large number of people, some pedestrians fled from the city and were walking sporadically on the road.

Obviously there had just been a fierce battle there.

The shops on both sides were blackened by artillery fire.

Cars were pushed to the side of the road in a mess, and there were mutilated corpses lying in the blood on the ground.

There were humans and demons.

Few people dared to walk alone in that environment.

Some stepped through the gunpowder smoke in groups of three or five.

“Brothers, look at that girl,” a young man said to his companion.

The men accompanying him turned to look over.

A young woman that looked like a student was walking on the road alone with her bag on her back.

She was slender, fair-skinned, had delicate features, and she had an innocent sense of purity.

The men whistled together.

The woman turned her gaze toward them, slid around and moved away, neither showing disdain like scholars, nor showing a charming smile like those women they usually got contact with.

“What a good girl, let me try it,” Xiaoping rolled up his sleeves.

“Don’t go.” A man in his thirties with a gold chain grabbed him, “That’s not someone you can provoke.”

He even stopped all his companions, deliberately slowed down, and distanced them from the woman.

“See clearly what she is holding in her hand.” The man explained to his little brothers in a low voice, “It’s a pistol, it’s not an ordinary police standard, it’s a high-end product.

The knife on her waist has been stained with blood, I don’t know if it’s a human or a demon’s.

The liquid on the clothes is all a demon’s liquid.

She is definitely not a simple woman.

Don’t look at her.

Tighten the belts of your pants, don’t stir up trouble.”

Xiaoping shrank his shoulders and dared not speak any more.

Chu Qianxun walked slowly on the road.

This was the area where the fighting was the most intense.

There were traces of another Blunt Walker raging, leaving a large number of soldiers’ bodies.

But she did not find the Blunt Walker’s body that should be conspicuous.

Obviously, only the military had the power to transport the entire demon’s body together at this time.

They would organize scientific research personnel to conduct a comprehensive dissection of this special demon, and may be the first to discover the demon’s secret.

No wonder that in later generations, most of the first powerful saints appeared in the military.

After the disintegration of the world’s major national machinery, various large, medium and small camps appeared everywhere, and the disintegrated former military forces gradually evolved into various groups of forces.

In the early days, the large-scale refugee camps were controlled by these military groups holding lethal weapons and possessing a large number of saints.

It was not until the rise of the “Shennai” group of non-governmental research organizations and the emergence of some powerful individual mercenary organizations that this pattern was broken.

The frightening “human demon” Ye Peitian appeared and used the yellow sand to destroy the data-free town of the Shenai Group.

Before Chu Qianxun’s rebirth, the Shennai Group, which was said to be working for the common welfare of all mankind, had already covered the entire Central Plains.

Even now, thinking of that murderous “human demon”, Chu Qianxun couldn’t help but shudder.

 It was okay.

Ye Peitian’s sphere of influence was in the north.

She just needed to walk around and avoid him.

Chu Qianxun thought in her heart.

She came to an inconspicuous warehouse and confirmed that no one had broken the door lock to enter.

Chu Qianxun pulled the rolling shutter and stepped on it.

A good-performance Hummer was parked in the warehouse, and the trunk of the car was full of practical materials.

Chu Qianxun turned on the flashlight, confirmed the warehouse’s safety, locked the rolling gate, and sat in the back seat of the car.

She sat quietly in the dark and waited.

Last time, at about this time, she discovered that she could wonderfully control the airflow around the palm of her hand.

At the same time, when she was very exhausted, her legs and arms became full of power at once, her eyes could see farther, and her eyes and ears cleared up.

At that time, she was almost desperate, surprised and delighted.

With the passage of time, Chu Qianxun once again realized the feeling that her body was strengthening in a short time.

The sore arms and legs had regained strength, the whole body was full of energy, and all functions of the body were obviously improved.

But she didn’t have the same fever as the previous time, and she couldn’t control anything.

She couldn’t find any difference in herself.

When normal people get supernatural powers for the first time, more or less they would have some pathological reactions, such as fever, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

The stronger the power, the more obvious the pathological response of evolution.

At twelve o’clock noon the previous day, a group of crystals that descended from the sky, whether they fell on human bodies, plants, animals, or the land, they would immediately merge in and could no longer be separated.

Many people took the initiative to avoid it because of fear.

However, there was a saying in later generations that these crystals were the most special and powerful.


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