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When Ye Peitian woke up, his heart was suddenly tightened by a burst of fear, and he didn’t want to open his eyes.

He was afraid every time he “woke up” before, he only saw a piece of darkness like the eternal night, and two pairs of blood red eyes in the darkness.

In the silent room, the two demons would laugh like humans.

They seemed to be excited that they could enjoy a big meal again.

They would crawl over at the fastest speed and wrap their sticky tongues around his newly awakened body.

With such fear, Ye Peitian barely opened his eyes.

There was a faint warm yellow light in front of him.

A light stick lay quietly in front of his eyes.

After a night, it still glowed with a faint and soft light.

The fresh air in the morning pounced on Ye Peitian’s face with a chill.

He sat up in the morning light.

A butterfly on the grass was startled by his actions.

It spread its soft wings, and flew leisurely between the grass leaves covered with dewdrops, and headed toward the blue sky in the fine brilliance.

A fourteen year old boy was lying on a mat near Ye Peitian, and sleeping soundly.

A six or seven year old girl was sitting on a tree stump not far from him.

She was stretching out her white and tender finger to float a few pieces of coins in the air.

She turned them into long needles and thin slices.

She seemed to treat it as a game, and even giggled..

The girl’s father bent over near her and collected dry wood on the ground.

Two young women talked around an earthen jar on the fire.

“Is this a snake Can it really be eaten”

“It’s definitely edible.

Is there anything Qianxun caught that we can’t eat”

The earthen jar was steaming hot, and a peculiar fragrance spread.

The world in front of Ye Peitian’s eyes finally became real as if he had been thrown out of the mist in such a noise.

He opened his palms to support his forehead.

It was true that he finally escaped. 

(Our poor Peitian)

“Can you eat this” Someone was talking to him.

Ye Peitian put down his palm in a daze.

Chu Qianxun stood in front of him, holding a pile of yellow loquats in her hands.

She stuffed the fruit in her mouth and spoke vaguely.

She raised her hand and threw a loquat branch with fruits into Ye Peitian’s hands.

Everyone huffed around and happily shared the loquat in Chu Qianxun’s hand.

After eating biscuits and sweet potato slices all the way, the fresh fruit was full of temptations for them.

“While passing through the forest, I found a loquat tree, half ripe, you can pick some.” Chu Qianxun pointed at Fang Junlei, “Pick as many as you can.

You won’t see it again in the future.”

The girls cheered, and then drilled into the forest with tools, and Feng Junlei followed.

Jiang Chengzhu, who had just woken up, rubbed his eyes and was about to go, but Chu Qianxun grabbed him, “Chengzhu, you can stay and help me a little bit.”

Whenever Chu Qianxun asked Jiang Chengzhu to do something, he was very happy as if he had received some honor.

It was the same this time, and he stopped immediately.

Ye Peitian also stopped.

“Go pick loquats, so you could eat them on the road,” Chu Qianxun urged him.

Ye Peitian hesitated for a moment and followed everyone away.

She waited until everyone was out of sight.

Jiang Chengzhu was excited, “Sister Qianxun, why did you tell me to stay”

Chu Qianxun hesitated for a moment looking at the boy who was only thirteen years old, “Chengzhu, although you are young, you are the bravest and most capable one among them.” Chu Qianxun said solemnly, “Every time a demon appears, you are the first to rush up.

I can only ask you this.”

Jiang Chengzhu straightened his back.

Chu Qianxun grabbed his shoulders and looked into his eyes, “I want to ask you to guard me.

You must cut off my head before I become completely demonized.”

She handed a sharp machete to Jiang Chengzhu.

Jiang Chengzhu was taken aback.

As if he had been burned, he quickly retracted his hand, “Sister Qianxun, what are you talking about How could you become a demon”

Chu Qianxun felt that her request was cruel to this young man.

But in the doomsday, this was something that every saint would face from time to time and must adapt.

Those who did not adapt would not live for a long time.

She held Jiang Chengzhu’s arm and forced the handle of the knife into his hand.

“If a part of my body starts to be demonized and I turn into a demon.” Chu Qianxun stretched out a finger and placed it on her white neck, “You can chop along here, don’t hesitate.”

Jiang Chengzhu desperately tried to free his hand from Chu Qianxun’s grip, “No, no, I can’t do it.”

The force that grabbed his wrist suddenly loosened, and he fell to the ground.

In his mind, the powerful and indifferent sister stood in front of him, with a look of disappointment in her condescending eyes.

“Can’t you do it” Chu Qianxun sighed.

She moved her fingers from her neck and pointed in the direction of the loquat forest in the distance, “Then you can leave.”

“Go and tell them.

If I don’t take the initiative to find them, then don’t come back.

This place is very close to Goose City.

You can go the rest of the way by yourself.”

Without looking back, she got into the small truck alone and took out the second-order crystal core.

The green crystal core that shimmered at her fingertips would enter her abdomen, either making her stronger, or turning her into a demon.

Countless saints had failed when they advanced, and Chu Qianxun had no idea how many times she had seen the process of human beings becoming demons.

She had also personally cut off a companion’s head.

Chu Qianxun no longer hesitated,

The green gleam lit up in the air, and disappeared into her mouth.

She could only get stronger.

Jiang Chengzhu pushed open the door of the truck.

He opened the door of the truck with one hand and held the sharp machete in the other.

The veins on his neck burst out and his face showed a decisive look.

“I, I will keep watch, Sister Qianxun,” he gritted his teeth.


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