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“Don’t bother, I…I won’t die,” Ye Peitian’s voice was a little weak.

“You won’t die, but wouldn’t you feel pain” Chu Qianxun skillfully bandaged his wound, “I’ll take you down.

You rest in the truck.”

Ye Peitian stared at the bandage on his shoulder blankly, showing an expression that was beyond words.

“What’s wrong” Chu Qianxun asked.

Ye Peitian pursed his lips, “No, nothing.”

She handed Ye Peitian from the roof of the truck.

Feng Junlei and Gan Xiaodan stretched out their arms to take him inside.

“How is he Is it serious I really thank you this time.

I don’t know how to thank you.

Do you need some water first” Feng Junlei offered water and food.

“It’s better to lie down and take a rest, you hurt yourself like this for us,” Gan Xiaodan put a blanket on him with red eyes.

Ye Peitian laid inside wrapped in a warm blanket.

He had companions by his side, and the person on the roof of the truck.

He had a particularly safe feeling, as if he no longer needed to worry about the demons chasing behind the truck.

The small truck rushed forward, and the large number of slow-moving ordinary demons were gradually thrown off.

Only five first-order demons were still chasing after them.

Not far in front of the truck was a van also hurriedly running away.

A dozen men were crowded in the van.

They looked back nervously.

“Brother Wei, those people and demons are catching up.

Our car is not as fast as theirs.”

Chen Wei looked at the small truck in the rearview mirror and the woman on the roof.

He saw this woman’s speed with his own eyes.

With a man on her shoulder, she could run faster than those demons and jump onto the roof of the truck cleanly, without a sweat.

Chen Wei saw this woman who he once robbed Hummer from.

The performance of that car was very good.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to get blocked on the road.

In the end, they had to leave the car and walk on foot for a long way.

If he only knew he shouldn’t offend this woman for a car.

Chen Wei felt a little regretful.

He looked at the person squatting on the roof of the truck not far behind him.

The woman was also looking toward him.

When the two eyes met, the young woman indifferently raised her gun, and shot them without hesitation.

“Damn!” Chen Wei cursed.

The tires of the van broke at the sound.

The high-speed van made a piercing brake sound and drifted 180 degrees on the road.

The driver stabilized the body, and the men in the van got out in a panic.

The small truck passed them and drove away.

The demons following them hesitated for a moment, gave up chasing the truck, and leaped toward the van.

“Go, go upstairs!” Chen Wei said.

It was too late.

He quickly judged the situation, and directed his companions to run into a house on the side of the road.

Chu Qianxun watched their action with interest.

Although Chen Wei, a scumbag, was a bit insidious, he still had a bit of brain.

He made the most correct decision in a short period of time.

The building he chose was an old residence, seven or eight stories high, and the corridor was extremely narrow.

A demon with a huge body couldn’t move around inside.

Only one demon could get into the corridor.

The rest could only be clustered around behind, unable to have the advantage of group attack.

The roofs of these buildings were connected to each other.

Even if they couldn’t resist it, they still had a chance to escape from the roof.

Chu Qianxun patted the roof of the truck, “You stop a little farther, I’ll go and see.”

There were five first-order crystal cores.

Although the first-order crystal core was no longer useful to her, the crystal cores collected would be a very valuable currency in the market in the near future.

She could give it to Jiang Chengzhu or Feng Qianqian… Ye Peitian was not bad.

The small truck stopped, and Jiang Chengzhu chased her too, “Sister Qianxun, I’ll go too.” 

Ye Peitian, who was pale, came out of the truck as well.

“What are you doing You are hurt so badly, go inside.”

Chu Qianxun laughed, was this man really the legendary demon She had some doubts that she had met the wrong person.

Ye Peitian didn’t speak, but he slowly followed Chu Qianxun and Jiang Chengzhu stubbornly.

“Dad, I want to go too,” Feng Qianqian in the truck held her father’s neck.

“It’s dangerous there.”

“Sister Qianxun said that we can only become stronger if we keep fighting against demons.

Qianqian also wants to become stronger, and as powerful as sister, so that I can protect you in the future.”

Chen Wei was guarding the corridor.

His sweat almost obscured his vision.

He used the shadow to control the demon that was rushing in front, but his strength was rapidly decreasing.

This demon was “evolved” and was several times more powerful than ordinary demons.

He could barely stop the demon, and there was no way to direct it to fight with other demons.

“Quick, attack it quickly! I can’t stop it for long.”

“Brother Wei, this demon has too thick skin.

It hasn’t died after such a long time.

We don’t know where its weakness is.”

Chen Wei’s followers crowded in front of the demon, and desperately greeted the demon with all kinds of weapons in their hands.

The ferocious demon was controlled by Chen Wei’s shadow ability.

He was stiffened and motionless.

Only a pair of blood-red eyes turned occasionally, and the mouth was dripping with disgusting saliva.

“Brother Wei, what should I do My ability doesn’t work.

It’s not afraid of fire at all,” another ability holder in Chen Wei’s team was very anxious.

He could only display a small fireball, and his ability reached the bottom in less than a few times after causing no practical damage to the demon.

Chen Wei knew that there were four demons stuck on the stairs.

They simply couldn’t be these demons’ opponents.

“Get out of the way,” a voice sounded from behind them.


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