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The famous Ye Peitian was so afraid of the dark that he could not sleep without light.

He even kept his eyes open all night until dawn.

Chu Qianxun had accidentally learned his black history when he was young.

She stretched her head slightly and looked over.

The circle of fluorescence in the dark night reflected a young and clean profile.

Chu Qianxun didn’t know what kind of pain he had suffered in her previous life which turned such a man who would blush and sacrifice himself for others into a murderous demon.

“Anyway, when I arrive at the Goose City base, I can part ways with him.

I will go to Ludao island.

Whatever he becomes in the future is not my business.” Chu Qianxun thought to herself as she looked at the silhouette reflected in the aperture, “Anyway, I hope your destiny can be changed in this life.”

Two hours later, Gan Xiaodan and Gao Yan came out of the bedroom with a flashlight to change shifts with Chu Qianxun.

Gao Yan took Chu Qianxun’s hand, sat down next to her affectionately, and whispered in a low voice, “Qianxun, you have worked hard, go to sleep.

I and Xiaodan will keep watch.”

Gao Yan was beautiful.

Her voice was sweet, and her delicate face had a pair of very smart eyes.

When she looked up at people with these eyes, she would leave a little charming taste.

She was also very good at taking advantage of her natural ability.

If she needed help, she would lower her posture and speak softly, and most people would be more tolerant to her, regardless of gender.

Chu Qianxun felt a little amused when Gao Yan was leaning on her body like a soft jade.

She and Gao Yan had been in the same team for several years, and she knew her virtue.

This woman was very cruel, vicious, and violent.

When she scolded people, the whole building could hear her clearly.

She could only show such a tender, charming, caring and pleasant appearance in front of people who were better than her or useful to her.

Chu Qianxun rolled her eyes.

“Okay, I’ll just sleep here,” Chu Qianxun pulled a quilt and laid down directly on the sofa.

Gao Yan sat down on the floor next to her and bit her lip.

“Sister Yan, why are you looking for me Is there anything you need” Chu Qianxun asked while lying down.

Gao Yan hesitated for a moment.

She thought about it for a long time these days, and she couldn’t remember when she met Chu Qianxun anyway.

But she could feel that Qianxun was kind to her.

So she leaned on the edge of the sofa and asked carefully, “Qianxun, do you think I might get an ability”

Chu Qianxun understood what she meant, “Do you want the crystal core”

Gao Yan grabbed the corner of her clothes, “I will pay you back.

If I get an ability, I will definitely pay you back double in the future, okay”

In the past, it was Chu Qianxun who had borrowed crystal cores from Gao Yan.

At that time, Gao Yan had rolled her eyes and threw a few over angrily and said, “Don’t forget to pay me back double the amount.”

Chu Qianxun sat up and took out the first-order crystal core in her pocket.

The faint green light of the crystal core shone on Gao Yan’s nervous face.

“Do you really want it You have to think clearly.

I’m not scaring you.

If people who don’t have an ability eat this, two out of three directly become demons.”

Gan Xiaodan took Gao Yan’s arm and said, “Sister Yan, you are crazy.

We are doing well now, why do you want to risk your life by eating this thing”

Gao Yan did not answer.

Her eyes were fixed on the shimmering crystal in Chu Qianxun’s hand.

Chu Qianxun quietly waited for her to make a choice.

If Gan Xiaodan still had illusions about the current world, then Gao Yan was a person who had already recognized the situation.

She clearly understood that no matter how beautiful a woman was, if she wanted to survive in a world where demons were rampant, she could only rely on herself.

Chu Qianxun knew that in her previous life, Gao Yan paid a great price to get her first crystal core. 

She felt that Gao Yan would eventually choose to take this risk.

Under Gan Xiaodan’s surprised gaze, Gao Yan stretched out her trembling hand and grabbed the crystal core from Chu Qianxun.

Before the apocalypse, she had a boyfriend.

Although he was also a scumbag, relying on his money, he often gave Gao Yan some troubles.

But when the apocalypse came, he remembered to come to Gao Yan in a panic, grabbed her hand and wanted to take her to escape.

Gao Yan witnessed how he lost his human form and turned into an unrecognizable cannibal.

“Will I end up like him” Gao Yan’s chest rose and fell.

Suddenly she threw the crystal core into her mouth.

Gan Xiaodan was so frightened that she covered her mouth with both hands.

“How is it I…have I become a demon” Gao Yan grabbed Gan Xiaodan’s arm and touched her face nervously with the other hand.

“No, no.

You are still so pretty,” Gan Xiaodan looked at Gao Yan back and forth with the flashlight, and couldn’t see any obvious changes in her.

Gao Yan touched her chest, breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to speak, when she suddenly frowned, “My heart is beating so fast.

Why is it so fast”

She bent down and vomited.

But she didn’t spit out any food, only yellow liquid dripped from her mouth as she kept vomiting.

Gan Xiaodan screamed.

She dropped the flashlight and sat on the ground.

She stepped back several steps, shaking her finger at Gao Yan, “Sister Yan’s face! Sister Yan’s face!”

Everyone was awakened by the noise, and they got up one after another, lit the lighting torch, and gathered.


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