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Chu Qianxun dodged quickly and swiftly, and shuttled back and forth around its fat body.

Yellow sand was lifted up in the sky and splashed on the Dull Walker’s eyes.

Chu Qianxun seized the opportunity when the Dull Walker’s vision was blocked, leaped into the air, and stabbed several times in its belly button.

The Dull Walker let out a loud scream.

He suddenly squatted down.

The demon was going to sprint!

Chu Qianxun reflexively dodged.

She didn’t expect what happened next and her heart stopped.

The Dull Walker was going to sprint to where Jiang Chengzhu and the others were.

Ordinary people were not the Dull Walker’s opponents.

In this sprint, the Dull Walker could easily turn them into meatloaf.

The Dull Walker made the iconic gesture of preparing to sprint, but failed to move forward.

Two pairs of big hands made of yellow sand stretched out from the ground under its legs, holding its ankle.

Ye Peitian’s palms were squeezed tightly in front of his chest.

He stared at the Dull Walker, with sweat oozing from his forehead.

He only persisted for a moment, then the hands made of yellow sand fell..

But in such a moment, the Dull Walker tripped, and the huge body fell onto the road with a thud.

The Dull Walker had a huge body and a bloated abdomen.

Once it fell, it was difficult to get up.

It flipped its body along the road, overwhelming the tree signs along the way.

Chu Qianxun refused to let it go, and followed closely, while constantly waiting for opportunities to attack its abdomen.

Finally, after a long tug of war, this huge second-order demon was killed.

Jiang Chengzhu and Feng Qianqian, who rushed to help, exhausted their abilities in the middle of the battle and took rest.

Only Ye Peitian accompanied Chu Qianxun to the end.

He had been using that very weak sand control skill to skillfully assist Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun stepped on the huge corpse of the Dull Walker and got its green crystal core.

She sat on a high place and looked down.

Ye Peitian’s face was pale, sweaty and he bent down and held his knees to pant.

Chu Qianxun had to admit that from her standpoint, Ye Peitian was indeed a fighting genius.

He had no combat experience, and the power to control sand was still very weak, but he could quickly master his skills in battle, instinctively seize various fleeting opportunities, and skillfully use his ability.

He was worthy of being a man who scared the whole world.

The sky gradually darkened.

Chu Qianxun found a small truck again and parked it in a relatively secluded place on the side of the road for the night.

After a while during the day, everyone was exhausted.

Chu Qianxun took the initiative to watch the first shift.

She sat on the roof of the car, took the crystal core she had obtained during the day, and felt a slight movement in her body, and then this strange feeling quickly calmed down.

She reached a critical stage! Chu Qianxun tightened her hand.

She couldn’t help reaching out and touching the two second-order crystal cores hidden in the inner pocket of the jacket.

She began to think about when to upgrade to the second-order.

It was very dangerous when upgrading, and any saint could be demonized when upgrading.

The first-order was a little better, and as the order increased, that probability would increase.

Chu Qianxun took her hand back.

She couldn’t upgrade so hastily.

If she became a demon, not just herself, Gao Yan, Feng Qianqian and others would also be in danger.

Chu Qianxun looked down from the roof of the car.

In the silent night, there was no moon or starlight, and the people who were in front of the car had already fallen into a deep sleep, and were snoring slightly.

Only one pair of eyes were open in the darkness, staring blankly at the dim night sky above his head.

“You… why didn’t you sleep” Chu Qianxun whispered.

Ye Peitian seemed to sleep very little, and she didn’t know what he was thinking about.

The previous night, she also saw him sitting and watching the moon all night.

“There is no moon today,” the man answered the question.

His voice was low, as if he was just talking to himself in his own world.

Chu Qianxun stretched her head from the roof of the car, just in time to meet the pair of eyes that were sparkling in the dark with fine light.

“I’m afraid that all this is just my dream.

When I open my eyes and wake up, I will find myself in that dark room,” Ye Peitian said softly.

Chu Qianxun felt a little uncomfortable when she heard that.

She had labeled this man as a devil in her heart early, and instinctively rejected him.

But in fact, he hadn’t done anything yet, and he still worked hard to help Chu Qianxun kill the demon and obtain the crystal core.

Chu Qianxun flipped through her backpack and found a tactical light stick, folded it, and threw it to Ye Peitian.

“If you are afraid of the dark, take this to sleep.

It will light up all night.”

Ye Peitian caught the light stick and stopped talking.

He held the yellow glowing stick and slowly retracted into the blanket.

The warm yellow light seeped from his fingers, expelled the darkness, and illuminated the space inside the blanket.

He put his hand on his forehead.

Even if he closed his eyes, he could feel that brightness.

Ye Peitian finally closed his eyes slowly.

He didn’t know how long he hadn’t got a real sleep.

Except when he died, he didn’t seem to have the right to rest.

In the painful days of being repeatedly tortured, Ye Peitian almost fell into the brink of collapse several times.

If he was still in that dark warehouse, he would’ve gone crazy completely.

He never imagined that he would encounter such warmth.

Before falling asleep, he thought so.


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