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Ye Peitian was in the air and experienced a strong sense of weightlessness.

He moved away from the ground, the earth wall on the ground shattered, and countless hideous demons emerged from the dust and followed them with teeth and claws.

The strange thing was that he was not as scared as usual.

His attention was left on the arm on his back.

Someone put him on their shoulder and led him all the way.

He could even feel the heat on that person’s arm.

In his sight were a pair of fast running legs.

The black boots leaped high against the trunk of a big tree.

Under the reaction force of the branches, the two of them drew an arc in the air and fell into the flexible grass on the ground, causing the grass to flutter.

The person carried him to run wildly, and the scenery on both sides of the road was blurred in sight as they quickly retreated.

They gradually caught up with the truck ahead.

The back door of the truck was open, and the people sitting inside shouted to them to hurry up and stretched out their arms anxiously.

Ye Peitian recalled the beginning of the apocalypse scene.

At that time, he thought he was dead, but he didn’t think he would wake up in blood.

He was badly injured, his stomach was wounded, and his arm was half mutilated, but he could still walk for some reason.

He clutched his stomach to prevent the mess from falling out.

He felt extremely scared.

He felt that he couldn’t live anymore like that, and he was very afraid that he would die.

Ye Peitian staggered to the road of the factory to ask for help.

A small pickup truck drove over on the road.

The truck was full of people.

They were all familiar faces in the factory.

Those people were his parents’ colleagues.

Many of them were the neighbors he grew up with.

Ye Peitian reached out for help,

“Help me…I don’t want to die,” he ran after the car.

No one reached out to him, and the pickup truck ran away without slowing down.

The faces in the back were staring at him with horrified expressions, staring at him and the demon swaying behind him.

“Demon!” The people said to him.

Ye Peitian was caught by the demon catching up behind him and pressed him to the ground.

He was still reaching out his hand desperately forward, “Help me, don’t leave me, I am not a demon, I am a human!”

Gao Yan squeezed the steering wheel.

Her palms were sweaty, and she stomped the accelerator to the end, driving the truck all the way.

Hurry up, hurry up!

In the rearview mirror, long tentacles flew in the air, and bloody skinless demons were faintly visible, crowded together chasing after the truck.

“Drive slowly, Qianxun hasn’t caught up yet!” Jiang Chengzhu shouted at her.

Gao Yan was breathing fast.

Her face was sweaty, and she couldn’t hear what Jiang Chengzhu was saying.

Jiang Chengzhu condensed a cone of ice and pressed it against Gao Yan’s neck, “I told you to drive slowly! Can’t you hear me!”

Gao Yan finally recovered from that extremely nervous state.

“Yes, yes, I’ll go slower.

Qianxun hasn’t come up yet,” she gasped and spoke.

She didn’t dare to look at the rear-view mirror anymore.

She let go of the accelerator pedal under her feet, and slowed down.

There was a loud bang from the top of the truck.

“Drive at full speed!” Chu Qianxun rebuked from the roof.

Whether it was Gao Yan and Jiang Chengzhu in the front, or Feng Junlei, Feng Qianqian, and Gan Xiaodan in the back, they all breathed a sigh of relief when they heard her voice.

Chu Qianxun held Ye Peitian firmly on the roof of the truck, and glanced at the demons following them.

Although there were many demons, fortunately, most of them were ordinary demons, and their speed was not fast.

As long as the speed of the car was raised, they would be able to run away from them.

Only five first-order demons were behind.

Fortunately, there were no Wanderers who were particularly fast.

They could get rid of them as the demons couldn’t catch up.

Chu Qianxun put Ye Peitian, who was covered in blood, down.

He was exhausted, paralyzed on the roof of the truck.

His shoulder was penetrated by a demon’s tentacles.

That infamous Ye Peitian, would willingly sacrifice himself in order to save others

This greatly subverted Chu Qianxun’s inherent consciousness, making her unable to react.

She knelt on the roof of the truck on one knee, turned over Ye Peitian, firmly grasped the broken tentacles embedded in his shoulder with five fingers, and quickly pulled out the broken limbs without hesitation.

Ye Peitian raised his head and let out a painful sound.

The legendary Ye Peitian was a demon without blood and flesh.

He was not only vicious to others, but also ruthless to himself.

It was said that one year, the Shennai Group organized many masters to encircle this public enemy of all mankind.

Ye Peitian’s arms were entangled by supernatural powers.

He didn’t care to use the yellow sand to break his arms free.

In the sky full of sand, the man laughed in the dust and walked away.

That man was shrinking in pain on the roof of the truck.

The rumors were also unreliable.

At least for now, this person looked no different from an ordinary soft-hearted person.

She took out a bottle of water from her backpack, washed the wounds on Ye Peitian’s shoulder, pressed it with gauze to stop the bleeding, and then wrapped it up.


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