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When the 21st came, the last day before the doomsday, Chu Qianxun laid a yoga blanket on the floor of the dormitory and was doing plank exercise.

Sweat slipped from her forehead and hit the floor tiles drop by drop.

The computer screen on the desk is on, and rows of downloading progress bars are constantly loading.

After downloading, the computer will simultaneously transmit these data to the two newly purchased mobile phones with large storage capacity on the table.

In doomsday, all satellite communications and optical fiber networks will lose their function.

You can no longer communicate nor navigate maps using mobile phones.

But in fact, in the middle and late stages of the doomsday, the role of the smart phones is still very large.

It is a small and light information carrier where it became the knowledge base of mobile users.

After the networks were completely paralyzed and major server base stations were destroyed, a large amount of information about human civilization was lost, making the inheritance of human knowledge almost broken.

All kinds of information that seems to be readily available today will all become precious and difficult to obtain in doomsday.

Chu Qianxun gave priority to download the technical knowledge related to medical emergency, chemistry and chemical industry, agriculture and forestry, animal husbandry, smelting, construction, etc., which may be useful to her so she stored it in her mobile phone and can check it at any time.

At the same time, she installed the most detailed maps for both mobile phones, as well as some useful APP software.

Of course, she did not forget the charger and power banks.

Chu Qianxun got up from the yoga mat, wiped her sweat, then clicked on her mobile phone WeChat.

The first thing she saw was a bunch of messages sent by Lu Zhehan but Chu Qianxun didn’t look at it, and directly blocked the him.

Followed by Xu Xiangyang’s message, accompanied by various exaggerated emojis and photos.

”Oh my! Little girl, look at this lunatic.

He bought a hundred boxes of instant noodles! A hundred boxes! Look, don’t you think we arranged them neatly These are divided into different flavors and color.

Isn’t it artistic You have to ask the boss to give us extra handling fees.”

”By the way, what kind of brain circuit does your classmate have There are only doomsday themed movies in the house, that I have no choice but to watch those zombie and demon movies every day.

Ah, the devil, I almost vomited when I watched it.

There are also those [Apocalypse Escape Practical Manual], [Don’t Open the Door to Strangers in the Doomsday], these are all **ty books, but my parents quite loved it.”

”The anti-theft doors and windows are almost finished, and the high-voltage lines outside the yard are also installed.

The photos are sent to you, and you should show it your classmate.

Do you have any comments Dad will finish it later.

If there are no comments, we are almost ready to go back.”

Chu Qianxun put down the phone and started doing a set of fifty squats and leapfrogs.

When Han Xuan entered the dormitory, she was startled seeing Chu Qianxun exercising in the dormitory.

”Ah Xun, what are you doing You didn’t go to class Today, there is an advance math class.

If you continue like this, be careful in failing the course.

“…… forty-nine, fifty.” Chu Qianxun stopped exercising then bent over to gasp, and waved her hand, “It’s okay, I’ll attend the advance math class tomorrow.

If she can attend the class the day after tomorrow, she must go happily.

Chu Qianxun took a shower and changed her clothes.

 She came out and put her arms around her girlfriend’s shoulders: “Should we go to a SPA I’ll treat you.”

There is a SPA near H University.

The price is not expensive, and the staffs are professional.

It is favored by the female college students with superior family conditions.

The few people in Chu Qianxun’s dormitory are children of ordinary people, and they usually don’t go often.

They only experience a few special services when the store is doing activities.

The two went to the beauty center together.

Han Xuan lay on the massage bed.

The beautician serving her is gentle with moderately strong touch, and is giving her essential oils.

Han Xuan was so comfortable that she began to hum.

She glanced at Chu Qianxun on the bed next to her.

Qianxun’s long hair was wrapped in a white towel, her small face was on the head of the bed, her eyes closed, and looked like she was enjoying.

Han Xuan looked at that soft face, always feeling that something was different on that familiar face.

”Ah Xun.” Han Xuan asked with some worry, “Have you encountered something recently”

Chu Qianxun whose eyes are closed, used her nose to lightly send a question.


”If something happens, just say it and I’ll try to help you too.” Han Xuan said sincerely.

The opposite person’s pair of eyes opened slightly, and there seemed to be an impenetrable mist in it.

”Don’t ask.

Ah Xuan, just enjoy it.” Chu Qianxun’s expression was sad and indifferent at that moment, and she vaguely said, “This is the last day.”

Han Xuan remained silent.

I must have seen it wrong.

How could the gentle Qianxun have such an expression.

”What are we going to eat tonight” Chu Qianxun’s heartless voice sounded.

”Eat, I can eat anything.

What do you want to eat I’ll treat you.”

”I want to eat grilled fish.”

”Okay, grilled fish then.”

Han Xuan breathed a sigh of relief, she was thinking too much.

Ah Xun is still the usual Ah Xun.


No matter how much Chu Qianxun hopes that time can pass slowly.

The noon of the 22nd came as scheduled.

At noon, the sun shines on the willow leaves on both sides of the campus road, and the emerald green leaves are looking vigorous and shimmering.

Under the shade of the trees, students who had just finished class are passing through.

The sweet voice of the school’s radio anchor came from the school’s speakers.

The campus at noon, like every day in the past, was so lively, peaceful and full of joy.

Chu Qianxun sat on the table in front of the dormitory window, eating a luxury high-calorie takeaway.

She kept stuffing food into her mouth, but her eyes were fixed on the clock in front of her.




Waiting until the last 9 turns to 0.

The beautiful campus broadcast suddenly seemed to tweak, making a harsh noise, and then turning into silence.

The whole world turned quiet for a moment.

Chu Qianxun closed her eyes.

What should have come finally come.

The lights on all sides dimmed, and there was a faint low-frequency hum that sounded in the air.

Without any warning, a huge planet appeared in the cloudless blue sky.

The arc, which almost occupied one third of the sky, floated in the sky silently.

The huge celestial body floated in the sky, staring silently at the thousands of creatures down below.

It is so close to earth, that when people look up, they can see the strange green lights slowly flowing on its surface.

The shining green luster gives people a strange and terrifying beauty.

The sun was covered by this huge celestial body, and reveals a crescent-like light from behind the huge arc.

Faint and weak to comfort the terrified human beings on earth.

”Hey, what is that Is that a big moon”

”It’s different.

Is it fake”

”Are you stupid How can this be fake”

”Hey, come out! Don’t stay in the dormitory and come out to see the sky!”

”Hello Mom, I… There was an accident in our school.

You too What is this, I’m so scared.”

The campus exploded in an instant after the initial silence.

Some people are very excited, some are frightened.

There were screams and discussions everywhere.

One after another cell phone ringtones sounded.

Chu Qianxun stared at the green planet hanging high in the atmosphere, pursed her mouth, and stood up.

She raised her white palm that doesn’t have any calluses, looked at it silently for a moment, and then resolutely stretched it out the window slowly, spreading her palm.

A small emerald green gem fell from the sky.

A thin bright green light trailed behind it, looking gentle and beautiful.

It looked like a seed swaying in the air and gently fell to the ground, slipping into the ground and disappeared.

One after another, countless small green crystal seeds with thin green light unhurriedly fell from the sky.

”What is this”

”It looks pretty.”

”Don’t touch it.

What if it’s dangerous, like radiation or something”

”Hey, it fell on my clothes and disappeared.

Where did it go”

People talked.

One after another.

Right now, in this world, perhaps only Chu Qianxun understood what this means.

At 12:00 noon on March 22, the demon seed arrived.

The huge celestial body that suddenly appeared in the sky suddenly disappeared out of thin air after releasing the unknown crystals that was called “demon seed” by later generations.

Most of the people who made with these green crystals will be demonized within a few hours.

Losing their human sanity and become a monster whose only desire is to chase flesh and blood.

However, a small number of humans who were invaded by the demon seeds were able to escape the fate of turning into a demon, and at the same time their physical strength and abilities evolved that could compete with demons.

These people will be later called “saints”.

The research of later generations showed that the first batch of saints who were awakened by the direct invasion of the demon seed had the highest awakening rate on the day the demon seed arrived.

There was a 30% chance of surviving and awakening.

After that, those who are indirectly infected by demons will have a greatly reduced awakening rate.

A beautiful green crystal dragged a long tail light from the sky, and fell at Chu Qianxun’s palm.

Chu Qianxun’s palm trembled slightly, and felt that she couldn’t restrain her fear.

She only has a 30% chance of surviving.

But she bit her lip firmly, not allowing her hand to withdraw.

She just watched the weird crystal penetrate into her white palm and sink into her body.

Chu Qianxun then retracted her hand and gently stroked the arm that did not show any abnormality.

She knew that the Demon Seed had entered her body.

Within twenty-four hours, whether she would become a demon or a saint, only fate could give her the answer.

No matter what, she is determined to become a saint.

In this way, she can take advantage of her rebirth, and when everyone hasn’t reacted in the early days of doomsday, she can constantly strengthen herself to become a really powerful.

The apocalypse came as promised, but she didn’t want to live as hard and painful as before, and die helplessly and humbly.

She would let herself and her loved ones live better in troubled times.

She wouldn’t run cowardly and escape this time.

Chu Qianxun clenched her fists.


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