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With a quick glance, Chu Qianxun couldn’t connect the employee who was wearing a suit, shirt, and trimmed short hair with the great hero who once lived on Ludao Island.

She stood up and walked outside the door. 

“Qianxun, Qianxun, where are you going when the rain is so heavy” Gan Xiaodan called her.

“Don’t worry about it,” Chu Qianxun’s figure sank into the rain curtain.

Although she had no friendship with Meng Rongxuan, he was a hero who had protected the lives of the entire city, and Chu Qianxun had also been one of the thousands of people who had been protected by him.

She could not watch Meng Rongxuan being abandoned by the rainy road.

Even Meng Rongxuan’s enemies did not dare to dispose of his body at will after killing him.

They even held a grand funeral for him.

After braving the rain and walking into the night, Chu Qianxun found Meng Rongxuan on the road far away from the convenience store.

He was abandoned under a propaganda column that could not cover the heavy rain, soaked in the water and unconscious.

When Chu Qianxun came back carrying Meng Rongxuan, everyone in the convenience store was taken aback.

Chu Qianxun ignored them and didn’t even return to Gan Xiaodan, Gao Yan and the others.

Instead, she took her backpack, put the man on her shoulders in the corner away from the crowd, and sat beside him.

The flame of a cigarette butt in the dark lit up, reflecting the unpleasant silhouette of a man.

He winked, and the two men beside him stood up and walked straight to Chu Qianxun.

“Little girl, don’t be nosy.

Our brother Wei said that this person can’t come in,” a man said.

“You’re not strong.

You can’t even fight back.

Us brothers won’t care about you,” another man skillfully played with the butterfly knife in his hand.

Chu Qianxun didn’t speak, and took out her gun, turned it between three fingers, and pushed away the lock with a click.


The two men took a step back subconsciously, glanced at each other, hesitated for a moment and returned to the smoking man, “Brother Wei, that girl has a gun in her hand, a real gun.”

Wei Ge took a violent breath of cigarette, pursed his lips, and pressed the cigarette butt on the ground, spraying smoke from his nose, “Forget it, let’s wait first.”

A middle-aged woman who was over half a hundred years old and dressed fashionably came to Chu Qianxun, “Little girl, it’s not that we are unreasonable.

You are unreasonable.

If this person becomes a demon, so many of us would be in danger.”

The other people in the shop immediately agreed.

“Yeah, yeah, you can’t harm everyone’s safety for one person.”

“If you want to be a good person, go out and take care of him.

A young girl, going and carrying a big man, tsk.”

Seeing so many people supporting her, the middle-aged woman felt a little proud, and reached out to Chu Qianxun, “It’s not that I’m relying on my old age.

You should take him out.

I can’t allow you to do things that harm everyone.”

She didn’t finish her words, and an ice cold feeling fell on her forehead.

A cold muzzle touched her forehead.

Chu Qianxun didn’t speak, but looked at her indifferently.

The old woman hurriedly shook her hands which were painted with red nail polish, “It’s not good like this, it’s not good like this.

Don’t be angry, I’ll go, just go.”

She backed away in a panic,and hid beside her companion.

No longer dared to speak.

The whole convenience store went silent.

The people around Chu Qianxun quickly rolled things away from her.

There was a large empty space beside her.

Chu Qianxun didn’t care at all.

She took off the wet coat, wrapped the blanket around her body, carried the gun and folded her hands across her chest, and closed her eyes against the wall.

Meng Rongxuan laid unconsciously next to her, drenched with high fever, and occasionally made some unexplained sounds.

The heat on his body was so high that a small white smoke evaporated from his soaked clothes.

Chu Qianxun ignored him.

But her heart was tickling with jealousy.

He had such a high fever so he would definitely have a powerful ability.

Fate was really good, but it was a pity that the person was a little stupid, and was so miserable.

She hoped he could live smarter in this life.

But what did it matter to her At dawn, they would go their own way

Chu Qianxun intended to stay far away from such a bunch of super bosses entangled in grievances.

In this life, she should stay away from these troublesome and dangerous people, and just live her own life with her aunt’s family.

When the sky was slightly bright, Meng Rongxuan woke up.

He seemed to walk in hell in the night.

It was sometimes as hot as being in hot lava, sometimes as cold as an ice cave.

It was like being forcibly stripped of the body.

He was experiencing this painful process like he was awake.

For a while, he seemed to be in a particularly strange state.

All the pain left him in an instant, he only felt extremely comfortable and happy.

A deep desire emerged from the depths of his soul, a strong desire for food, a fresh, bloody food.

He instinctively feared this bloodthirsty state again, and soon he finally restrained himself and fell back into the abyss of pain.

His whole body seemed to be taken apart and reorganized countless times.

He didn’t know how long it took before this inhuman torture stopped.


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