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Gao Yan decided to focus on her next work, which was to coax the girl.

As long as she caught Qianxun, she would have an extra guarantee of survival in this world where demons were rampant.

The people in the commercial vehicle in front of them had already got off and pushed the vehicles blocking the road away, got in the vehicle and prepared to set off.

The man who had just fought with the Desecrator saw Chu Qianxun in the car passing by.

He stood on the side of the road and waved his hands desperately to express his gratitude.

When the car staggered past, Chu Qianxun glanced at him and found that his face was a little familiar.

Chu Qianxun thought for a while, but didn’t remember.

Her memory of ten years ago had been blurred and it was normal she had people who she couldn’t recognize.

She left the incident behind her head and stopped thinking about it.

At sunset, the sky gradually began to rain, soft and quiet at first, then fierce and pouring down.

A Hummer carrying several people drove to a gas station by the national highway.

There were many vehicles parked there.

There was a convenience store next to the station.

The shelves had been swept away long ago, and some people gathered in the store to shelter from the rain

Chu Qianxun and others turned off the car at the door of the store, locked the door, and entered the store.

In every corner of the convenience store, people of all kinds, men, women and children were sitting in groups.

They raised their eyelids and glanced at the people who came in, and found that except for a man with a child, the rest were all women, so they no longer cared.

Gao Yan found an open space and called Chu Qianxun and the others to come over.

They had already had dinner in the car, and they just wanted to stay in this place where they could take shelter from wind and rain for one night.

Chu Qianxun handed Feng Qianqian a spare thin blanket from the car.

She held the knife, wrapped her thin blanket in the backpack, slept against the wall, while ignoring other people.

Gan Xiaodan had to get together with Gao Yan.

They cuddled with each other to keep warm and fell asleep.

Gan Xiaodan was better.

She wore a jacket with good insulation properties.

Gao Yan, however, was a woman who had always wanted to maintain her demeanor without care.

She wore a pair of hot pants in the spring, showing her two bare thighs.

At night in the suburbs, it was so cold.

The sky was getting darker.

There was the sound of heavy rain outside the house, and the dim room was intertwined with low conversations and the snoring and singing of some people.

Two bright car lights outside the house dangled from the rain curtain.

With the sound of parking, a group of people raised their flashlights and hurriedly entered the gate of the convenience store.

These people were young men and women.

They came in with a comatose man, and said,.

“Quick, quick, lay Meng Ge down, he has a severe fever.”

“It’s all because of the fight with the demon.

He was hurt by the demon.”

Chu Qianxun opened her eyes and took a look

 She found that it was the person in the commercial vehicle she met at noon.

“Wait a minute, what’s wrong with this man” A few burly men stood up deep in the corner.

The leader’s hair was very short, and he was only wearing a black vest, with a cigarette in his mouth.

He led the people and stood in front of the group of young people. 

“This person can’t come in,” the man in the vest snorted, pointing at the unconscious man.

“Why! Why don’t you let Brother Meng come in!”

“Yes, why Brother Meng has a high fever, don’t you have a conscience”

“Conscience, who are you to tell me about conscience” The man in the vest sneered, “This man’s injury is due to a demon, right He also has a fever.

Have you seen the doomsday movie How do you know he isn’t going to become a demon Anyway, he can’t enter.

If he becomes a demon in the middle of the night, he will kill everyone!”

The men behind him roared together, “Yes! Throw him out.

Otherwise you guys won’t come in either.”

The other people in the room couldn’t help whispering when they heard that.

“Yeah, he can’t come in.

What if he becomes a demon I have children here.”

“Yeah, yeah, you take him out.”

The young people glanced at each other and showed hesitant expressions.

After a while, two of the men silently set up their department manager who had a high fever, went into the heavy rain outside, and walked far across the road.

The few young girls who stayed in place looked at each other.

Finally, they did not speak, found a corner and sat down in silence.

After a while, the two men who had gone out came back empty-handed.

“You, did you leave Brother Meng outside It’s still raining so hard out, he…” A girl finally couldn’t help but speak.

“Then what should I do Brother Meng suddenly developed a high fever, which is really strange.

Who can guarantee that he will not become a demon”

“Yeah, if you want, just go out and take care of him.

After all, Meng Rongxuan got out of the car to save you and was scratched by the demon.”

The girl who started talking shrank her neck and fell silent.

When ‘Meng Rongxuan’ name reached Chu Qianxun’s ears, Chu Qianxun finally remembered when she had met this person.

In the previous life, about a year after the apocalypse, Chu Qianxun returned to Ludao after several twists and turns.

At that time, the name Meng Rongxuan ringed all over the island.

He was once admired by countless people like a hero.

However, his brother himself poured sewage on him and he had a terrible end.

At that time, Chu Qianxun was still very weak, and the dispute between the big shots had nothing to do with her.

She only remembered the day when a few huge demons crossed the strait to besiege the island.

Chu Qianxun hid in a cold and damp corner of the fortress, and tremblingly looked at the huge head exposed from the high wall outside the fortress.

She desperately prayed that the hero standing on the wall would win.

That day, the sky over the fortress was covered with thick thunderclouds, silver snake-like lightning flashed everywhere, and the demon’s low and weird throat sounded throughout the city.

Chu Qianxun raised her head from the corner where she was hiding, just in time to see Meng Rongxuan on the high city wall.

His profile was illuminated by lightning.

At that time, he was the hope of the whole city.

Chu Qianxun had only seen Meng Rongxuan that time.

Later, it didn’t take long when she heard that he died at his brother’s hands in the internal fight.


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