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When passing by, Chu Qianxun glanced at the banner they had hung up.

Holy Angel charity organization.

Chu Qianxun thought about it but had no special impression.

This should be a small religious organization that was unknown or would soon die out.

The arrival of the demons destroyed human civilization and subverted the inherent thoughts of human beings.

In such a difficult living environment, most people were confused and at a loss, hoping to be able to rely on spiritual salvation.

A large number of religious sects were born at the right time.

Among them, some large-scale religious organizations even expanded in later stages and became the dominant forces.

Chu Qianxun and her group pushed the cart and continued to walk inside.

The base did not have a particularly effective management organization, and it seemed very messy along the way.

Some people set up stalls to exchange supplies, and some groups held banners to recruit people.

Some people were even more ragged, sitting on the side of the road with dull eyes, begging with the empty bowls in front of them.

In some gloomy lanes, there were people fighting, looting, or blatantly doing shameful deeds.

From time to time, there came a short scream or two in those dark corners, and a cry of grief and indignation.

Chu Qianxun pushed the cart with several people.

The cart was brightly piled with blankets and earthenware jar, food and daily necessities, and several large bags of fresh loquats.

Along the way, countless malicious gazes gathered on this cart almost unabashedly.

Those people talked almost blatantly.

This team looked too weak.

A little girl, a teenager and thin men.

There were also a few women, young and beautiful.

It was not easy for such women to appear.

They still carried the vigor of the apocalypse.

Most of the women in the base were so old, lifeless and dull.

“Women and food.”

“Tsk, tsk, those girls look pretty, and pure.”

“The boys are also beautiful and interesting.

How did these people get here Only two of them look a little bit scared.”

Both Gan Xiaodan and Gao Yan were a little scared.

These men stared at them.

As women, they all knew what these eyes meant.

They thought that leaving the wild and entering the crowd was a reassuring thing.

At this time, everyone realized that being a weak person in the crowd also carried another kind of danger.

A group of people stopped them on the street.

The man leading the group had fierce eyes and a lean build.

He only wore black short sleeve shirt, revealing a large tattoo from his neck to his left arm.

A woman was snuggling close to him.

This was a real beauty.

She had an exquisite figure, beautiful features, fair skin, and her thin mouth was pouted slightly, looking at Chu Qianxun and Gao Yan with some caution.

“Brother Haoyu came.”

“Da*n! Peng Haoyu put his eyes on these girls.

We have no chance to get them.”

People on the side of the road whispered a few words, and fell silent.

A short and fat man came up from the group of men, “Are you new The first thing you do when you enter the city is report to Brother Haoyu and submit a certificate.

Don’t you know the rules” He walked around Feng Junlei in a majestic manner, obviously thinking that he was the leader, “Divide the food in this cart in half.” 

The fat man knocked on the handle of the cart, and looked at Gao Yan and the others with a malicious look, “Well, come with us to the office to register.

You will be protected by Brother Haoyu in the future.”

The air fluctuated around Jiang Chengzhu, and several sharp cones of ice were conjured from the mist.

“A saint!” The fat man was stunned, and hurried back to his team.

The man named Peng Haoyu narrowed his eyes, pushed away the woman next to him, and twisted his neck, “Yaozu, show your skills.

Don’t let our new friends laugh at us.”

A black man with a thick beard and hair stepped beside him.

The man uttered something in a low voice, and a half circle of fire ignited in front of Jiang Chengzhu.

The flames stirred up a heat wave toward the cold ice beside Jiang Chengzhu.

A sharp piece of metal crossed the air and pointed at the black man’s neck.

“Don’t bully Brother Chengzhu!” Feng Qianqian shouted angrily, “Otherwise, I, I will…”

The blade-like metal piece was on the edge of the man’s neck, but it was still at a distance away, and shook slightly.

Feng Qianqian was still a child after all, and she couldn’t kill a human.

Peng Haoyu stretched out his hand and pinched the blade-like metal.

In a few steps, he stepped in front of Feng Qianqian, and with his fingers, he pinched the hard blade in front of Feng Qianqian.

“Not bad, there is also a little sister with metal ability.”

Peng Haoyu reached Feng Qianqian, but he was blocked by a woman’s palm in mid-air.

When the apocalypse arrived, Peng Haoyu discovered his own ability.

His ability was physical strength.

Although, one after another, many people had found themselves possessing various peculiar abilities, for Peng Haoyu, most of those abilities were flashy, and there was no actual offensive ability.

For example, his rival Chen Wei could only use his shadow to control others.

As long as he avoided his shadow ability, he could easily kill him with a shot or a knife.

Only his own ability was the most practical in actual combat.

Before other people used their fire and water ability, he could open the opponent’s head with one punch.

He was very confident in himself, and indeed relied on this ability to stand firm in the base.

But at this moment, he found that his pride was gone.

This woman had slender arms and white palms, but she could firmly restrain his movements and suppress his strength.


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