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Chu Qianxun parked the car in front of them and lowered the window.

“Sister, my daughter is sick.

Do you have water Can you give me a little bit Just a little bit,” The man said eagerly.

He knew that this time was not like the past and water had become a very precious resource.

He had been begging countless times, without success.

But for his sick daughter, he had to try again.

Chu Qianxun unlocked the car door and tilted her head, “Come in.”

The man was surprised.

When he saw that the driver was a young single woman, he subconsciously felt that she would not be willing to take the risk of taking them both.

He only hoped that the girl who seemed to be a student would give some water or food to his daughter.

He hurriedly opened the door of the back seat and got into the car, thanked her.

He introduced himself, “My name is Feng Junlei, this is my daughter Feng Qianqian.

She has a fever.

We got no food.

Thank you so much.”

Chu Qianxun nodded.

She didn’t expect to meet this person so soon.

At the time before Chu Qianxun’s rebirth, the Wanderer also appeared on the square where the crowd gathered.

At that time, Chu Qianxun panicked and fled to the national highway with the crowd, stumbling all the way, while she was afraid.

The sky was getting dark gradually, and more men were looking at her with malicious eyes on the road.

She was crying, walking on this national road.

At that time, a man with his daughter stopped the car and took her with them.

It wasn’t until she had a low-grade fever in the car, gained supernatural powers, and passed through the most difficult early days of the end, that she bid farewell to the kind father and daughter.

“It’s okay.

It’s on the way anyway.

I’ll take you there.” Chu Qianxun handed Feng Junlei a bottle of water and two anti-fever medicines, “My name is Chu Qianxun.

Where’s your car Why didn’t you bring anything”

Feng Junlei was stunned for a moment.

How did the girl know that he had a car But he didn’t have time to think about it much.

He took the water and medicine with surprise and joy, and fed it to his daughter while carefully holding her in his arms.

“I feel embarrassed.” Feng Junlei replied to Chu Qianxun while he was busy with that, “I drove a car and followed the army’s military vehicle out of the city.

On the way, I met an uncle who was over 50 years old and was crying on the road.

When he asked for help, I thought he was an old person with white hair, so I couldn’t bear to let him be on the road.

I gave him a lift in the car for a while.

He was so grateful to us and friendly to us, so I was not wary of him.”

“Who knew that when I got off the car to accompany Qianqian halfway, the uncle actually drove the car, and even stole the things we put in there,” Feng Junlei gritted his teeth.

Chu Qianxun smiled, “It turns out you gave a lift to an uncle this time.”

Feng Junlei said embarrassedly, “Thank you, thank you so much.

Otherwise, Qianqian is so ill and we have lost food and water, so I really don’t know what we would have done.”

He touched his daughter’s hot forehead and was worried.

“She’s fine.

She will be well soon.”

Chu Qianxun still vaguely remembered that the last time she was sitting in the car, she had a low-grade fever in the middle of the night.

After the fever subsided, she awakened the wind ability.

Although Feng Qianqian was only six years old, she developed a high fever in the morning of the second day.

After which she awakened her metallic ability.

It was a form of change that made her control all the metal substances around her.

It was a powerful ability to attack the enemy.

In the post-apocalyptic period, most of the metal abilities had become high-level saints.

It was a pity that Chu Qianxun didn’t go far with the father and daughter at the time, and never saw these two people again after parting with them.

Unexpectedly, after rebirth, the bond of fate allowed them to come together again in another form.

After half a day in the car, Feng Qianqian’s high fever really went away.

She opened her eyes in Feng Junlei’s arms and stretched out her tender little hand to touch the hard stubble on her father’s chin, “Dad, I dreamed of mom.”

Feng Junlei’s eyes were red.

He lowered his head and dropped a sad kiss on his daughter’s forehead when he thought of his wife who had died two years ago.

The metal necklace hung around his neck floated out of thin air, slowly drifted away from his neck, and fell on Feng Qianqian’s hand.

Feng Qianqian opened the pendant on the necklace, touched her mother’s photo inside, and gently called, “Mom.”

The young girl was immersed in the thoughts of her mother, completely unaware of what great things she had done.

Feng Junlei was shocked by the sudden appearance of his daughter’s “special function”, and was a little at a loss for a while.

Chu Qianxun glanced back.

Her teeth tickled with jealousy.

This power was much better.

The Hummer crossed the pedestrians on the side of the road and ran fast.

Chu Qianxun suddenly stopped the car, backed up, and parked the car next to a girl who was sitting on the ground while wiping her tears.

The girl looked up and saw Chu Qianxun, and cried out, “Qianxun, woo…”

It was Chu Qianxun’s roommate Gan Xiaodan.

Chu Qianxun looked at her, “How did you get here, where’s the bag Was it lost”

Gan Xiaodan got in the car.

Her clothes were muddy and her face was full of tears mixed with mud.

She couldn’t see the appearance of the sunny female college student three days ago.

“As soon as the demon came out, the crowd was in chaos.

At first, I was still together with Chief Shi, and some soldiers came from behind to drive us on the national road.

As soon as the crowd rushed, Chief Shi was gone,” Gan Xiaodan started crying.

“I followed the crowd all the way up to here.

I was too tired.

I really couldn’t walk.

I wanted to sit down and eat something.

After doing that, three men came up, grabbed my bag… … and… Woo, they pushed me into the ditch.”

Chu Qianxun gave her a glance, “Don’t cry, it’s useless.

You fell into the ditch, but those who don’t know would think you’ve been caught by them.”

Gan Xiaodan dared not cry.

After the apocalypse, Qianxun, who was the most tender and considerate in the dormitory, suddenly became like a different person.

She became resolute and courageous overnight, and even had a little coldness.

But fortunately there was such a friend.

Seeing her, Gan Xiaodan seemed to have found a backbone, and she settled down.

If Qianxun didn’t force herself to climb downstairs from the window at first, walk out with everyone, she may only be able to eat a few apples, and stay helplessly in the campus where demons were rampant.

There were gradually more vehicles parked on the side of the road ahead.

When Chu Qianxun also pulled over and stopped the car, Gan Xiaodan’s stomach made a clear noise.


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