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After arriving at Goose City, she could continue to head east to Ludao, killing two birds with one stone.

It was originally less than two hundred kilometers from Huacheng to Goose City.

Even if they stopped to rest, they would be there soon.

But since she accidentally picked Ye Peitian, everyone in the car felt that she became anxious.

The closer they got to Goose City, the more densely populated counties and cities were, and the roads were blocked by crashed vehicles along the way.

“I can’t drive.

Get out of the car,” Chu Qianxun stopped the car.

Everyone got out of the car and carried all the usable materials on their bodies.

This was already the third car they have changed.

Whenever the road was blocked by many cars, everyone could only get out of the car and walk on foot.

When walking to an area with unobstructed roads, Chu Qianxun could always use her proficient unlocking skills to get a vehicle for everyone to ride.

A sign on the side of the road was hit by something and was seriously deformed, and there was still a stump of an unknown creature hanging on it.

The road ahead was empty, and all kinds of damaged vehicles were clustered together.

The open doors shook occasionally in the wind and made a creaking noise, but there was no one in the cars.

The broken windows of the cars were stained with dark-brown liquid indicating the remnant fight that took place there a few days ago.

The ground was covered with messy debris and blood, but there were no corpses in sight.

The absence of a corpse meant that the people in the cars either escaped alive or had become demons.

The possibility of demons appearing nearby was very high.

Everyone carried various weapons collected along the way, and carefully walked through the gaps of vehicles.

There seemed to be a woman standing in the green belt on the side of the road.

“She” was wearing a lake-blue floral fishtail skirt, the skirt was still gently swaying in the wind, but above her neck were five fleshy petals, which were wide open, with a circle of sharp teeth and two long tentacles.

When Gan Xiaodan saw the demon, she thought of the day when the crystals fell.

At that time, she saw a demon eating people downstairs in the dormitory. 

She stepped back in terror.

Chu Qianxun put her hand on her shoulder, “Don’t be afraid, this is just an ordinary demon that hasn’t advanced yet.

It’s not fast or powerful.

You can kill it.”

When encountering ordinary demons on the road, Chu Qianxun no longer attacked them herself.

The more one fought against demons, the more they could improve their abilities, and it was easier to stimulate the potential of ordinary people.

At this time, no one could protect others for a lifetime.

If she protected people too much, she might harm her friends.

Jiang Chengzhu was eager to try, and was the first to walk forward.

He even smiled in excitement.

Five sharp ice cones slowly condensed in the air, rotating and floating beside him.

Jiang Chengzhu’s ability was improving day by day at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Feng Junlei handed Feng Qianqian to Chu Qianxun and followed up with a fire ax.

Gao Yan’s beautiful nail polished hands tugged on her side, and finally waved a sharp crowbar and rushed forward.

“You go too,” Chu Qianxun pushed Gan Xiaodan.

“I…I dare not,” Gan Xiaodan turned pale.

“You don’t dare to fight when I’m by your side.

If I’m not here, will you just wait to die” Chu Qianxun pushed her out, “Go!”

Jiang Chengzhu had already gone to the demon.

While the demon attacked with the blood-red tentacles, it controlled the human limbs to make strange and uncoordinated movements.

Gan Xiaodan walked a few steps forward and looked back at Chu Qianxun with red eyes.

“Go!” Chu Qianxun frowned impatiently, “If you don’t cut it today, I will throw you on the road.”

Tears came out of Gan Xiaodan’s eyes.

While crying, she waved the kitchen knife in her hand and rushed forward.

The demon was besieged by everyone.

It got injured in many places, and uttered a shrill cry.

Gan Xiaodan rushed to its side, screamed louder than the demon, and slashed at the demon with a knife.

Feng Qianqian couldn’t bear Gan Xiaodan’s piercing screams and covered her ears.

A few coins floated beside her, and they slowly elongated in the air, turning them into slender pointed needles.

A few long needles flashed in the air, and there was a thumping sound of breaking through the air.

They sank into the heart of the “Flesh Flower” and came out of the demon’s chest again.

Chu Qianxun looked at the battle in front of her.

The attack power of ordinary demons was low.

As long as they overcame the fear in their heart, it was not difficult to defeat them.

She glanced at Ye Peitian beside her who stood there silently, and had no intention of participating in the war.

Of course, Chu Qianxun wouldn’t care about Ye Peitian’s business.

Ye Peitian’s ability improved slowly, and she was more at ease.

Boom- Boom- Boom- 

A loud footsteps came.

A Dull Walker appeared at the end of the road.

Their movement attracted this powerful first-order demon.

Chu Qianxun drew the knife, squatted and sprinted, turning into a black shadow to greet the huge demon.

Among them, only she had the ability to fight first-order demons.

But there was someone behind her.

Chu Qianxun’s speed was already close to the first-order peak, but this person was only a few steps behind her.

“I’ll help you,” a low voice said concisely.

“Be careful, its speed would suddenly increase, its strength is great, and its weakness is in the belly button,” Chu Qianxun explained.

A strange feeling arose in Chu Qianxun’s heart.

She was fighting alongside Ye Peitian.

The black-clothed girl rushed to the huge and bloated demon and accurately pierced the sharp knife into the Dull Walker’s abdomen.

The Dull Walker waved its fat big hand and slapped her with a palm.


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