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But the pale fingers were tightly gripping her trouser, stubbornly refusing to let her go, and even a little trembling.

It made her embarrassed to kick him.

Chu Qianxun sighed.

She caused herself another trouble.

“Sister Qianxun, I found a box of biscuits.

There are also some daily necessities.

It seems that someone has been hiding in this room for a while,” Jiang Chengzhu excitedly carried a large cardboard box over, with two backpacks in his hands.

After becoming a saint, his strength had also increased and picking huge things was not too difficult for him now.

Chu Qianxun flipped through the box with light, “Okay, that’s enough.

Take everything out.”

“What about this person…”

Chu Qianxun pulled her trouser, but she couldn’t pull it out.

So she finally squatted down and put the man on her shoulders.

Forget it, maybe this person just didn’t want to die in this room or be left alone in this darkness.

She would wait for his death. 

Then she would take him out and let him die with peace of mind.

He was locked.

It certainly was not a demon who did it, presumably it was done by humans.

It was not uncommon.

In the doomsday, many shameless people had done the task of pushing their companions to demons in order to get away.

Just tying a person to a shelf like this, letting him and the demons be locked in a confined space.

Moreover watching the demons swallow his body in boundless fear, it was too bad.

The man was thin, but tall.

Chu Qianxun could only carry him across her shoulders.

One of his arms fell from Chu Qianxun’s shoulders.

Chu Qianxun could clearly see that a large piece of flesh was missing on that arm, revealing the dense white bones inside.

She was carrying an adult man on her back, and didn’t feel strenuous at all.

She took the backpack in Jiang Chengzhu’s hand.

The two came out of the warehouse with supplies.

Gao Yan, Gan Xiaodan and others gathered around to help take the supplies.

“What’s wrong with this person”

“He is hurt badly.”

“This… is he still alive”

The moment the man on her shoulders was placed on the grass outdoors, Chu Qianxun suddenly discovered that the wound on the man’s arm looked better than a while before. 

The place where the bones were clearly exposed was already covered by flesh and blood.

Although it was still a serious wound, it was obviously recovering at a speed different from ordinary people.

Chu Qianxun frowned.

Outside the warehouse, the sky was not dark, and she could clearly see the appearance of this man.

Although he was completely wounded and bloodstained, she could still tell that he was a very young man.

His body was a little thin, his limbs were slender, his messy hair was slightly curly, and his face was mixed with blood.

She couldn’t see his appearance.

His injuries looked serious, but Chu Qianxun could feel that those wounds were recovering quickly.

At the end of the apocalypse, when certain healers used their ability, they could restore the hideous wounds at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Although this man hadn’t reached that level, he was still quite amazing.

At least when Chu Qianxun entered the warehouse for the first time at noon, the person’s body was definitely not the way it was now.

Otherwise, Chu Qianxun would not think he was dead.

This person must be a saint with supernatural powers.

But it was still the early days of the apocalypse.

No matter how fast he advanced, he couldn’t have such a strong healing ability.


That word flashed in Chu Qianxun’s mind.

Saints with immortal powers were very rare.

They were called immortals.

These people had extremely powerful self-recovery ability, and it was said that even if their hands and feet were cut off, these people could regenerate.

After the vitality was cut off, some time later they could be regenerated again.

But they generally had no offensive power, and they were not as helpful to others as healers.

So it was a very useless ability other than life saving.

Moreover, the so-called immortals were not in the true sense immortal and particularly serious injuries would still cause them to die.

In the latter part of the doomsday, such rare saints never appeared again.

Except for one person.

The demon Ye Peitian, who made everyone frightened, had abnormally possessed the dual abilities of immortality and sand control.

It was rumored that even if Ye Peitian’s head was cut off from his head, cut into eight pieces, and thrown to the end of the world, he would eventually be able to resurrect.

So no matter how many enemies he had, they couldn’t really kill him.

Chu Qianxun thought of the face of the demon Ye Peitian, and couldn’t help but get a cold sweat.

Gao Yan and others sorted out the materials brought out from the warehouse,

They were pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to the full box of biscuits, the other two backpacks were stuffed with two blankets, four or five pieces of clothing, half a bag of salt, and some sundries.

Everyone was happy.

With these, their survival problems would be solved for the short term.

Everyone shared their things and prepared to leave by car.

Before leaving, Chu Qianxun looked back at the man she had placed on the grass.

The man couldn’t move, but he kept his eyes on her.

Chu Qianxun hesitated for a moment, and put the immortal on her back again.

When she put him on her shoulders, she heard a muffled noise from the drooping head.

It seemed like a ‘thank you’.


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