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Gan Xiaodan glanced at her awkwardly, but held back and did not speak.

Even after only two days and one night of escape, it was enough for her to understand that the world was no longer what it used to be, and food was no longer a cheap item that could be shared among roommates.

Feng Qianqian in the back seat put her arms around her father’s neck and whispered, “Dad, I’m hungry.”

Chu Qianxun got out of the car behind the inconspicuous shade of the tree.

Although she had prepared a lot, she actually didn’t take the food into consideration.

It was close to a thousand kilometers from Huacheng to Ludao, and they may encounter serious traffic jams or landslides at any time on the road.

In her experience, no matter how good the car was, it was impossible to drive far, and in the end it had to be abandoned in the middle of the road.

No matter how much material was in the car, she couldn’t carry it.

It was still a period of material abundance.

Having survived in the era of material scarcity in the late apocalypse, Chu Qianxun didn’t worry much about her short-term survival problem.

She loaded a large bag of food from the trunk and returned to the car.

A box of self-heating rice and a bottle of mineral water were given to the person in the car.

Take apart the self-heating rice, put the lower layer of the box into the heating bag, and pour the water in the water bag.

Soon the heating bag emitted a lot of heat, heating up the food.

At this time, they could still have a bite of steaming food, so no one cared about preservatives.

The junk food that they didn’t want to eat usually had transformed into a delicious delicacy.

Even Feng Qianqian, who just recovered from her illness, ate it sweetly.

Chu Qianxun gave her a bottle of milk and a piece of chocolate too.

Feng Qianqian glanced at her father, and only after obtaining consent, she took it.

She said in a good manner, “Thank you, sister Qianxun.”

Chu Qianxun touched her hair.

The father was such a good man and had such a simple and obedient child.

Even with the ability, she was afraid that it would not be easy for them to survive.

But it was none of her business.

She just wanted to go her own way and live her life well.

Except for the aunt’s family, she would not spend too much energy or help others.

Chu Qianxun turned her head and got her food.

She ate very cleanly, leaving no grain of rice in the bare box.

No matter how much food she had, the concept of cherishing every bit of food had been deeply engraved in her daily habits.

Gan Xiaodan took the initiative to pack the lunch boxes that everyone had eaten, and got out of the car to discard them.

Many vehicles stopped one after another on the side of the road in front of them.

People got out of the vehicles and gathered in groups of three or five.

A young and beautiful woman accompanied a group of men.

She was beautiful and graceful, and wore a loose T-shirt, and a pair of very short hot pants underneath, revealing a pair of slender and white long legs. 

Obviously, she was trying her best to show off her feminine charm in exchange for some food.

 It was a pity that those men probably didn’t have the mood to xoxo at this time.

They not only rebuked her, but pushed her away.

The woman was frustrated and didn’t care.

After leaving the group of men, she took a sip on the ground, looked around for her next goal.

When she saw Gan Xiaodan who got out of the car with the lunch box and discarded it, her eyes lit up, and she walked over there.

Gan Xiaodan was particularly disgusted with this kind of woman.

Seeing her coming, she hurriedly got into the car and closed the door.

The woman laughed and knocked on the car window.

There were women in the car.

She immediately restrained her amorous look.

She knew very well that serious girls who looked like students in the car generally looked down upon people like her.

So she bit her lower lip, lowered her head, and put on the appearance of a weak person asking for help.

She hadn’t eaten two meals, and she didn’t know what she would encounter next.

In any case, she had to find a way to get a little food.

“Don’t pay attention to her, you know that she is not a good person,” Gan Xiaodan said angrily.

Chu Qianxun rolled down the car window, “Sister Yan”

She was so familiar with this woman, even more familiar than anyone in this car.

This woman named Gao Yan was indeed not a good person.

But good people basically wouldn’t survive the post-apocalyptic period

Even a master with a super-thunderbolt ability like Meng Rongxuan retired because of excessive honesty and kindness.

This Gao Yan had been in the same team with Chu Qianxun for several years, and her ability was only half a level higher than that of her 

But she was much better than Chu Qianxun, because she was not only ruthless in her heart, her actions were smooth, and she was also very relaxed in some aspects.

In normal days, there was a sense of familiarity between the two.

But if there was a dangerous situation, Chu Qianxun believed that Gao Yan would definitely leave her behind and run without hesitation, and even push her to the demon to delay time when necessary.

On the battlefield, Chu Qianxun would never dare to entrust her back to her.

But when she was desperate in life, Chu Qianxun had borrowed crystal cores from Sister Yan.

Although she had to pay a lot of extra interest,  in the doomsday, it could be considered a rare human touch.

“Get in the car, Sister Yan.

I will give you a lift,” Chu Qianxun opened the car door under Gao Yan’s surprised eyes.

Perhaps she entered society at a young age and gained experience.

Gao Yan demonstrated her superb social skills as soon as she got in the car.


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