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In order to obtain better abilities, Chu Qianxun took the initiative to reach out to catch the first batch of crystal that fell from the sky.

But obviously, she didn’t get what she wanted, and her ability was so weak that she couldn’t even show it.

Chu Qianxun was a little disappointed.

She hesitated for a moment, unzipped the zipper of her pocket, took out the two jujube-sized crystals, and used the light of a flashlight to clean them with mineral water.

The transparent crystals glowed slightly with green light, like the most perfect gemstone, no one would think that this was the root of all disasters.

A demon’s crystal was a fatal temptation to love and hate to all saints with supernatural powers in later generations.

They relied on the crystal core to improve their abilities, but they were afraid that the crystal core would turn them into demons.

The saints could only consume the crystal core of the same level as theirs.

If they reluctantly consumed the high-level crystal core, there was only one fate left – losing their consciousness and turning into a hideous demon.

Abilities were divided into various levels according to their strength.

When the strength of the ability reached saturation at a certain stage, if the level limit wasn’t broken and advanced, the ability would be limited to that and never increase.

The higher the level, the more difficult it was to break through the level boundaries.

At the “critical” time, taking a crystal core of the next level had a high probability of successfully advancing to a high-level saint.

For that reason, many people couldn’t resist the temptation to take the next level crystal core after their ability had reached their limit.

So everyone had a customary habit.

Whenever a saint takes the crystal core to advance, they must ask one of their relatives or friends to “guard” them.

This guardian was not for protection in the ordinary sense, but if the saint failed to advance and got in a demonized state, the guardian must cut off their heads before they were completely demonized.

Even so, the incidents of saints becoming demons while advancing still happened frequently, and people called them the fallen ones.

The low-level fallen ones would be wiped out by their companions who they got along with in their camp.

And the high-level fallen ones, with their powerful ability, would become demons that threatened humans greatly.

Chu Qianxun had two first-order crystal cores, which she could safely consume.

But she decided to take one to further stimulate her ability, and see what kind of ability she got.

Chu Qianxun closed her eyes and swallowed the small green crystal core into her abdomen.

After a while, she started to feel a little bit cold, which was a normal reaction after taking the crystal core.

She covered herself with a blanket, curled up in the dark, and lay on the back seat of the off-road vehicle.

She gradually fell into a deep sleep with the hot and cold atmosphere.

In the darkness, she saw a little shining green light in a daze.

She kept falling down with that little light, and finally landed lightly on a piece of soft green grass.

“Qianxun, Qianxun,” a familiar and kind voice called her name.

Light gradually lit up before her eyes.

Chu Qianxun’s eyes were wet.

She saw her parents who she hadn’t seen for a long time.

Mom, dad, where have you been Why did I not see you for a long time It’s been so long, almost like a lifetime.

Chu Qianxun said in her heart.

“Stupid child, Mom and Dad will always be with you.”

Her mother’s voice was far from the horizon and close to the ear.

Her father smiled gently as usual, holding Chu Qianxun’s hand, and walking slowly on the sunny grass.

A door glowing with dazzling yellow light appeared ahead.

Chu Qianxun stopped, as she felt a little scared instinctively.

“Don’t be afraid, child, you can do it.

This time, you will definitely find what you want in your heart.

I will be looking after you.”

The father gently pushed Chu Qianxun’s shoulder.

“Yes, I can do it, there is nothing to be afraid of,” Chu Qianxun raised her head and stepped into the bright yellow aperture.


Chu Qianxun woke up in the darkness.

She touched her face and found tears all over her face.

Since losing hope in life, she had not had this kind of dream for many years.

Her parents, who she hadn’t seen for a long time, still encouraged her as gently as they did when they were alive.

Chu Qianxun said to herself that no matter what power she got, she could do well in life this time.

She opened her hand, and a hazy yellow light circle surrounded her palm.


Chu Qianxun was stunned.

She never expected that she would get such a useless ability.

The sun rose and the sky was bright.

Chu Qianxun drove the car.

Out of the urban area of ​​Huacheng, there were no longer tall buildings and dense crowds on the roadside.

Outside the car window was the rapidly retreating green grass and the open blue sky.

Chu Qianxun in the cab had red eyes.

She pursed her lips, squeezed the steering wheel, and stepped on the accelerator with one foot.

The car played loudly the music “Strength Thousand Men” produced by Two Steps From Hell, and the tragic and magnificent music played all the way.

The harsh brakes sounded, and the tough-looking off-road vehicle stopped on the side of the road.


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