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Jiang Chengzhu was a kid who admired the strong since he was a child.

Although his father was a repugnant gambler, he was never soft when he fought with others.

Jiang Chengzhu had never been bullied by others when his father was there.

He, who grew up in such a chaotic environment, had been familiar with how to get what he wanted.

At this moment, he wanted to behave better, so that Chu Qianxun could value him, keep him by her side, and not have the idea of ​​just throwing him somewhere.

Next to Jiang Chengzhu was a bucket of gasoline drawn from the truck.

As per Chu Qianxun’s request, he was freezing them into cones of ice with his ability.

Chu Qianxun ran across the road toward the reservoir.

Her speed surpassed the limit of human beings, and she almost turned into a black shadow.

Two scarlet figures emerged from the dark warehouse door behind her.

Two demons, who were a little smaller than an adult, pulled the door frame with their limbs, stretched out their blood-red heads, and looked around.

The two screams turned into two red lines, directly following Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun didn’t look behind her at all and just ran wildly.

When she crossed the reservoir, she accurately tapped on the only wooden pole covered by the film, and jumped over.

The two Bloody Rogues followed closely and stepped into the trap.

The film of the trap collapsed, and the deep reservoir swallowed the two demons.

The bottom of the reservoir was filled with gasoline in advance, and even the agile Wanderers could not quickly climb up from such a slippery bottom.

And Chu Qianxun had already stopped, turned around, flung the lighter with one hand, and threw it into the bottom of the pool.

A big fire ignited in the reservoir.

A bright blue flame came up first, and then an orange-red flame soared into the sky.

When Feng Junlei reacted, it was already on fire.

The demons’ shrill cry came from the fire pit.

He hurriedly pressed the fuse to remove the pull rings of the grenades and threw them into the fire pit together.

The loud bang of gunpowder rang in the pit one after another, exploding them.

Flames and dirt covered the sky.

Feng Junlei took Feng Qianqian in his arms and waited until the earth-shaking noise passed.

There was no other movement except the blazing flame in the trap.

Relieved, Feng Junlei was about to come out of the hidden place in the high ground.

“Don’t come out!” Chu Qianxun scolded.

She held the long iron pole prepared in advance, and looked nervously at the edge of the fire pit.

Sure enough, after a while, a demon covered in red flames climbed up from the edge of the blazing pool.

It opened its mouth wide in pain, and thick black smoke came out of it.

Chu Qianxun held one end of the iron rod, and accurately pierced the demon’s mouth, stabbing it back into the fire pool.

Another demon crawled out at the same moment.

As soon as it climbed out of the burning fire pit, the flame on its body was extinguished at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Its red body was full of black smoke, and the skin on the body had a tendency to heal quickly.

Chu Qianxun swang at it with an iron rod.

The Bloody Rogue stretched out its hand, grabbed the other end of the iron rod, and stopped Chu Qianxun.

The second-order demon was extremely strong.

Chu Qianxun stomped on the ground, gritted her teeth, and tried her best to push it back a little bit.

As the flame on the demon’s body gradually extinguished, Chu Qianxun felt that its strength was getting better.

The Bloody Rouge stopped at the edge of the fire pit.

It stabilized its body and began to fight Chu Qianxun.

A yellow cone of ice shot from the air and hit the demon.

The ice cone made of gasoline quickly melted when heated.

When it splashed on the demon, it reignited its body.

The Bloody Rogue uttered a harsh, very similar scream of a human female.

Four or five ice cones flew over one after another.

The fire ignited on the demon’s body, and it finally released its hand holding the iron rod.

Chu Qianxun used her hands to push it down the burning pool of fire.

But after that, the first demon re-emerged from the edge of the fire pit.

This time, without waiting for Chu Qianxun, a thin iron chain on the ground flew up, entangled the whole body of the demon at once, and the badly injured demon couldn’t stabilize its body and fell into the raging flame again.

Chu Qianxun stood by the edge of the fire pit.

Fortunately, they didn’t climb up again.

A cold sweat broke out on her back.

This time she miscalculated the situation, but she didn’t expect that the demons in the warehouse would evolve to the second-order so quickly.

Fortunately, the demons fell into the trap with the help of her companions.

Chu Qianxun looked back at Jiang Chengzhu and Feng Qianqian.

Although only a little bit of power was used, the two newbies who had just got their abilities had already tried their best.

The girl leaned softly in her father’s arms, and the teenager slumped on the ground.

Although they were all exhausted and panting, there was a little light of flame in their eyes, and they looked excitedly at Chu Qianxun. 

They looked forward to being praised.

In fact, they didn’t just want her to protect them,  but hoped to be companions who could help.

A little bit of warmth ignited in Chu Qianxun’s cold and hard heart.

The same road, the same people, but she had a completely different feeling.

The raging flame burned all afternoon.

It didn’t slowly go out until the sky got dark.


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