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When Chu Qianxun came out of the private loan center, another 300,000 deposits were added to her account.

Although she is still a student, because she has fixed assets under her name, this small quick loan will be credited within today.

Chu Qianxun calculated the funds she could use.

She accidentally borrowed 100,000 yuan from Fu Silly, got a deposit of 1 million yuan in real estate transactions, 300,000 private (borrowed) loans, and all the deposits left by her parents were changed to current deposits, nearly 500,000 yuan, totaling 1.8 million yuan.

The money is not too much, and it is not too little to say less.

She has to buy everything she needs in less than four days and spend the money that hasn’t been spent quickly.

In the evening, Chu Qianxun returned to the dormitory.

As soon as she opened the door of the dormitory, she was greeted by a large and small courier box, and her roommates screaming at her,

“Axun, why are you buying like crazy Last week, who said she would chop off her hands if she bought things”

“It’s also shipped via SF Express.

That’s expensive! You are prodigal!”

“Qianxun, ignore them.

What did you buy Can you open and let us see”

Chu Qianxun opened the express box with a utility knife and pulled out a set of four exact jacket from the inside.

“One person each.

Pick the one you like.” Chu Qianxun said.

The chattering in the dormitory quieted down.

“You bought it for us” the dormitory head Han Xuan asked in surprise.

“What’s wrong Why did you suddenly buy us clothes” He Mingyan was also very surprised.

“I have a relative who works in a garment factory.

These are all samples for quality proofing.

These are very cheap so I’m giving you each a set.” Chu Qianxun explained casually.

“This brand seems to be familiar.” Another roommate, Gan Xiaodan, is a fan of outdoor sports.

She has some understanding of this kind of outdoor clothes and equipment.

“No way, this brand seems to be an international brand that specializes in outdoor sports.”

Gan Xiaodan pulled out her phone, swiped it, and screamed: “Wow, this is XX’s professional jacket.

A set of it is at least two thousand! Chu Qianxun, are you crazy!”

“Don’t yell, these are not a genuine product but an imitation.” Chu Qianxun interrupted her.

“This scared me to death,” Gan Xiaodan patted her chest, and enthusiastically opened the outer packaging of the clothes.

She took it in her hands then fumbled left and right.

“The workmanship is really good.

I almost thought it’s the real thing lah.”

“What kind of clothes cost more than two thousand Why so expensive” Han Xuan put the clothes on her body and tried it.

“Dormitory head, Ming Yan, you don’t know, this is the most famous brand for outdoor sports equipment.

This jacket has excellent wear resistance, quick-drying and cold-proof effects.

It is very suitable to wear in extreme environments.

You guys, if you go to travel and wear it, you will know.” Gan Xiaodan began to show off her half-bucket knowledge.

Chu Qianxun took out five more backpacks, one for each.

“Wow, there are also backpacks.” Gan Xiaodan cheered, and took the lead.

“This is a functional bag, waterproof and wear-resistant for a long time.”

“How come there are five There is another one for Lu Zhehan, right “Han Xuan asked.

“That must be Lu Zhehan’s, do you still need to talk about it” Gan Xiaodan received the benefits, and the whole person was acting coquettish to Chu Qianxun, wagging her imaginary tail, “Chu Chu, why are you so good I love you to death.”

“Thank you, Qianxun.

I’m really sorry for letting you spend so much money.” He Mingyan is as what her name suggests.

She is beautiful, and she speaks softly.

“Thanks, Ah Xun.” The dormitory head, Han Xuan, had a better relationship with her and patted her on the shoulder without being polite.

Chu Qianxun was silent seeing the three people with vivid smiling faces around her who once fell miserably before her eyes.

This time, Chu Qianxun may not have the ability to save them but as much as she can, she wants to do a little bit for them.


In the early morning campus, the air is fresh and invigorating.

Many students appeared on the playground for morning exercise.

A girl jogging along the track attracted the attention of many boys.

She has fair skin, slender limbs, and her high ponytail flicks behind her head with her every jog.

“She’s pretty, go have a chat”

“I don’t know which school girl it is”

“Don’t be silly, she’s a sophomore and the flower in Department of Economics and Trade, and she already has a master.”

The muttering voices of the boys couldn’t reach Chu Qianxuns ears.

She ran for about one kilometer and when she felt her limit, she stopped.

Panting through her mouth, she raised her hand to look at her watch.

It is 6:45 in the morning on the 19th, and there are still three days before the end of the day.

She walked towards the large supermarket and pharmacy outside the school.

Chu Qianxun returned to the dormitory carrying a large bag of food and medicine when a man reached out and stopped her downstairs.

She stared for a long time before remembering that this should be her boyfriend Lu Zhehan who she just started dating.

For Chu Qianxun, this was a short and bad relationship ten years ago.

At this moment, this “ex-boyfriend” looked gentle and considerate, reaching out to take things from her with concern.

“Qianxun, why didn’t you answer my call these past two days Your roommate said you went back to your hometown.

Did something happen at home”

Lu Zhehan is tall, with handsome eyebrows, and a crisp shaved short hair.

He looks personable, like a very competent boyfriend.

But Chu Qianxun knew that he was just a mere soft bastard.

When the end came, Chu Qianxun was frightened by the terrifying monster.

With tears and snots, she only knew how to run to her boyfriend who claimed he’d protect her forever.

Lu Zhehan indeed took her hand and dragged her to escape with the crowd.

Chu Qianxun stumbled and fell to the ground while running in a panic.

She stretched out her hand in a panic to ask her boyfriend for help.

Of course, looking back now, Chu Qianxun also spurned her cowardly and incompetent self.

When she was most frightened, Lu Zhehan didn’t hesitate to shake off her hand, just trying to escape for his life.

The twisted face that looked back at her while running gave Chu Qianxun the first post-apocalyptic lesson.

If it weren’t for Fu Silly to pass by and give her a hand, Chu Qianxun might have died there.

Chu Qianxun smiled, avoiding Lu Zhehan’s hand extended to her.

Although for Chu Qianxun who was accustomed to seeing all kinds of ugly human natures in the latter part of the doomsday, Lu Zhehan was nothing at all.

But it doesn’t mean that she’s still willing to waste her precious time on such a person.

“Sorry, classmate Zhehan but I think we are inappropriate.”

Lu Zhehan’s face distorted, he took Chu Qianxun’s hand: “Why!”

“There is no why.” Chu Qianxun broke his hand.

“We don’t suit each other so let’s have a good break.

Lu Zhehan, don’t make it too ugly.”

Lu Zhehan sullenly looked at the back of Chu Qianxun leaving without mercy.

Obviously, it was only two or three days, but this girl seemed to have suddenly changed into a different person.

The aura of her whole person was different.

A few days ago, he had obviously picked this haughty department flower in his hand.

What caused this woman to completely change her attitude towards him in such a short period of time


In the early morning of the 20th, Xiao Liu from the car rental shop received a very young female customer.

This customer is still a college student who just obtained her driver’s license for less than a month.

She called to make an appointment the day before yesterday and rent a Hummer H1 for three days.

According to their rules, as long as the customer can provide a driver’s license, deposit and credit card, they have no reason to refuse the customer.

But Xiao Liu was still very worried about this.

After receiving the female customer, he persuaded her along the way, hoping that the young girl could change her mind and rent a model with stable performance and friendlier to women.

The female college student was wearing a simple casual shirt and a pair of light-colored jeans.

She jumped into the cab, flicked her long hair, ignited, stepped on the clutch, geared a series of actions and then raised her hand.

Turning the steering wheel with one hand to reverse the car cleanly, and add half a small drift.

Amid the rough sound of the Hummer’s engine, her innocent and immature face poked out from the cab: “What model did you just tell me to change”

The domineering Hummer hurried away from the door of the rental car shop, raising dust all the way.

Xiao Liu’s colleague patted him on the shoulder, “It’s really cool, she drove the car wildly.

Has there been such a car customer for several years What kind of car did you suggest to her to rent anyway”

Xiao Liu held up the file folder and blocked his red face.


Chu Qianxun drove the rented Hummer all the way to the national highway on the outskirts of Huacheng, and parked the car in a small warehouse she rented in advance on the side of the road.

She opened the trunk and neatly stacked boxes of compressed biscuits, drinking water and barrels of gasoline that had been placed in the warehouse in advance.

After the doomsday comes, roads in the city will soon be blocked, and it is basically impossible to drive out smoothly.

The highway will soon be paralyzed.

Only the national road is barely passable under the first breakthrough and clearing of land by the army.

So, Chu Qianxun prepared a car at the exit of the national highway.

As for whether she can get to this exit, or whether she can use this car after getting here, it is not within her consideration.

For someone who has survived ten years in doomsday, the beginning is actually a very friendly period for survivors.

At that time, most of the food was not spoiled, all kinds of living materials were well preserved, vehicles and gasoline were available almost everywhere.

The combat effectiveness of the newly born demons is still very low, and human beings still retain some of their basic order and morals.

The only pity is that her body is so weak at the moment.

Chu Qianxun sighed, and squeezed the limbs that had been sore after a few exercises.

Whether such a body can survive, it really depends on a little luck.

Chu Qianxun picked up her phone when it rang and her cousin Xu Xiangyang’s divine voice came from the other end of the mobile phone,

“I said the little girl.” Xu Xiangyang was squatting in the corner of the villa, holding the phone microphone in one hand, slightly blocking the sharp noise from the chainsaw, “Is this family super rich They buy two things or more, afraid that they won’t have enough”

“What’s wrong”

“Do you know This morning, the workers sen two generators, the kind used in hotels.

They said they want one to be installed and the other to be used as a spare.” Xu Xiangyang said in an exaggerated tone, “2 100kVA generator*! How many power outages can this serve Buy one and prepare one.”

“Well, the generators already arrived, is it being installed”

“That’s for sure, there have been several workers.

The master said that the local tyrant has added a lot of money, and the only request is just be fast.

Tsk tsk.” Xu Xiangyang deeply felt that he couldn’t understand the world of the rich.

“By the way, I don’t know what they will use this house.

Since yesterday, people have been delivering goods continuously.

What kind of rice, instant noodles, biscuits, quilts, everything is messy and almost piled up.

My mother has been busy helping them pick up the goods all day long.”

“Cousin.” Chu Qianxun interrupted him and said in a serious tone, “When the things arrive, you can help collect them.

Don’t shout everywhere.

My classmate’s family is in the army, and some confidential incidents may be involved.”

Xu Xiangyang closed his mouth and said, “Xun Xun, don’t scare me, do they have secrets Do you know it Can you tell me a little bit”

“Brother Xiangyang, don’t ask, just hurry up and do the things on your hands first.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if it looks good or not but it must be strong.”

For Chu Qianxun, there is really very little she can do.

It is still unknown whether her aunt’s family will survive in such a chaotic environment on the day the demon seed descends.

“My classmates Villa player, there are a lot of doomsday genres, there are some novel about the last days.

Cousin, when you have nothing to do in the evening watch it with uncle and aunt, OK”

“That won’t work, mom would be scared to death when she saw those monsters.”


“Xunxun, what’s wrong Why don’t you talk Look, I think it’s okay I’ll take my mom and dad to watch with me at night.”


” Oh, brother is here.”

“Take care of my aunt and uncle, and wait for me to go home.”

At 12:10 noon on the 20th, only two days before the end.


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