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The setting sun hung like blood on the shoulders of the mountain, pulling out long shadows of the trees on both sides of the road.

A vehicle was parked on the side of the road.

After a one-day journey, the people in the vehicle got out of it to relax and solve their personal needs.

The road conditions on the national highway were very bad.

From time to time, there were abandoned cars and human corpses on the road.

They had to drive very slowly, and sometimes they had to stop and push away vehicles that collided with each other.

They couldn’t drive many kilometers in one day.

The sad thing was that most of the wounds that caused the death of those corpses were not caused by demons, but obviously by humans.

Only a few days after the demons arrived, many people had already lost their moral bottom line in order to compete for the goods for survival.

Demons were rampant, and the era of survival of the strong had just come forcibly.

Chu Qianxun sat on the roof of the car.

She looked at the map on the phone, and tried to estimate where they were.

There was a food processing factory ten kilometers ahead.

This was where she must go.

In her previous life, she reached there about three months later.

Chu Qianxun was stranded at a base near it, when a shocking event happened.

A search team found the food processing plant and found a warehouse locked from the outside.

It was said that the lock was covered with dust, and it was probably locked since the beginning of the apocalypse.

They thought that there might be a large amount of food in the warehouse.

The members of the search team were very excited.

They broke the lock and opened the warehouse door.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the warehouse door opened, two fourth-order demons rushed out of the darkness.

At that time, most of the demons were still first- and second-order demons.

third-order demons were still uncommon.

The fourth-order demons appeared and almost wiped out the search team.

Only two seriously injured members remained and fled back to the base in a hurry.

The demons followed the injured to the base, and the under-prepared base was almost destroyed by the powerful demons’ attack.

Fortunately, many masters of the Shennai Group were stationed at the base at that time.

They made heavy sacrifices and finally worked together to defend the base.

Just as human saints relied on devouring crystal cores to speed up their level upgrades, demons could only evolve faster after swallowing a large number of humans or high-level saints.

How could two demons beyond the level of the time be bred in such a confined space was a puzzling mystery.

After the war, it was said that the Shennai Group organized researchers to explore the warehouse.

It was said that the Shennai Group found important scientific research clues in that warehouse.

Soon after that, Shennai Group developed a healing medicine called “Holy Blood”.

The effect of that medicine was very magical.

Shennai Group had publicized that this medicine was God’s compassion for the suffering of the world, and the sacrifice of blood to all living beings.

Regardless of boasting or not, the medicine could indeed bring back people from the hands of death.

No matter how severe the injury was, one dose would heal it quickly.

“Holy Blood” was very expensive, but it was highly sought after in the market, and it was hard to find a single vial.

Who didn’t want to prepare such a potion that could save their lives on the cruel battlefield

The Shennai Group also relied on the “Holy Blood” to rise rapidly and gradually changed from a religious research organization to a powerful group of forces.

Chu Qianxun thought that if she were to go to the warehouse now, even if she might not be able to get the formula of the holy blood, the two high-level demons might be in it now.

Of course, they may not be fourth-order now, but at least they would be first-order, right

Chu Qianxun laughed.

She consumed three crystal cores and fought demons all the way.

She had vaguely touched the edge of the limit.

If she got two more first-order crystal cores, then she was likely to hit the “boundary”, even if she couldn’t rush to the second-order in one breath, she could reach the “critical” state of the first-order peak.

The doomsday had only arrived for a few days, so most people had not even got the supernatural powers.

If she could reach the first-order saturation state, her power and speed would exceed all the saints, and even not lose to those who had just triggered the supernatural powers of speed ability, and power ability.

Chu Qianxun remembered the location of the factory and put away her phone.

Feng Qianqian had been acquainted with Gao Yan and Gan Xiaodan in the past few days, and was now running around at the back of the car.

Feng Junlei was very alert.

He always looked around, and observed the surroundings.

Chu Qianxun looked at these people and planned in her heart.

After she arrived at the food factory,  and killed the two demons, then she would take them to a nearby base and let them stay there.

In her memory, the nearby base was the earliest and relatively stable place to be established at the beginning of the apocalypse.

At that time, the Shennai Group, under the banner of working together and overcoming difficulties, was quite a sunny and positive organization.

It was not as cruel as it showed after the later expansion.

If Chu Qianxun didn’t want to be with the aunt’s family, perhaps she would have stayed at this base longer.

Taking Feng Junlei and Gao Yan to the stable base was good for them.

As she was thinking, two jeeps passed by them, and after a short drive, they stopped.

A dozen men got out of the car and walked toward them.

Feng Junlei became nervous, quietly grasped the self-defense weapon, and stood in front of the girls.

Feng Qianqian hid behind Gao Yan, and Gan Xiaodan held a dagger that Chu Qianxun gave her.


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