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Chu Qianxun jumped off the roof of the car and looked at the person coldly.

She had the impression that the man was the leader.

He was sitting in the corner smoking a cigarette in the convenience store a few days ago, and everyone around him called him Brother Wei.

This Brother Wei’s expression was awkward.

There were blood stains faintly on his clothes.

She knew that he was not a good person.

Even though they were smiling at the moment, Chu Qianxun also pulled out the pistol.

They walked against the setting sun, with long shadows dragging in front of them.

When the black shadow on the ground was about to touch Chu Qianxun, she became alert, and jumped back a long distance to avoid the shadow.

The smile on the man’s face named Brother Wei faded for a moment.

He calmly took two steps forward, and the shadow on the ground extended to Gan Xiaodan.

Suddenly Gan Xiaodan found her hand moving on its own.

“What’s wrong What’s wrong with me” Gan Xiaodan shouted in panic.

Her body was completely out of her control.

She turned to Feng Qianqian, and the sharp knife hiding behind her to deal with the enemy was placed on Feng Qianqian’s tender neck without mercy.

“Qianqian!” Feng Junlei, who was standing in front of them, was anxious, “Sister Xiaodan, what are you doing!”

“I, I don’t know, my body is out of control!” Gan Xiaodan cried anxiously.

She involuntarily strangled Feng Qianqian.


Unexpectedly” Brother Wei laughed, he looked at Chu Qianxun who had avoided him in advance, “Your speed is so fast.

You have also awakened the ‘superpower’, right”

“I guess you are a speed type.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Chen Wei, and you can see that my superpower is a shadow.” He pointed to a man next to him, “This is my brother Ah Wei, His ability is fire.”

A tall, thin man beside Chen Wei snapped his fingers, and a small spark appeared on his hand.

In Chu Qianxun’s eyes, these amazing abilities were just superficial and ridiculous tricks performed by saints who had just awakened their potential.

She confronted Chen Wei with a calm face for a moment, and then smiled.

When Chu Qianxu was calm, there was a sense of indifference that made her look as if she had experienced the vicissitudes of life.

But when she smiled like that, she seemed to have instantly changed back to that innocent girl.

Her watery eyes looked at him with such a smile, and they relaxed a little vigilance.

“Brother Wei,” she said with a smile, as if the man opposite was not a murderer who scared the child with a knife, “it’s unnecessary, we don’t have any hatred, so why bother to do so.”

Chu Qianxun put the gun away, spread her hands, and signaled that there was no weapon in her hand, “If you have any needs, just say it.

We can do everything we can do.”

“Don’t come here!” Chen Wei took two steps back subconsciously while taking Gan Xiaodan back with him.

He originally wanted to attract this woman with ability to his side, but the intuition he had cultivated in society for many years told him that this woman was not as young and deceptive as she seemed.

In an instant, he decided to give up that idea.

In order not to lose face in front of his group, he changed his request, “Give me your car and the materials in it, and I will not embarrass you.”

Without saying a word, Chu Qianxun threw the car key to Chen Wei.

She was still smiling, but had killing intent in her heart.

For Feng Qianqian and their safety, she could leave the car and things, but if Chen Wei still refused to give up, then she couldn’t control herself anymore.

The men grabbed the key and got into the car to check.

They looked through the half box of food left in the trunk, and cried out excitedly.

Chen Wei watched Chu Qianxun vigilantly, he stepped back step by step, until the long shadow was about to leave Gan Xiaodan, then he turned into the car.

The car raised smoke and dust, and left proudly.

Gan Xiaodan finally regained her freedom.

She hugged Feng Qianqian and looked up and down whether she was injured.

Feng Qianqian was hugged by her father.

Gao Yan stomped her feet with anger, ignoring her image, and uttered a few vulgar words.

Then she sat down on the ground again, “What should we do They stole our food, what can we do now”

She stared blankly at the backpack that Chu Qianxun was carrying.

She knew that Chu Qianxun’s bag would contain some food, water, and medicine, but what could it do How long could they last without eating

Gao Yan couldn’t help but have some other thoughts in her mind.

The men seemed to be more powerful than Qianxun just now.

One of them could emit flames in his hands and the other could control people’s shadows.

They must have a lot of food in the car.

She should think of a way and follow them.

Gao Yan took a peek at Chu Qianxun, and secretly hid that idea in her heart.

Chu Qianxun seemed to be unconcerned about the loss of the vehicle and food.

She looked around.

There were carrot fields on both sides of the national highway where they were located.

At this time, the carrots under the ground were not yet mature, and the ground was lush and flexible. 

“Let’s go, find a place to stay first,” Chu Qianxun pointed to a small earthen house deep in the field.

Everyone came to the vicinity of the earthen house, turned around, and found to their dismay that there was no food in this dilapidated earthen house.

“I only found an earthen jar.

There is a tank next to it.

The faucet there is still working.

I filled it with some water,” Feng Junlei came over with a large earthen jar.


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