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Cold sweat oozed from Peng Haoyu’s forehead, but the woman who looked at him indifferently was obviously quite comfortable.

“Peng Shou, when did our base become your territory How can my friends be bullied by you” A mocking voice sounded from one end of the street.

Seeing Chen Wei coming, Peng Haoyu took a step back, so Chu Qianxun released his hand.

Chen Wei smiled, rubbed his bald head, and reached out to Chu Qianxun, “Sister Qianxun, Goddess! Why didn’t you tell us you are coming to Goose City We would have picked you up.”

He snorted at Peng Haoyu, “Don’t pay attention to this man, what office does he have It’s a doghouse.

You guys just arrived Do you have a place to stay If you don’t, you can come to my place.

It’s big, and it has everything.”

Chu Qianxun neither took his hand, nor looked particularly indifferent.

She smiled at him, “Thank you for your kindness, we will find a place by ourselves.”

Chen Wei’s smile on his face remained unchanged.

This woman looked young, but she was smart.

It seemed a bit difficult to draw her in.

Peng Haoyu regretted it when Chen Wei came out.

In this base, there were a lot of forces forming gangs, big and small, he and Chen Wei had similar forces, and it was a little bit difficult to deal with him.

When he discovered that there were three ability holders among the new group of people who had entered the base, he had already thought of drawing them in his team.

But Chen Wei took the first step, and his face turned ugly.

When Chu Qianxun rejected Chen Wei, Peng Haoyu changed his face and also reached out to Chu Qianxun, “It was a misunderstanding.”

Peng Haoyu took out a leaflet with a wings logo from his trouser pocket, “We are the team helping the Holy Angel charity organization to maintain public order in this area.

We just wanted to get acquainted with new friends.”

He observed their clothes and figured out their identities.

They were all decent people in origin, and immediately changed from the big brother who collected protection fees to a righteous person who maintained law and order.

Chu Qianxun felt a little funny.

These two people were anxious to pull them in.

This kind of thing had long since been strange to her.

The teams with one or two low-level saints in front of her were busy forming cliques and seizing territory.

She had seen many large forces fighting each other.

Sometimes, conflicts broke out between the high ranking saints of the two sides, which was almost devastating and horrible as it could destroy the entire fortress from within.

Chu Qianxun said a perfunctory sentence, neither accepting nor offending both parties.

She led her group and found a building with ease.

The building had a narrow entrance and a small atrium surrounded by high walls.

It was originally a factory dormitory.

The most convenient thing was that it was relatively close to the mountain on the back of the base, so they could easily get water.

Chu Qianxun lived there for a while in her previous life.

Now there were sparsely occupied survivors in this building, and there were still many vacant rooms.

At this time, as long as it was an unowned residence, whoever occupied it basically owned it.

They chose three adjacent apartments on the same floor, one for the father and daughter, one for the three girls including Chu Qianxun, and one for Jiang Chengzhu and Ye Peitian.

They had been on the road for half a month, and suddenly had a fixed foothold, the girls were more excited than the men.

Gao Yan and Gan Xiaodan rolled up their sleeves and began to work hard to clean the messy house.

Chu Qianxun could fall asleep anywhere, and had no special needs for the living environment.

She took two bags of loquats and went out to exchange them with some food and daily necessities.

When she returned to the residence, Gao Yan pulled her into the bedroom with surprise and joy.

“Look Qianxun,” Gao Yan stretched out her hand, gritted her teeth and scratched her hand with a knife, and then she covered the other palm.

After a while, the shallow injury was crusted.

“Well, is this an ability” Gao Yan’s eyes were bright, and she clenched her lower lip in excitement.

But after a while she was a little frustrated, “Is this not very useful”

“Healing ability” Chu Qianxun was very surprised.

Gao Yan’s ability in the previous life was to control gravity.

She was very aggressive, and when she used it at full strength, it would often make the scene bloody and cruel.

Unexpectedly, because of her intervention in this life, a person like Gao Yan acquired such a gentle ability.

“This power is very good.

You just need to stay in the base and treat those who are injured.

This way, life will be more stable and it is suitable for girls.

When your power improves, more and more people will value you,” Chu Qianxun comforted her.

In fact, healing saints were very popular wherever they were.

Whether it was a team or a large group, they would specially support some healing saints.

With Gao Yan’s appearance and clever mind, with this ability, she should be able to live a more comfortable life than her previous one.

Chu Qianxun was also happy for her.

Gao Yan pondered for a long time, and asked, “Then, since it is useful, can I follow you”

Chu Qianxun was untying her hair, and paused, “Sister Yan, what are you talking about”

“Qianxun, you have always been helping me.

Now I also have an ability.

If you don’t find me burdensome, I want to go with you.” Gao Yan was a little embarrassed, “Xiaodan, Feng Qianqian and her father probably want to stay.

Chengzhu and I want to accompany you to Ludao.

Xiao Ye…”


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