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Chu Qianxun reluctantly nodded, “You… don’t be afraid.”

A strong pain was gushing out of her body, and torturing her will.

She had experienced this kind of pain several times, but she was never used to it.

Jiang Chengzhu’s words began to become fuzzy.

Chu Qianxun couldn’t help holding her head and curled up.

She just felt that the blood vessels all over her body were broken and burst open.

The limbs seemed to be torn apart in an instant, and it was so painful that even the soul twitched.

She felt herself in a chaotic space, endlessly falling toward darkness.

There was a faint puddle of green light, and that dim light spread out countless veins and stretched up to entangle her body.

There was a strong desire in Chu Qianxun’s heart, longing to be able to get rid of this boundless pain and get complete relief.

An unspeakable voice sounded from all directions, softly tempted, persuading her to give up resistance.

It seemed that as long as she gave up, she could get the ultimate pleasure.

An unprecedented hunger surged from the bottom of her heart, and her body was hollowed out of general hunger.

Every cell in her body was clamoring, trying to fill her hungry abdomen with food.

It was best to use fresh, hot flesh and blood.

No, Chu Qianxun said in her heart.

She wouldn’t.

A warm yellow light glowed slightly from her body.

Although it was very weak, it expanded slowly and firmly.

It enclosed Chu Qianxun, who was curled up in the darkness.

Those green veins were driven out by the yellow light and slowly receded.

The clamoring and boiling blood in Chu Qianxun’s body slowly calmed down.

She was floating in the vast darkness, guarded by the small circle of faint light, and felt an unprecedented peace and warmth.

When Chu Qianxun opened her eyes, she saw Jiang Chengzhu’s nervous and concerned face.

She smiled a little, nodded to Jiang Chengzhu, sat up slowly, and wiped the sticky sweat on her head.

“Success, it’s all right,” she said.

Chu Qianxun sat at the back of the truck and looked out.

The sun shone through the verdant green leaves in the spring, shed a little golden light.

The whole world became extremely clear and bright in her eyes, and it became colorful.

She felt that her body was full of strength, and both the strength of her limbs and the agility of her movements had a qualitative leap.

She spread out her right palm, and a circle of yellow light appeared on it.

The light was so weak that it was almost indistinguishable in the sun.

This was her ability, the supernatural power named “Holy Light” by the religious organization that would dominate the human race.

It was said that this ability was not very helpful to others more than two levels lower.

But in the process of just breaking through, Chu Qianxun clearly felt the help of this ability.

It was not a useless ability.

Chu Qianxun smiled.

“Sister Qianxun, are you okay” Jiang Chengzhu asked in fear.

Just now, for a while, he thought that Chu Qianxun was really about to become a demon in front of him.

Fortunately, the hideous green lines that climbed onto the skin eventually receded, and Chu Qianxun slowly returned to normal.

Chu Qianxun lightly jumped out of the truck and patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks, Chengzhu.”

She seemed the same as usual, but still different.

Jiang Chengzhu keenly felt that this sister had become stronger and more confident.


In the forest, Gao Yan wiped the sweat from her head, “Shouldn’t this be enough”

There were several large bags at her feet, one by one they filled them with yellow loquat fruit.

Gan Xiaodan and Gao Yan each lifted a bag.

The bag was very heavy, and the two women struggled to walk.

When Ye Peitian passed by them, he put the two bags in his hands into one hand, and reached out the other hand in front of Gan Xiaodan and Gao Yan.

He was wearing a black T-shirt that didn’t fit well, and his sleeves were pulled over his elbows, revealing a powerful and unusually white arm.

“Can you carry them all” Gao Yan was a little embarrassed.

Ye Peitian didn’t speak, but took the two bags in their hands.

He carried four bags alone and walked with everyone without any difficulty.

“You are really strong.

Is it because you have powers” Gao Yan said as she walked, “Qianxun is the same as you, very strong, and runs very fast.”

Ye Peitian nodded slightly.

“Chengzhu’s ability is to freeze ice, Qianqian’s ability is to control metal.

Qianxun may have speed.

What is your ability Are you immortal” Gao Yan was a little curious, “This ability is really good.

Now, if I had this ability, I wouldn’t have to be afraid of death anymore.”

Ye Peitian was silent.

“Actually, I have always wanted to ask, why were you locked in that warehouse” Gao Yan asked.

That made Feng Junlei turn his head.

That question had been held in everyone’s heart for a few days.

Ye Peitian was silent for a moment, “I…I came back to life after being seriously injured.

They said I might become a demon and wanted to lock me up first.”

His slightly curly hair fell down and covered his beautiful eyes as he continued, “Later, someone in the warehouse turned into a demon, and everyone else escaped and locked the door from the outside.”

He spoke very succinctly, but the listeners still felt a burst of horror.

Gan Xiaodan took a breath, “Those people are too much, who are they Do you know them”

Ye Peitian was silent, and walked forward quickly.

Obviously, he did not want to answer that question.

When everyone came back, Chu Qianxun had no idea where to go to clean up her slimy sweat.

She was lying on a thick branch with her hands pillowed and basking in the sun.

Her wet hair was scattered behind her head with one foot hanging in the air, and a sweet grass root in her mouth.

She seemed very happy.


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